• Published 30th Oct 2019
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Daughter of the Night - PizzaculousPony

Twilight Sparkle was present for the defeat of her mother,Luna. The Elements put her in a coma and she wakes up years later before her return.

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Her Stars

"C’mon Twi! Loosen up! It’s a party after all!"

A pink earth pony with a bubble gum mane jumped around the sitting mare. The mare groaned, she really did not like so much noise and chaos around her, kind of reminded her of her mother’s and auntie’s defeat of Discord. She sighed and got up, she needed to be alone for this to work.

She turned and walked towards the stairs. Once she put a hoof down she felt something quickly fly-by her and she also felt slightly lighter.

"Whoa it’s pretty heavy! What is it?" Rainbow Dash asked examining the sword handle Twilight had been carrying. "Hey Twi, why doesn’t it have a blade?" The rainbow pegasus grabbed the handle with her front hooves a started swinging it around as if it had a blade.

"Return it this instant!" Twilight yelled in the Royal Canterlot Voice shaking the whole library and shocking most of the guests. Twilight took the opportunity to to snatch it away with her magic. She placed it back inside her coaster, she cleared her throat and said with a much lower voice. "Thou shall not touch this sword ever again."

"Um...Twilight? Where are you going?" Sunset cautiously asked.

"To get fresh air, we art not to be disturbed. Phaeton Pyre, attend us." The phoenix who was busy eating a cupcake at the desserts table, quickly flew over to her side, hovering next to her.

Twilight walked up the stairs, Sunset had told her where everything was so she knew were the balcony was. She passed through the bedroom and stepped out into the balcony. She sighed and took a long big breath of fresh air. The phoenix who was now sitting on her back tapped his claws against it, seemingly a bit irritated by her behavior.

"Oh give us a break Pyre! Thou knows we don’t appreciate parties like thou does." She ungraciously let herself fall on her flank onto the floor with a small 'thump'. Causing the bird to lift up out of shock before softly landing on the ground next to her.

Pyre looked at her curiously, as if to ask 'What are we here for?'.

"Our internal clock says the sun should rise in few minutes, so, we do not have much time."

Pyre turned his head to one side in confusion before realizing what she meant. He nodded and using his wing he saluted. He then took position on the railing, ready for the show he knew was coming.

Twilight gave him one of her only sincere smiles of the day. She looked at the horizon, then at the moon and then at the stars...her stars. It was now she notice how much happier they looked, they knew it was time for their mistress to return.

Celestia looked on from her chariot at the moon and the stars. They were as always. She couldn’t help but let a tear escape her unnoticed by the guards pulling the chariot. She was really hoping this prophecy to be true but the only one who could paint the sky was locked away somewhere along side her mother. She sighed, in a few minutes she would have to raise the sun on her only hopes for everything to go back to normal

The chariot closed into Ponyville quickly, it was pulled by six guards and behind them were six other guards tasked with guarding the Princess at all times. The buildings were becoming bigger and bigger and she could see the preparations had gone well, her student was the best option for the job even though anything currently apparent was done by Twilight.

The chariot, now was almost flying over Ponyville, the guards had started to slow down. Celestia looked up one last time to check, and what she saw made her eyes widen.

Twilight sat in complete silence, nothing disturbing her. She was again visiting her magic pool, this time she could feel the urge of the magic bellow the net to come out. It had all gone according to plan. Twilight was nervous but she knew she had to do it.

Twilight jumped into her pool. She took longer than expected swimming down her unicorn magic. It was deeper, the net had sunk a bit deeper, allowing Twilight to access all of her unicorn magic. But she didn’t have time for that and she knew it. She then launched at the net with all her force, and it broke.

Outside her mind, a light escaped her chest and she started to levitate. The light started to circle her, in the form of a cocoon encasing her body in a blinding light.

Back inside her mind, Twilight now had wings, she had unlocked her pegasus magic. She now used her wings to propel her forward at higher speeds. If she wanted to ascend, she would need to trash at the following net with as much force as possible. She flew through the water until the net was in sight. She lowered her horn to aim at the center and to reduce resistance. And with one last mental shout she tore through the last net. The water around her seamed to clear. She knew what hat happened and exited her mind.

