Daughter of the Night

by PizzaculousPony

The Summer Sun Celebration?

Twilight walked throughout Canterlot once more, her brilliant mind was taking in information to help her form a better view of society. She again found herself near the castle and what she learned was the school for gifted unicorns. She also learnt that the pony she had met, Sunset Shimmer, was the so called 'protégé' of her beloved aunt.

She kept on walking, her head held up high, just like her mother had taught her. She heard a certain unicorn calling after her.

"Twilight!" The familiar voice called out from the other side of the street causing more than a couple of ponies look their way.

"Speak of the devil and it’ll come searching thou." She murmured under her breath. She then put on her best smile. "Sunset Shimmer?"

Sunset sped up to meet her, Twilight, although having somehow lost her wings, was still slightly taller than a normal unicorn of her age that Sunset had to look up at her. On Sunset’s back was a little baby dragon.

"Good morning Twilight, did you find out what you needed?" Sunset asked.

"Good day Sunset Shimmer, yes we did find what we were looking for, although it left us with even more questions." Twilight answered not tearing her gaze away from the road at any moment.

"Well, me and Spike are going to the archives to do some extra research. If you want you can join us."

"Spike is...the little dragon?" Twilight finally looked back to the dragon.

"Yes he’s-" Sunset was interrupted by Spike.

"I’m Spike, her number one assistant!" The little dragon’s face filled with pride.

Twilight hummed. "Interesting... Anyways, we’ll be happy to join thou in thy search for knowledge. We are quite good with History ourselves."

"Really? So I’ll assume you got your memories back?" Sunset asked.

"Yes, although only memories. We have no knowledge about...Let us say... Insignificant things like, what day it is, when’s the longest day in the year or even what year it is."

"Wait, you don’t know about the Summer Sun Celebration-?!" Spike what cut off by a newspaper rolled up and held by a light blue aura hitting the back of his head. "-Ow!"

Twilight also looked at the dragon, only a hint of anger in her composure. But then her smile turned to one of amusement and she couldn’t help but chuckle at the dragon’s weakness.

"What Spike was trying to say was, the longest day of the year is the Summer Sun Celebration! Speaking of which...The thousandth Summer Sun Celebration is coming up in a few days! I believe It’ll be in a town called Ponyville." Sunset brought up a hoof to her chin thinking.

"We see...But doesn’t that mean that Nightmare Moon shall return in a few nights?"

Sunset sighed in defeat. "I tried telling Princess Celestia...But she just called it an old filly story."

"WHAT?!" Twilight’s epic composure taught to her by Luna and Celestia faltered for a moment. Anger was present in the powerful shout, and it shook the windows of various buildings. She took in a deep breath to calm herself before continuing in a much calmer and lower tone. "Our apologies we do not know what came over us." She cleared her throat and looked back at her two companions with a reassuring smile. "How should we put it? Look at our cutie-marks, what does thou think they mean?"

"W-Well mine is magic, or at least that’s what P-Princess Celestia t-told me." She was clearly shaken by the shout. She examined Twilight’s cutie-mark a little closer. "Yours could be magic as well, considering as the symbol of magic, the six-pointed star, is at the middle and...I guess something to do with astronomy if you count the multiple little stars. Why is it important?"

"Almost, ours is magic but we also have a connection with the stars, they can send us messages through dreams."

Oh and much more if it weren’t for that witch of an aunt we have.

"And they’re telling you that she’ll return?" Sunset grew more and more concerned. "Spike take a letter to the Princess."

"Are you sure Sunset? You know she’s really busy with the preparations and we shouldn’t, no offense Twinkle...err-"

"Twilight" Sunset helped him.

"Twilight, trust a prophecy coming from somepony we just met! I don’t want to worry the Princess." Finished Spike.

Twilight internally laughed at the dragon’s and Sunset’s 'naïveté'. If she had her wings they would know better than to question her abilities.

Sunset sighed and looked at Twilight. "How sure are you?"

"Well...We’re somewhat sure however, we do not wish for the princess to be informed of us nor be worried for a prophecy that even we are trying to debunk." Twilight couldn’t help but smile at the fact that the pieces of her plan were falling into place.

"Okay then... don’t send a letter to the Princess."

The few blocks left to arrive at the archives were made in silence. Until Twilight broke it.

"Could thou tell me about about the Summer Sun Celebration?"

"Oh sure! The Summer Sun Celebration is in commemoration to the defeat of Nightmare Moon, but many ponies have forgotten the meaning and just take it as ‘Princess Celestia raises the sun on the longest day of the year'. So every year she picks out a place to celebrate it and there’s a little ceremony. Honestly It’s my favorite holiday."

She made a holiday...Of the day she banished her own SISTER and almost 'killed' her NIECE?! Clearly, alicorns too can grow senil.

"Interesting...Anyways we believe we are here." She pointed at the archives.

The three of them made their way over to the front door. After a little negotiation with the guards, Sunset managed to convince them to let Twilight in. After Sunset spoke with the archivist, they made their way towards the row were Sunset had been the night prior. Twilight was surprised yet disappointed at how distracted Celestia’s 'protégé' was.

They settled into some cushions. Sunset was looking over the books individually, but Twilight wouldn’t have it. "What book are thou searching for?"

"Nothing specific, just something that might have information about the mare in the moon."

Twilight’s horn flicked to life, she first overpowered Sunsets’s magic grip on the books she was holding and put them back. Sunset looked at her with a puzzled expression, she opened her mouth to complain but Twilight lifted her hoof and shook her head so that she remained silenced.

Twilight then picked up every single book with her magic, and made a little train. She passed each book in front of her face, the books she found might help them she placed them on the ground and those who didn’t, she re-shelved them perfectly. In the end, a small pile of books laid in front of Sunset and a lone book laid in front her.

Sunset Shimmer watched the spectacle. Her jaw fell to the floor as Twilight finished in ten seconds. She looked over to see Spike had a similar expression. She coughed into her hoof before starting reading.

Twilight looked at her book. ‘Heroes and Quests a Thousand Years Ago." If she wanted to find out the fait of her 'uncle' Starswirl, she’d find it there. And, if Celestia somehow didn’t censor it, she would find herself in the book. She opened table of contents and turned the page to that of Starswirl and started reading.