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Starting on a stormy Saturday night, Cozy Glow asks Sandbar for help. Starting small at first, Sandbar eventually realizes that the little filly needs a pony to look up to. Set in a universe where the events in School Raze never happened.

Proofreader (Chapters 1-8): MasterExilon

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Very nice! Cozy could have been so much more in the Show. And i don't Think its pathetic, look at fluttershy and her fears. Some say she has a fear of Heights.

Exactly. She could have been an amazing character

Yes. I Love how the fandom gives her a Second chance. Also applies to tempest as Royal Guard and how throrax was Made a Royal Guard as well

Sandbar comforting Cozy Glow during a thunderstorm? I could swear I saw someone suggesting this idea somewhere recently. :rainbowwild:

This is a nice, cute story. Cozy is being adorable and Sandbar is understanding.

Yeah, I fulfilled my own /r/
That was the intent. Thanks

But didn't you want a pic, not a fic? :rainbowhuh:

Something is better than nothing

Aside from kicking School Raze to Tartarus, what else from season 8 changed? The description is kinda vague, aside from the bit for Cozy.

Cozy also never became Twilight’s special helper. I’m still quite new to writing, and don’t have a set path for this fic yet. However, one of my ideas is that Sandbar’s parents might end up adopting Cozy.

Not sure what you mean by Cozy becoming Twilight's special helper. I didn't watch much of season 8, so that might be why.

Not sure about the rest. I'll wait and see.

Very nice! Sandbar's personality is what I like about him so much

Yeah, he really cares for Cozy despite not knowing her that well (yet). Signs of a good friend

Sandbar smiled, something about helping the colt gave him satisfaction, but he didn’t quite know why. He stretched in place contemplating his current situation; he wanted to get up, but at the same time he didn’t want to wake Cozy up before the sun had even finished rising. He let out an audible sigh.

You mean filly?

Interesting story. I'm expecting a sort of Rainbow/Scootaloo relationship forming between Sandbar and Cozy.

I'm assuming that in this alt. universe, Cozy Glow is not evil? Or...

...is she just that damn good at manipulating Sandbar?

Yeah, that’s my intention. And no, in this alt universe, Cozy is not evil.

She uses her manipulation skills to get cuddles and ice cream, decided it was better than power.

That's what I was thinking originally. :rainbowlaugh:

"Set in a universe where the events in School Raze never happened." Where is this splendid Utopia and how do I get there?

>Where is this splendid Utopia
No clue
>how do I get there?

Short but good. And that Orphanage, shut down.

Actually, the orphanage is still running

Oh, you haven’t heard the beginning of the shit they did

Oh, I have read a story with familiar plot once, so I can imagine

Poor Cozy. I want Sandbar's parents to adopt her.

Very nice! And a unique idea she had a brother


Nice way to get Cozy to testify.

Adorable. About the orphanage, this is gonna be good!

Comment posted by Sparkle91 deleted Oct 27th, 2019

Accidentally uploaded the wrong chapter. Should be correct now

Sandbar's gay? :facehoof:

Uh... oh... okay then.

It’s a popular headcannon, dude… and it’s not that far fetched

Nice Way of how to explain it to cozy.

Aww I hope Berry feels the same way.

It confirmed he wasn’t gay. It did not refute him being bisexual, however.

I think Evil Cozy is a fascinating character, but having Cozy remain a...decent filly is also an interesting direction.

It always hurt to deal with such moments sand emtions. But doesn't mean you can't still be with her, cozy.

As best friends, yes. Not as girlfriends however, as Fizzy’s straight.

That's what i mean. Acepting it is hard but a good character Development

Good build-in of the "Rainbow Factory".

With each chapter this is no longer Cozy and Sandbar story.

Don’t worry, we’ll get there quite soon

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