Her consciousness re-entered her body and she opened her eyes to witness the light finish to engulf her. The light shot out wards and she was slowly lowered to the ground. She flared out her wings and opened her eyes. She scanned herself.

'Alicorn wings? Check. Longer horn? Check. Longer stature? Already had it. Connection with my stars?...Time to find out.

She quickly glanced at Pyre, he was doing his best at a bow, she never taught him how, but she appreciated it. She nuzzled him with a giddy giggle. It was time.

She stood on the edge of the balcony. She took a big breath, and lit up her horn. She fully reconnected with her stars. Twilight searched for the northern star, the guardian star, and woke it up.

"Thy mistress of the night has returned, wake now from thy slumber so that thou are able to show thy beauty to our world!" Twilight said in a low voice as not to startle it.

The star suddenly shone brighter and brighter, happily twinkling at the return of her mistress. Then, awoke Capella the star Twilight shared her name with, and the one who was named the star of magic. Capella was Twilight’s second in command when it came to stars and it shone the brightest. Capella woke up each and every star and they all celebrated her return with glee, lighting up the sky like never before.

At that moment, Twilight saw Celestia’s carriage fly above the Library. She smiled as she saw Celestia’s shocked expression.

'Oh our dear Auntie... We’re not done yet.'

"Our dearest stars! Oh how lovely it is to see thou all again, shining so brightly just for us! We have one request for thou, Capella, thou and three others shall lend thy power and might, to free our mother from the shackles of the Elements and bring her back from the moon!"

As the last words were spoken, four stars started to move in the moon. They let out a massive blinding light and the unicorn that was etched into the moon disappeared and with it, something that resembled a comet fell from the heavens and landed somewhere in the Everfree.

Twilight put on her cloak to hide her wings and re-adjusted her coaster. She motioned at Pyre to ride on her back and winked at the stars.

Twilight made it down the stairs, she had a much happier expression. She walked through the ponies, making her way towards the door.

"Come! Unless thou wishest to miss the Ceremony!" Twilight was excited to see Celestia’s look of shock at her return.

Everyone rushed over to the door and started pouring out, in the end the five mares she had met at the party, Sunset Shimmer and Spike remained. She looked over to them and smiled, but this time she couldn’t hide her mischievous look. She walked out without saying anything.

She galloped across Ponyville to get a front row view of when her aunt as she failed to lower the moon since her mistress was back. She slowed down, the Town Hall was now right in front of her and inside was destiny.

She walked in, and heard the sounds of hoof steps behind her, probably Sunset and the others. She made herself comfortable and waited patiently.

Finally, after around five minutes or so, enough time for Rarity and Fluttershy to take positions, the town’s mayor came up to the stage.

"Fillies and gentelcolts! As mayor of Ponyville it is my great pleasure to announce the beginning of the Summer Sun Celebration."

The ponies erupted in cheers and the mayor waited for them to quiet down.

"In just a few moments, out town will witness the magic of the sunrise and celebrate the longest day of the year! And now, it is my great honor, to introduce to you, the ruler of our land, the good the wise, the bringer of night and day... Princess Celestia!"

The birds started their chorus, and Rarity lifted the curtains where Celestia was to reveal...Nothing. The ponies gasped and the birds singing faltered. Rarity went to check up on the Princess, she came back moments later with a worried expression.

"She’s gone!" She exclaimed.

Twilight could feel every inch in her body beginning to fill with guilt. She looked over to Pyre who was also beginning to worry. In her mind she started thinking of possible reasons as to why Celestia wasn’t there. They all ended in one thing, she went looking for Princess Luna at the first place she’d go, 'The Castle of the Three Royals'.

Twilight turned around and galloped out, it was only noticed by Sunset and the rest. Rarity was coming down the stairs and Fluttershy had already flown down to join them. Rainbow went after her. And all Twilight could think about was.

'Sweet Faust, what have we done?! Mother will kill her'

Author's Note:

Huzzah! I got another chapter done! the other chapters were the calm before the storm because now...Horse-dung goes down.

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