• Published 30th Oct 2019
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Daughter of the Night - PizzaculousPony

Twilight Sparkle was present for the defeat of her mother,Luna. The Elements put her in a coma and she wakes up years later before her return.

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The Plan

Twilight paced around the room, provided to her by Mrs.Velvet and Mr.Nightlight. She was thinking, calculating probabilities and making backup plans. She then stopped to look out the window, two days had passed, and the next day she needed to get to Ponyville. What bothered her most was that the stars supposed to aid her mother’s return weren’t moving.

She pondered it for a moment, just a couple years prior to her mother’s imprisonment, she was chosen by them to be their mistress and she knew all of them and their names. Then after some moments, it finally hit her.

The Elements, they distorted our connection with the stars. So they may have been unmoving for a long time.

She brought a hoof to her chin.

If we were put to sleep by the 'death' of the Elements' shockwave... That means we were released because the enchantment started to loose power and had to concentrate on keeping my mother locked away.

Twilight’s face lit up in realization.

If the grip on us is loosening, we could at one point access our powers that have been locked away... Then we could wake up the stars have them lend power to mother... in order for her to break thy enchantment and return!

Twilight was giddy, she normally had problems sleeping at night but now, she wouldn’t be able to sleep. But then was the problem of her mother wanting to over throw her aunt. Was she furious at her aunt? Yes. Did she want her mother to kill her? No. She somehow then needed to convince her mother not to kill Celestia and not to bring forth eternal night.

Twilight sighed, she was going to have a long day the next morning, might as well try to get some rest. She climbed onto the bed and laid there awake. She decided to check if her theory was true. Since she was little, Luna had taught her how to imagine her magic pool.

She closed her eyes and imagined a pool. She jumped in looking for the bottom, she swam down and saw what she was looking for, a net, splitting the pool at a quarter, meaning that she hadn’t fully unloaded her unicorn magic and that her pegasus and earth pony magic was yet to be unlocked. She examined the net closer, she wasn’t able to tear it or even open a hole in it, but she could feel it weakening every second that passed.

She swam back up and returned to her physical body. She thought for a moment, the Elements were weakening so if she hacked and slashed repeatedly at the net, it would weaken significantly and allow her to access her power but, it would probably disrupt the balance in magic and could alert Celestia prematurely and she would probably find a way to stop her.

She pushed the thoughts aside, if she didn’t, she would stay up all night and without her alicorn endurance she wouldn’t be in top shape for her mother’s arrival.

That morning, Twilight woke up bright and early along side the sun. She took a shower, this time she didn’t mess up like the days prior, it was new technology but she caught on pretty quickly. She finished packing her stuff, which was not much, her plaque, a sword handle and a cloak. According to Mr.Night Light, she had been carrying those items. Well at least her dear aunt didn’t leave her without something to cover her from the cold.

She made her way down and found Mrs.Velvet was also awake. She went over to speak with her.

"Mrs.Velvet, we are great full for thy amazing hospitality, but we’re afraid we now must leave. We shall come back as soon as we can to repay you. Thank you once again, we are forever in your dept." she bowed her head slightly in thanks. Of course she didn’t bow completely seeing as she was technically still royalty.

Mrs. Velvet was a little taken back, she hadn’t expected her to leave so soon. "Are you sure you have everything you need? We are more than happy to have you here."

"Oh no no no no! We couldn’t possibly think of inconveniencing thou more than we already ha-"

Twilight was interrupted by a knock at the door. Suddenly a deep voice called out from the door.

"Mom? It’s me Shining!"

Twilight heard the voice and attributed it to a grown stallion. She didn’t want to assume anything but she could probably link the unused and furnished room as his. She had to fight back a snort as she assumed that this grown stallion still lived with his parents.

Mrs.Velvet hurried over to the door to open it. A strong-build white unicorn stallion with a blue mane and light blue streaks running through it walked in. They hugged, and Twilight stood awkwardly at a side not wanting to be rude.

Twilight looked back at the stallion, he was wearing guard armor but it wasn’t like the rest. No Twilight was sure he had to be a high rank member. But that didn’t bother her, after all she was part of the highest rank, equal to Celestia and Luna, she-.

In stepped a pink mare, she was a bit taller than Twilight. But what bothered her most was that she was an alicorn, a princess... And her ‘replacement'. Celestia had the audacity to replace not only her, but her mother as well with that?! Twilight could see she wasn’t a fighter like them, she could feel she wasn’t skilled at magic like them, and she could tell by the way her wings hung lower that she wasn’t the fastest flyer...And it infuriated her.

She kept a calm exterior but her insides were blazing with a rage that would put the hottest fire in Tarterus to shame. She took a deep breath that threw a pool of metaphorical water on her rage. Again she stood around awkwardly until the greetings were over and the stallion noticed her.

"Um mom? Who is she?"

Velvet went to speak but was caught off by Twilight.

"Twilight Capella Sparkle." She bowed her her head slightly. "Please to meet thy acquaintance, sir..." Twilight’s voice trailed off seeking for an answer.

"Shining Armour, Captain of the Royal Guard." He nodded. He also attempted to look intimidating, of course a maneuver that only worked on his guards, none of the mares present paid him much mind.

"Oh! Twilight, allow me to present you Princess Cadenza." Velvet gestured towards Cadence.

"Princess Cadenza, it’s a pleasure to finally meet you." Twilight bowed a bit lower but she made sure to stop halfway implying that they were equals.

"Likewise Twilight." Cadence gave her an innocent smile.

Twilight cleared her throat before speaking. "We’re afraid we will need to cut this conversation short. We must leave at once if we do not want to miss the chariot. Once again Mrs.Velvet thank thou for thy hospitality." Twilight left without allowing them to say anything else and made her way over to Canterlot Castle were Sunset Shimmer waited for her. She put on her cloak and strapped her sword coaster around her barrel, she then put the handle into the coaster. And with that she was ready and determined to bring her mother back.

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