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Twilight finds herself falling head over hooves for her old foal hood friend. But she is a princess and he decided to become a guard. She doesn’t know how to break the news to Celestia and her friends. She is afraid that they’ll take him away.

Ps: the AU tag is there because I changed a bit the original story’s class structure and the way they interact, also Luna and Celestia do not retire and I bent the cannon magic system juuuust a tiny bit in order to add a truly happy ending.

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And once again Twilight is being a fucking idiot when it comes to things. Does she not remember that Cadance and Shining were in the same boat, and nopony gave any fuck about it?

That's just from me reading the description. I don't aplogize for the cursing. But this level of stupid should be illegal in every universe.

Twilight is supposed to be the smart one. Not here.

Don’t worry, her way of thinking is explored later on with an explanation when we get to that part. That thought is also urged on in a way by Celestia in the later chapters.

Dude, a minotaur is what Iron Will is.

Tirek is a CENTAUR. You made the same mistake Chrysalis did.:facehoof::twilightoops::pinkiegasp::derpytongue2:

:rainbowlaugh: When I was writing I was looking for the word but never found it. Thanks for telling me 🤣 ill go ahead and fix it

my thinking is that canterlot is like medieval times where commoners and nobles were kinda forbidden from marrying each other. One way around this, Twilight became celestia's student which elevated her family's status enough that her brother could court and marry cadance. Some low level guard not related to any royality or with not connections to any pony influence would've been overstepping boundaries. Once again assuming canterlot is like mediveal times or to at least try to explain their lack of pegasus and earth pony nobles since on the class system they would fit below unicorns.

Exactly, The story while takes place in a modern time has the medieval aristocratic structure. So in my interpretation, like you said (or that’s what I got from it), Shining was able to court Cadence because of rank. Okay now I can rest easy knowing at least someone understood the line of thinking.(I think, I hope) feel free to tell me if I misunderstood

We were on the same thinking when it came down to setting up the conflict of your story.

Also can't wait to see where your going with getting Starlight_glimmer involved.

She’ll play an important role in the long run although it might not seem like it.

Before I read this, I must know: What would Celestia try to separate Twilight and her friend?

It isn’t that she wants to, it’s just that some of the actions she does in the story make Twilight feel like she needs to hide her romance.

Sure twilight, he protected you with blast of his pegasus magic, I want to assume Astral was fast enough to cut down beat sunclaw casting magic.

Then remembered that it would not end well for him if he had managed to kill or wound sunclaw due to canterlot's medieval mindset.

I have total faith in Astral being able, wait what mysterious flower?

It says mysterious for a reason my friend. :moustache::ajsmug:

I shall wait to see what mysteries this mysterious flower has.

Twilight, nice attempt to lie to the alicorn of love. Can't wait to see how you do against the element of honesty.

Is celestia being serious or just doing this to test twilight's relationship with Astral? This in canon seems like something I could see Celestia doing for some method that seems like trolling to those that don't know her.

The reason why I'm not sure is because this also sets the stage for some event to occur to elevate Astral into being promoted to a major noble if things go down that route since it did occur but rarely in real life medieval times.

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