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Hello there everypony, I wanted to create a group specifically for this genre of Princess Luna being the mother of Twilight Sparkle. I hope you have a fun time here and please follow the rules. If you know any fanfictions within this genre please add it here. Oh if you are interested in creating the work, please let me know, so I can add it here. Oh, I am an artist too, if you want to check out my artworks, please let me know and my DeviantArt username is littlewashu45 or here is my link:

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Hola, solo pon tus historias en las carpetas.

Hola soy nuevo alguien me dice como publicar mis historias por favor :,U.

Why was a Twilight/Luna romance story added? That kind of story does NOT fit our group's criteria! :pinkiesick: :twilightangry2:

We need more stories with this concept!!!!

Yep, they're not that many rare stories of the daughter/mother relationship.

I like this idea =3

Princess Luna gave birth to Twilight 1,000 years ago and she became frozen or in Cryostasis. Sorry for the confusion. I hope this helps. Also, it can depend on the situation of the stories available here within the folders.

How does this work? Did Luna give birth to Twilight on the moon? Or did she do that a millennium ago and Twilight got frozen for 1000 years? I'm not judging, I'm just trying to understand this concept here.

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