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Don't you just hate it... · 2:07am April 24th

When you can't find something when you need to?

Case in point, I went looking for a comment where they alluded to It being like Frodo saving the Shire for everyone but himself and had to sail to another land to find solace.

But I can't remember what fic or anything else.

And it's frustrating to me.

Meanwhile, in other news...

“Concentrate, Ash,” Lexi said. “It’s important we get an idea of how far your mana has enhanced you physically.”

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For those wondering.... · 9:36am April 2nd

I am working on Truth.

“What are you doing here?” Sunset stammered as she gazed at her father. Emotions swirled inside of her, a maelstrom of feelings. Confusion, certainly. Some anger, long-simmered and cooled into bitterness. A bit of joy, but just a tiny bit.

Mostly confusion though.

Red rubbed the back of his neck. “It’s a long story,” he hedged.

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About Bomb fics. · 10:27am March 30th

And I'm not talking about ones dealing with explosives.

Several years ago, my colleague and friend Monochromatic launched what was to be the first ever RariTwi bomb. And the success was phenomenal with more than 35 stories that entered. You can find the full list HERE.

That was in 2019. I feel that it is time for the Bomb to return.

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Azure Foalklore · 6:02pm February 25th

So I was going through some old papers and found the very rough draft of Azure's character sheet from the D&D game that she was created for.

Having an account on D&D Beyond made the updating easy. Since the Ponyfinder ruleset wasn't an option, I just built her as human. All other stats and such are accurate though.


Enjoy and feel free to tell me what you think!

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Hem · 10:50am February 16th

I feel like over the course of writing Trials, you have seen a tiny bit of the evolution of my writing. If you’ve read since the origin story, Homecoming, the. You ahem certainly seen the change of my writing. I know I have when I check back for threads to tie off.

I’m looking at you, Sonata.

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Trials · 2:42am February 6th

I just posted the Penultimate chapter of Trials of a Princess tonight. I hope you guys like how things are being resolved. Just a final chapter and an Epilogue, and this era of Homecoming will come to an end.

I mentioned this in my chapter notes, but my wife and I were never fully happy with how Chrysalis went out in the show. I was ok with it since she tried to take ponies out with her, but I had felt for a while that she would get redeemed... even by accident.

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BEHOLD! · 6:08am February 3rd

I don't actually have anything grand to show.

Have ponies

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Coming Soon · 6:28am Dec 17th, 2022

While organizing my Google Docs page tonight, I found a few (somewhat incomplete) stories that have been alluded to in the past.

It's Not Ok and I Don't Really Know What I'm Doing

One was intended to be an exploration of the various sides of a few characters but currently is is a completed Vinyl and Octavia chapter and a partially finished Fluttershy in therapy chapter.

The other was just the thought of how Nightmare Moon could have gone in the EQG universe.

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Told you I wasn't dead... · 3:34am Oct 7th, 2022

So there we have it, a new chapter posted after almost a year away.

Man, it feels good to be back.

But I just uploaded a new chapter for Trials, and while I enjoyed my foray into original fiction and will write more, I do love my Sunset and want to at the very least finish out this story. I do so hope that you all forgive me for being absent for so long.

In other news, Splatoon 3 is pretty awesome, even if Team Grub took third place in the recent splatfest.

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Book is on sale! · 11:54pm Sep 19th, 2022

Well, pre-order currently, but it’s a real live book, I swear!

Check it out!

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