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This story is a sequel to Daughter of the Night

Twilight must go on an adventure to reunite with her council. This proves difficult when they are stretched all over Equestria and Nightmare Moon has taken control and brought forth eternal night. They must wield the Elements to rid Twilight’s mother of Nightmare Moon.

Chapters (12)
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Comments ( 45 )

although this story is not finished yet, I already like it more than a prequel.
P.S. sorry for my English

why didn’t nightmare moon want to restore its old castle and instead decided to live in canterlot?

yea new story,
be funny if twilight old friend's are the great great great grand parents of sunset and her friends,

Aay, didn't notice the sequel was out, lookin good so far.

Have to wonder if Lily will become one of the new bearers or if they will truely go to the friends from a millennium ago.

How did I not notice this until now? Anyways looks to be off on a great start, love to see more

I hope that we explain how Оrion could live 1000 years

Leather isn’t the proper term for Lilly’s wings. Leather is skin/hide that has been dried and treated. Her wings would be seen as leathery, but the proper term for what they are composed of would be skin.

guess he is connect to the stars in some way that keep him alive or he is like the starbeast, just toke form of pony

I doubt that he is a star animal in the form of a pony because if Batponi is perceived as monsters here, then such a creature just couldn’t live quietly in a superstitious village

I think he is the Оrion Constellation,

Seems that way to me. Pisces and Aries have been mentioned too.

just found this sequel to daughter of the night and i can't wait to read the chapters so far and future chapters

Undying Loyalty indeed.

I’m glad you get the word-play 😉

I thought that in this chapter we will be explained how Orion was able to live 1000 years

Soon that’ll be explained, don’t worry it doesn’t have a mystery tag :)

Thx for the update

Wonder how things are going to go when they find the prisoners gone. Kinda depends on if ransom was already in the works I suppose.

This was an interesting chapter.

Question: If thestral have an instinct to protect the Twilight and Luna, as a couple of chapters before they were without hesitation, they were attacked by the twilight (even able to damage the wing)?
P.S. sorry for my English

Because NMM’s command technically overrules Twilight’s. She told them to get her alive and unharmed. The only thing they did was chase her, she got her wing damaged by herself.

Good chapter. Can't wait for the next.

I will quote this chapter with the phrase: “nothing is clear, but very interesting”

Thank you! I’m so glad you like it

Nice update! Great work, looking forward towards more.

I have no opinion on the cliff hanger.

Nice to see an update!

So, here it is. Finally.
This one is the biggest chapter yet, so there'll probably be a ton of spelling mistakes sprinkled in there.
I would appreciate it if you could highlight them in the comments so that I can fix them.

*Does one even better and sends a PM of corrected chapter* I like it and if my Bionicle OC was on that airship or even in Equestria he'd give Nightmare Moon a hard time or even act as a distraction due to how powerful he is though not alicorn level of power he can still provide a challenge to Nightmare Moon do too how skilled he is at combat and because Dark Magic would empower him.

*kneels with her head looking down and arms extended towards him*
Please bestow me with thy knowledge, oh great Ed!

Ps:thank you

Not dead just procrastinating. The next chapter has about 7k currently. And I’m stuck. Like seriously stuck. But I’m working on it in my head.

yeeeeeeeeaaaaaahhhh update:twilightsheepish:

Yes, an update at last, interesting chapter, during the time wear they were tending to Twilight's wounds, I had the thought of. Where's a stage six Kraata of Quick Healing.

While Luna won't be a good mother in this story, she can still be a mother who still loves her daughter.

She does, I won't say more 'cause spoilers


And that's fine by me.

well... that was heartbreaking...

I'm glad that you heart has been sufficiently broken. Lately I've taken to rewatching She-Ra and I've been crying. I wanted someone else to cry with me.
You want some ice-cream?

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