Daughter of the Night

by PizzaculousPony

A Rather Rude Awakening

Twilight’s eyes shot open whit a gasp. She was on a bed she didn’t recognize. She tried getting up but her body betrayed her. Her legs were weak and they wobbled and shook when she tried to get up. Something told her to look at her back, she had a strange feeling that something was missing but she didn’t recall what, in fact she didn’t recall anything.

The door to the room was gently pushed opened, Twilight felt like she had jumped but her body did not move. She followed weakly the mare in front of her, a grey unicorn mare with three stars as her cutie mark walked in with a bowl of food. She looked at Twilight. She brought the bowl to her bedside table and helped her up.

"Are you alright?" The gray unicorn asked.

"Y-yes, we believe so. Where are we?" Twilight asked.

The grey unicorn looked at her, a bit confused at first. "You’re in Canterlot."

Twilight brought a hoof to her chin. "We do not remember having heard of such a town."

The unicorn’s jaw dropped to the floor. "How have you not heard of Canterlot! It’s Equestria’s capitol for Celestia’s sake!"

Twilight’s ears perked up at the mention of Celestia. "Pardon, but could thou repeat that name again?"


"That name sounds familiar, but we do not remember..." Twilight tried to recall were she had heard the name but nothing came to mind.

"Well of course it’s familiar! She’s our Princess! She and Princes Cadenza." The gray unicorn grew more curious

"Cadenza...My apologies but I don’t recall a Cadenza."

The unicorn hummed she looked at Twilight with a curious look, then she remembered something.

"I’ll be right back."

She left the room and left Twilight alone to her thoughts. Twilight was confused about a lot of things and she had lots of questions to ask her. But then she stopped at a question she didn’t know why it was in her mind: Who am I? She knew who she was, she was... She started to panic when she didn’t remember her name.

She looked around as she felt a dryness in her throat. A glass of water sat on the table near her. She didn’t recognize the material but it didn’t matter, she chugged the the water in one gulp and placed the glass back. Oh, how good it felt.

The door opened once again and the unicorn entered again. In her magic grip was a golden plaque.

"You had this when we found you, then we brought you to our home."

Twilight’s magic grip desperately reached out for the plaque, looking for something to remind her of who she was. She read it.

'My little star, Twilight Capella Sparkle'

"I-Is that our name?" Twilight looked at the gray unicorn. "Twilight Capella Sparkle...Yes! That is it! Our name is Twilight Capella Sparkle!"

The unicorn hummed again, she sat down on a chair next to the bed and spoke. "Do you remember anything about your past? Parents? Home?"

Twilight tried to remember but nothing came up. "I fear that nothing. We do not remember anything..."

"Im afraid you may have amnesia or something similar to that." The gray unicorn then held the soup in her magical grip and gave it to Twilight. "Eat up!"


That night Twilight looked out from the window, she had managed to gather enough energy to stand up and walk. She looked out on the moon, she felt sad but didn’t know why. Then like a vision, she saw the last moments of consciousness before she woke up. She stared in confusion at the moon, she had seen how the mare came to be, but didn’t know anything else.

She walked out in silence, sneaking around wasn’t a problem for her. She slid out side the house. Canterlot was a concept new for her, a lot of wealthy people walking around the streets and although it was night, a large amount of buildings had their lights on. Twilight wandered for a bit without loosing her sense of direction. She looked at the buildings that were higher up. She saw a castle that hanged from the side of the mountain like the city. For some reason a feeling of anger lit up inside her, she tore her gaze from the castle and continued walking near it. Eventually, she found a building outside the castle that had a light on.

She went up to one of the guards at the entrance.

"Pardon, does thou know what this building is?"

The guards looked at each other before one of them answered. "Yes ma’am these are the Canterlot Archives, but I’m afraid that entrance is only permitted to a few ponies."

Twilight couldn’t help but ask. "Like who? Pardon but we are new to the city."

"Like the Princess, her scholars and her personal protégé." The guard’s tone was annoyed.

"We see..." Twilight’s horn began to glow as if she were to lift something up. The guards did not pay it much attention. "Sleep." Her tone was commanding and the guards found themselves falling to the ground asleep.

Twilight invited herself into the archives and walked through the hallways. She soon found herself in front of another double doors. There were also two guards who supposed that the guards at the front gates had led her in. They opened the doors to her, she nodded as a thank you and went in.

She entered the part of the archives were she had seen the light before and looked around. There were loads of books and papers. She wanted to look for information about the moon and why there was a pony. She decided to ask whoever was using the candle.

She took a few turns before arriving at the row from where the light radiated. She saw a yellow unicorn mare with an orange and red mane and a sun cutie mark. She approached her.

"Um...Our apologies but, we are looking for a book regarding the mare on the moon and we were wondering if thou could show us were we can find it?"

The unicorn turned around, with a small smile on her face, she was obviously tired but she didn’t want it to show. "Well, in all honesty I’m researching the same thing, I was assigned it by Princess Celestia." She lifted a book with her magic. "I believe this book should help you with the origin story, but apart from that I haven’t found anything."

"Thank you anyways miss..."

"Sunset Shimmer, b-but you don’t have to call me miss, it makes me feel old! And you are...?"

"Twilight Capella Sparkle." She lowered her head in a small bow in instinct.

"Wow? Three names? That privilege is saved for the closest nobility to the crown! Wait...don’t tell me you’re a noble."

Twilight couldn’t help but feel irritated at that comment but she didn’t know why, she should’ve been happy to be called something close to royalty. She let out a slight chuckle.

"We’re afraid not, or rather we do not remember, he have amnesia."

"Oh! Sorry I didn’t mean to bring it up..."

"It does not matter. In any case thank thou for thy time." She grabbed the book and quickly turned the pages. She found the one she was looking for but before she could concentrate she was interrupted by Sunset Shimmer.

"Can I ask you a question?"

"Of course."

"Why do you talk in old Equestrian?"

"We do not get what thou means, this is how we’ve always spoken."

"You’re weird Twilight, I hope I see you around."


And with a yawn Sunset was gone, Twilight started reading, and at once she noticed a familiar alicorn in a drawing, then in another a familiar moon and sun cutie marks and then, she saw it, her last memories depicted in a drawing. That made her remember most of her life, her aunt, her being an alicorn, their castle, her mother... and the moon. She lit up her horn and disappeared in a teleportation spell, various emotions flashed in her mind, sadness, bravery... and of course her new found anger of Celestia.