Daughter of the Night

by PizzaculousPony


Celestia fell trough the roof in a free fall. She landed near a stone structure, it had five gems on each of the arms and had a rock in the form of a sphere in the middle. Suddenly she was woken up by the sound of hooves.

"Mom?!" A young voice called out.

Soon enough a young mare came galloping in. She was a lavender coated alicorn with a dark blue mane with a pink and a purple stripes. She came into the room and saw Celestia on the floor.

"Auntie?" She slowly approached her aunt that was trying to get up.

Celestia looked at her with a mix of sadness, pain, fear and a bit of happiness. Suddenly a loud mad laugh rang throughout the castle. They both looked up to see Nightmare Moon flying down from the hole in the room.

"Mom?..." She extended a hoof towards Nightmare Moon. "No...Stop this please! Don’t hurt auntie 'Tia"

"Twilight?" Nightmare Moon’s expression turned to surprise. "Y-You’re supposed to be asleep." She walked over to her.

For every step she took Twilight took one back her ears folded against her back in fear. Nightmare Moon noticed her daughter’s reactions and stopped. For a while the stood still looking at each other. Nightmare Moon’s pupils changed from dragon slits into her normal circular pupils.

"I-I..." Nightmare Moon started.

Suddenly, Twilight saw in the corner of her eye a bright flash of light. Nightmare’s eyes turned back to slits. They both looked over to see Celestia had gathered the Elements and was prepared to attack.

"Wait-" Twilight screamed.

Nightmare took off with a powerful wing flap followed closely by Celestia. Twilight flew after them. The battle changed it’s course multiple timed, Celestia was on the defensive at times but then sometimes changed to the offensive.

At one moment both off them prepared a magic beam. Celestia gathered the power from the Elements and started overpowering her sister. Twilight flew to her mother’s side and charged a beam of her own. She shot it along side her mother to keep the Elements at bay but they did not yield. They kept pushing until the beam was about to touch the two alicorn’s horns. Nightmare seeing no way out pushed her daughter out of the way in time for the beam to send her to the moon.

Twilight lost balance and fell backwards in time to see the beam hit her mother and continue flying until it hit the moon, but in that moment, the shockwave the Elements let out after they lost their power hit her. Her eyes began to close as she fell from the sky, her last sight being that of her mother in the moon.