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This story is a sequel to Cruising

With school drawing to a close and her wedding getting closer, Sunset realizes that she must reveal just where she's been staying the few years to her sisters.

But can they handle the truth?

Continuity: Homecoming

Featured February 25, 2017

Pairing: Sunset/SciTwi

Revisions completed 1-1-19

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If it helps, I've taken a coupe stabs at figuring out the time dilation.

Here's my blog post about it.

Eh, personally I'm just sticking with a 1:1 time ratio for my own works. Much less complicated that way imo. But yo do what feels right for you in that regard.

Anyway, this is a promising start to the fic. As always, I'm eager to see what comes next.

I'm leaning towards having the celestial rotation rates be slightly off, with a natural alignment every thirty moons. Cue dual-plane full alignment every X-number of years and - assuming it's not orbital wobble - we have the final clue for Chaos Theory. I like the idea Jedi mentions about two portal openings, but not every thirty moons. What if when the proper alignment on either side of the portal is hit, it opens regardless?

Time is an illusion. Lunchtime doubly so.

This is really good so far, can't wait for more

Head's up, for whatever reason the story isn't showing up under your list of stories, Allykitty.


I'm guilty of not submitting it. It was supposed to be a one off, but it decided to be a two-fer


Ahh... Red Week. Never really thought of that, but then again, I'm a guy...

7973713 You're one of my favorite authors on this site, loving the speed and quality you put into your work, so I'm glad to help out when I can

7973838 indeed. My Fiancee ever so charmingly refers to it as shark week. Then she calls me an idiot for being envious of what I consider one of the most overtly feminine of biological processes.

Generally it's accepted that one show season is one year.

When Applejack said it's been a hundred moons since the last reunion, assuming moon is a luna month and that months to years is pretty much the same as us it puts the time frame at approx eight years.
Honestly, I kinda like that idea. It slows down the setting by a fair bit and makes a sleepy country town seem more like just that. A sleepy country town.
It certainly makes the semi-regular monsters more an exception then a rule.
Of course, this does start to mess with some other time frames in the show but this is what happens when you try to apply a proper time frame to a show built on a floating one.

As for the Mirror, my personal head canon is that the two worlds do not sit side by side in a synched time. It speeds up and slows down at whim only really synching when the portal is active.
To Sunset it's been just a few years but in Equestria she left before Dash ever even pulled off the Rainboom.

By the Bye, hoping that Sunny actually brings her sisters through the mirror rather then just explaining it.

Is this story a part of a series or is Sunshine nickname for Human Twilight you just didn't explain?


Part of a series. The first of them is here: Homecoming


It's also a possibility that it's one year per every other season since we've only had at most two of very important annual events.

Sadly, it's just too convoluted to nail down canonically, so I'm just going to plow on with my own idea which will be solidified as this story finishes.

7974325 Disregard the previous version of this comment, you could you maybe put a link to your page in the story description to make getting to the other parts of the story idiot proof?


I'll do you one better, here is a loose timeline for all my stories.

I wonder how using the portal will affect Dew's pregnancy... hmmmm... I like the story so far!

Just like Legend of Everfree ended . . . With another mystery!

I also thought they were crazy for bringing the pregnant pony through the portal. I can't think of any birdy bad guys powerful enough to cause trouble, so this should be interesting in the long run.

Oohoo...just the right amount of sweetness, with a pinch of things to come. Good job with this story, like always.

Nice. So who are the "birdy guys?" Something original?

(Sometimes I have amused myself by imagining the Equestria Girls world has magic of its own - but it's inaccessible to Ponies or Sirens because it's Lovecraftian Horror magic. :pinkiecrazy: )

So, they've found a place of their own and Sunset has commenced moving right away. Makes sense since she was living alone, but I'm increasingly intrigued to see how Twilight's moving process goes.

Liked that we got to see a little bit more of how the two Twilights get on.

Good thing the human Twilight isn't afraid of cheese. Otherwise Sunset's flirty lines would have driven her off. :trollestia:

I was thinking of how sweet this story is, and then came the downslide into horror territory.


But Glorioso Daisy would have gotten away with it, if it weren't for those meddling kids and their dog. :yay:

I'm wondering if Twilight will be a bit cloyingly sympathetic about the girls 'plight' now that she knows about it!

Given Twilight's tendency to go loopy when she's sleep deprived, I can well believe that she woke up wearing a quesadilla at one point!

So, something is looking to exploit the nature of the connection Sunset has forged between worlds? Well, it wouldn't be MLP without some kind of Cthonic Thing out to make trouble in time for the season finale!

FWIW, my headcanon is that pregnant mares and women who go through the Portal (especially early-phase phase pregnancy) have a high probability of bearing bimorph children who tend to switch between pony and human forms when under stress.

Lovely story. I'm concerned about the baby/foal as well. What an unsettling ending. *Sees the tags of the Chaos Theory* Oh, no. I try to avoid that tag. :applecry::fluttercry::raritydespair::pinkiesick:


Fortunately, Canterlot Holiday falls before Chaos theory in the timeline. You have a little time.

My admittedly very rough rule of thumb is two televisions seasons to a year in Equestria, based on the every-other-season appearance of Hearth’s-Warming and (if one counts “Bats” for its storytelling tone) Nightmare Night episodes. I assume a one-to-one correspondence in timekeeping and calendars between the two worlds on an even flimsier basis—the rather sketchy world-building approach imposed on the scriptwriters by their toy-company bosses! I’m so unromantic. . . . :pinkiecrazy:

Headcanon: The age-altering effect of the portal is a safety feature specifically for pregnant mares/women and their young offspring. Can't do a 1:1 age transfer between a 9-months-along pony fetus and a 9-months-along human fetus (from Equestria to human world), or between a day-old human (+9 months development in utero) and a day-old pony (+9 months development in utero) (from human world to Equestria). Otherwise, the former case results in a kid that's coming out right now, and the latter in a preemie, with everything that entails.

Further Headcanon: The older the subject going through the portal, the more the age-alteration effect butterflies.

I do love how you end the fluffy stories with such deeply intriguing sequel hooks. On to the next one!

Take my updoot.

ALL THE UPDOOTS:pinkiehappy:

“But for Sunshine and I, it’s enough.”

“Me and Sunshine”. Yes, I know I sound nitpicky and you can blame my mother for that.

Curiouser and curiouser. This other dimension creatures that will appear in Chaos Theory are Avian in nature...

When thinking about why there's an age difference in eqg compared to mlp fim, it just gives me a headache on why this happened and how to solve it.

Dew blushed fiercely, raising a hoof to her slightly swollen belly. “It appears that Hue and I weren’t as careful as we thought we were last time I went in,” she said, studiously avoiding the word estrus. “So, surprise?”

This sure caught me off guard.

Well at least sunset's sister finally know the truth at least

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