• Published 30th Oct 2019
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Daughter of the Night - PizzaculousPony

Twilight Sparkle was present for the defeat of her mother,Luna. The Elements put her in a coma and she wakes up years later before her return.

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Check Mate

Poor 'uncle' Starswirl, he now must stay trapped inside limbo for eternity-

The sound of gagging snapped Twilight out of her line of thought and her reading. She looked up in time to see Spike cough out flames that later reshaped into a scroll. It fell down in front of Twilight, she picked it up with her magic to hand it to Sunset when she noticed the seal that her aunt used.

We see, old habits die hard. That was always her favorite seal.

She handed it over to Sunset. "A letter from the princess we presume?"

"Yup!" She unrolled the parchment and read it rather quickly. She hummed before setting it down. "Say, Twilight...Do you by chance live in Canterlot?"

"Mmm. Not that we recall, we’re enjoying Ms. Velvet’s hospitality yes, but as soon as we get enough bits we will be departing." Twilight said not taking her eyes away from the book she was reading as she searched the table of contents for something.

"Do you live close to Ponyville?" Sunset asked again.

"We do not know where this 'Ponyville' is situated. Perhaps thou can shed some light upon it?"

"It’s north of the Everfree Forest. About maybe 600 meters away..."

Twilight’s ears perked up. If her mother came back anywhere it might as well be at their old castle. She could tell where this was going, but she needed confirmation. "Then, yes Ponyville is certainly closer to our home than Canterlot. Why does thou ask?"

"Well, Princess Celestia asked me if I wanted to check the preparations for the Summer Sun Celebration. And maybe I can ask her for you to come with me to Ponyville... You’d be closer to home and it’ll be a free ride!"

Twilight hated the fact that she needed to ask Celestia for help, but if she didn’t, she wouldn’t be able to be present for her mother’s return. "That would be most wonderful! Although we do not wish to inconvenience you... And the princess."

The trap is set, but will she take the bait?

"That is no problem at all, please, any friend of mine is a friend of her’s. Besides, the chariots are made to hold two ponies."

Check Mate.

"We’ll if thou thinks so, we suppose we can accompany thou in thy assignment. We’re very great full for thy kindness. When do we depart?"

"We’ll be leaving in three days if everything goes well with the mayor."

"Great then, we shall see you there. We must go now, we have some 'business' to attend to before we depart." Twilight re-shelved the book she was reading before giving a small bow of the head and teleporting away.

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