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After Celestia banished Nightmare Moon to the moon, the Elements put her daughter into a coma. She wakes up centuries later with little recollection to what happened. Everything goes down in the Summer Sun Celebration but will she be able to stop her mother’s madness?

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I smell something juicyy~~~

Thank you :twilightblush: I’ll certainly try my best not to screw up!

Yet another Luna is Twilight's mom story, but this one I like more than usual, seeing as Twilight knows, it also has a charm too it others don't seem to have, hope it doesn't get added to the corpse-pile stories of similar stories, hope too see more soon.

this is going to be interesting, i hope this story finishes and i wonder if twilight is an alicorn in this story. and i can't wait to see the interaction between luna and twilight.

This is really good can't wait to read more.

I am confused, did twilight go into coma and travel though time, or was there fro 1000 years. if she was sleep for 1000 years and end up in cantalot I think her dear aunt would have her close by or put ward in room she sleep in to let her knew she twilight has waken up.

Twilight internally laughed at the dragon’s and Sunset’s 'naïveté'. If she had her wings they would know better than to question her abilities.

i wonder if her wings are sealed/can access them or hidden or if she isn't an alicorn anymore and has to become one

Curious to if and how Twilight's gonna get her wings back, and Celestia's reaction to her

It’ll be explained a bit more later on but, the elements put her into a coma for almost a thousand years and what happened next would be spoilers. ;)

i seee well i hope her aunt make sure she was sleep somewhere safe

Suff about to go down okay is it going to be yelling is going to be blood there gonna be magic laser beams and going to be Vengeance probably exaggerating obviously but about to go down
P.S. keep up the good work love The Story So Far:pinkiehappy:

Thank you really appreciate it!

Ps: 1 magic lasers and swords order coming up!

i really like this so far and i hope it continues after they save Luna i can't wait to see their reunion and whats going to happen afterwards


Looking good so far.:pinkiesmile: Looking forward for more.:pinkiesmile:

What do you think of Pyre for the phoenix's name?

Uh oh, time's running out for the sun lovers

I love the story so far as for the name I like the original one

Phantom can be a good name for a phoenix even though it doesn't match the color of it or at least it might be out of place not the best name but none the less a name
( to the author ) what gave you the idea to add a phoenix
( to the readers ) is it just me or is anybody else getting that's a castic teenage vibe from Twilight every time she talks

Well since Spike is now Sunset’s assistant he couldn’t help Twilight and I feel that Twilight is more complete with Spike. So I had to come up with some sort of companion. I thought about it for a while and settled on a phoenix. The phoenix I believe to be like the alicorns, immortal unless directly killed so he it made sense that he would still be alive and waiting for Twilight. They are also (on my opinion) incredibly loyal making it understandable that he would wait for her.

What about Phaethon for Twilight's phoenix?

Okay, the offer has now expired. The names you came up with were great, if it were another kind of bird I would have gone with Phantom I think it was an interesting name (thanks for the suggestion faceless_shadow) but I felt like it didn’t match with the phoenix vibe. The two other comments addressing the matter (Morning Rose and Rayla thanks to you two for commenting.) said that they either liked the current name or for Rayla’s case liked Pyre. Honestly it was a hard choice but putting some thought into it, I really like how they both sound together, Phaeton Pyre. So from now on, the characters will address the phoenix as Pyre but occasionally they’ll use his full name (kind of like a parent :)). Hope you like the decision.

This cliffhanger hurt my soul

Like the chapter, i like her getting her alicorn powers and how the chapter ended

Yay!you used the my name idea!

This is great! I cannot wait for an update!

It’ll come out soon I’m already working on it

now this was a cool fight

and they got two alicon of the night talk in old ways, think in old ways

Wow, actually surprised me that Luna wasn't auto-reformed, this just got more interesting.

When will you be able to update again?I need more of this awesome Book!!!!

Comment posted by PizzaculousPony deleted Nov 10th, 2019
Comment posted by PizzaculousPony deleted Nov 10th, 2019

a story in which twilight is luna's Daughter marked as finished? now that is something you don't see every day, I shall await to see what comes of this Sequel, great story so far





There was a slight error and the chapter was posted before it was finished but now it is, Im just letting you guys know 'cause the ending sets up the sequel.

As soon as possible, probably before Wednesday worst case scenario next Saturday

oh yess, it be fun time are a head,

It states that twilight is a alicorn in the first chapter

Will we be getting another chapter?

I’m writing the next story, I’m almost done with the last chapter before publishing it.

Oh, well... Please let me know when it is posted. I look forward to reading it.

Was a little rushed, but other than that, not bad. You gained my attention there.

Yes that’s very true. I myself cringe at this writing and honestly I can say that I honestly improved even just a little by the end. I definitely see a difference between this and the next story in this universe

I still didn’t understand how Twilight ended up in the Sparkle family home, I thought that this chapter would give answers to all the questions, but instead:
"to be continued =>"

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