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This story is a sequel to The Last Night of Winter Break

Twilight Sparkle and Starlight Glimmer have finished working on the glamor spell for their friends, only to be denied the ability to cross through the mirror.

Continuity: Homecoming

Revised 11-4-17

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Mmmm....oh dear. This could be quite bad. :pinkiegasp:

Have you considered bundling the one shot stories as chapters of a parent story, just to keep them all together instead of loosely bound as 10+ different ones?

Did you seriously ship starlight and trixie?! Why didn't I think of that:facehoof: or am I reading this wrong :unsuresweetie:
Also, oh s:yay: that ain't good :twilightoops:


Yes. Once I start with the next major story, I'm going to be bundling them and further one shots will be added as a new chapter.


Did you seriously ship starlight and trixie?! Why didn't I think of that:facehoof: or am I reading this wrong :unsuresweetie:

Yes. Yes I did.

7904707 Plus good ship. I pair with my headcanon. Also, this title is lewd.

Ooh, interesting! A nice bit of early set-up for what seems like an appropriately threatening villain. I can't wait to see what comes of it. :twilightsmile:

I a gasp

Good setup here. Looking forward to the next story.

7904789 How is this title lewd? Am I missing something here? :rainbowhuh:

7904895 Euphemism for vagina and penis, ya silly.

This doesn't feel like a complete story. You've got a set up, some good character interaction, the problem/mystery, and then it just ends. I get that you've got a larger universe going on here, but I think it needs to be better self-contained, else it feels like a single chapter of some other narrative.

Is the portal completely locked or is it only locked while they use the glamour spell?

Older and more insane than Discord??? I think now would be a good time to panic.

So, are we talking regular crazy or Azathoth the blind, mad god gibbering at the center of creation while his court writhes to the unearthly cacophony of a mad piper sort of crazy?


You don't see enough Cthulhu references these days.

I would say here, but that would spoil the fun of reading Chaos Theory to find out.

But think, what if Discord isn't actually crazy, just crazy powerful? He just likes the excuse of insanity to explain his Chaos Magic away. He shows rational thought in both of his villainous appearances and in the Season Six finale. His methods are just unorthodox.

So now we have him actually disliking something born of Chaos.

What does that spell for the girls, hmm?

Bum bum bum...

Again, this definitely works better as a chapter than a story, but it still ends on a truly gripping hook. Still, I'm committed to reading these in chronological order, so I suppose I have some fluff to get through first. At least I know it will be enjoyable fluff.

Before anyone could question him, he popped over to the mirror, appearing in a costume shirt of red with black shoulders and collar with a row of golden dots along it.

I see what you did there.:trixieshiftright:

...a Starfleet uniform? Oh dear.

He is voiced by John de Lancie, after all, who played Q in Star Trek: The Next Generation and Deep Space Nine*

I'm surprised Hasbro hasn't done it themselves, honestly.

*Best Trek, hands down.

That's why I said "oh dear" silly kitty. Q plus Discord equals oh dear. It's elementary math. :D

Yes. But future readers may not know, since Q hasnt been seen since......97, I think?


Fair enough. Though, I do think there's enough of us old-fart bronies around that keep making references to it that most folks will get it eventually. :D

I recently saw Mr. Delancey in an episode of a tv show. I think it was The Librarians. And I did not recognize his face. At all. He's gotten ollldd.

But that voice Q'd me in, and a quick imdb check confirmed, yup, that was him!

Playing a demon, of all things, if I remember right. He's been typecast as the Face of Chaos! :rainbowlaugh:


Playing a demon, of all things, if I remember right. He's been typecast as the Face of Chaos! :rainbowlaugh:

But he’s sooooo good at it. :raritystarry:

I levitated the book from its bracket and put it back. “Try again,” I said, concerned.

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