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The world is in danger, crime is everywhere, the police can't stop the criminals, they crawl into darkness destroy what you love, in this society, where there is no hope, justice is needed, heroes are needed.
Twilight Sparkle aka princess Midnight is one of them, she'll fight crime until her last breath, of course, she will encounter new friends and new allies to help her keep the world at peace, but she is only a beginner in this ''career", she'll need to improve.

Set in the modern world and a hero world
Modern world: technologies more advanced
Hero world: Many ponies we know are either super heroes or super villains

She'll fights many strong villains and meet new friends as she'll try to protect her secret identity and those she loves!
Drama, Romance, Action, Suspense!
(Gore, violence and death for obvious reasons)

Heavily inspired by Marvel and DC (mostly Marvel)
Read it, you won't regret it!
Edited by 0_0

The edited chapters will be named like this "(edited) chapter name"

And Covert done by me (I know it's trash but no flames please)

Chapters (5)
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Hmm it has potential, but it severly needs an editor I kept cringing at all the mistakes. Get an editor or two, and deepen the plotline, get some more backstory to Midnights character and your good to go.

yeah, like I said in author's note, i'm currently searching an editor, but I have one big problem, every time i contact one he either don't read my pm or don't answer at all, do you know someone who could edit my story?

Sadly no, but I can edit your chapters if you want, I've done it to several of my favorite author's stories ( mostly Transformers ones I'm such a geeky girl lol ) in any case I'm happy to help you if you need it.

Comment posted by King Ice deleted May 9th, 2018

So Twi's DNA changes with her form, interesting

I took the picture with my phone and forgot to rotate it correctly:twilightblush:

Yes! Epic Twilight moment! I mean, to me Twilight's biggest advantage is her planning, the ability to make logical solutions on the fly. Plus her whole "Let's be friends" thing and awesome magical ability from years of dedicated learning and tutelage.

I love Twilight and since this an AU, she will be different: however, I will do everything I can to keep her personality and her talents unchanged from the Twilight we all know and love.
Thanks for your review!

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