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This story is a sequel to There's More That's Out There

Sunset's gone to fill her sisters in on the facts, and Princess Twilight decides to do some stellar research with the help of her counterpart. They also wind up bonding with Cadence and having lunch out on the town.

Continuity: Homecoming, concurrent with There's More That's Out There

Story inspired by this art by and cover art by Uotapo

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Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 19 )

Okay, at this point, you just have to intro the 2 Cadences! Especially if you can rig it to include Flurry Heart!

Nice start. They are obviously going to be very similar, but you do see the differences. Well done. :twilightsmile:

7985536 If two Twilights are gonna spend the night geeking out over lunar cycles, imagine what two Cadences can do... as long as jazz isn't involved!

Well, the mischievously dirty part of my mind keeps trying to picture how crazy the 2 of them could drive Shining Armor - either of them - whether it was just confusing him or . . . :raritywink:

7985565 Oh, great. Now I gave an idea for a clopfic.:ajbemused:


There's one where Cadence and Chrysalis dare him to figure out which one is the real Cady, so it's not like it's a rare instance.

And with things I've got lined up for Chaos Theory, I'm not aiming for a lot of portal trips.


And hav the portal cancel out Fledging's Forebearance? No sir. :twilightoops:

It's pretty obvious that Equestria has a radically different cosmological structure to Earth. That said, I strongly suspect that, by the end of their time together, Twilight and Twilight will have worked out enough of the transformation between the laws of physics in both worlds to be ready to start punching holes in reality just to see if they can.

I also suspect that poor Flash will get a headache should he encounter them!


While I agree, SciTwi still harbors the fear of getting grounded by her father for 'Breaking the laws of Physics' as put in Hearth's Warming Eve part one of The Wooing of Sunset Shimmer.

7986288 But she's MORE powerful than her parents! And how!?

Loved it, loved it, loved it! Cadence's conditions and the wine glasses demonstration are my favourite moments.

Awww! This chapter, and the story, is just so adorable. I especially love it when human Twilight talks a little about her relationship with Sunset.

I think that Twilight is being unnecessary self-censorious here. Starlight wasn't ready to listen at first; she wouldn't have listened to a word Twilight said because she had already assumed that it was lies or stupidity intended to keep her from the path that she was convinced would make her and everypony else happy. She wasn't ready to even consider listening until she saw the Wasteland.

FWIW, I think that it would have been a nice touch if Twilight had said at that point: "Look around you, Starlight. Look at a world where everypony is equal."

I suspect that the thought- and feeling-sharing might be Sunset's powers. Traditionally in fiction, telepathic characters often form bonds with their loves to the point where there is a little bleed over and merging between the two minds. It strikes me that Sunset might have unconsciously locked onto Sci-Twi, given how important she is to her.


I agree with you if SciTwi had pushed for more info about Starlight. The portal not working during the Games was the focus of the discussion. I may have a one-off where Starlight has a dream about the wasteland.

Sunset's latent telepathic powers may have linked to SciTwi due to proximity during awakening, but I still like the thought that siphoning Sunset's magic through the portal made it happen sooner.

I meant to mention in Cruising and am reminded now...

...including the fact she could create dreamscapes, lucid dreams that we could share...

Sunset is a Cylon! :pinkiegasp:

“It is Princess Celestia’s favorite blend.”


Kidding aside, I'm guessing English Breakfast or Earl Grey.

Excellent little story. Now I wonder if I should wait for Chaos Theory to complete. I guess I could use On Valentine's Day as mind bleach if needed.

“I always figured AJ and Rarity would have a closer bond since they have similar backgrounds.”

Hisssss! :ajbemused:

You described lunar eclipses when talking about the phases of the moon. The phases are just the side of the moon that's facing the sun. A half moon has half the Earth facing side lit up, and half the far side lit up for example.
Sorry, space nerd and I needed to get that out of my mind.

Edit: forgot to mention how amazing your stories have been and that WE NEED MOAR.

What's with the blue dog, and which spike is on her ?

8134083 Ember's counterpart, maybe?

Given how the spectrocapacitor was spitting out portals of its own afterwards, I'm fairly certain Sunshine had a hand it the statue getting sealed.

In any case, nice bit of world-building and interaction.

How did I just now notice this comment?

I'll have you know that my entry to your contest is part of this cannon. No need to hiss.

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