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    April, with many a day…

    So I just spent from the third through today (sort of, still have some driving to do) on holiday. Went to Dallas to see the Eclipse in totality, swung though Hot Springs for… well, the hot springs, and finally St Louis for a lovely riverboat dinner before bidding the Boyfriend farewell and starting the trip home.

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  • 13 weeks
    Well, I started it...

    All Good Things... has commenced. I may have a chapter of it up tonight.

    I really want to start closing out the unfinished stories, but sometimes you just can't get back into the flow for them. Sorceress and the Siren is one, Into the Wilds is another. Which is sad cause I love writing Azure.

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  • 15 weeks
    Homecoming, in retrospect.

    Homecoming as a series is a glorious mess. I’ve gone on short bits of fluff, created some … unique ships, twisted the fabric of canon EqG, and even touched on some dark topics.

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    Don't you just hate it...

    When you can't find something when you need to?

    Case in point, I went looking for a comment where they alluded to It being like Frodo saving the Shire for everyone but himself and had to sail to another land to find solace.

    But I can't remember what fic or anything else.

    And it's frustrating to me.

    Meanwhile, in other news...

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    For those wondering....

    I am working on Truth.

    “What are you doing here?” Sunset stammered as she gazed at her father. Emotions swirled inside of her, a maelstrom of feelings. Confusion, certainly. Some anger, long-simmered and cooled into bitterness. A bit of joy, but just a tiny bit.

    Mostly confusion though.

    Red rubbed the back of his neck. “It’s a long story,” he hedged.

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Homecoming, in retrospect. · 11:00am Dec 30th, 2023

Homecoming as a series is a glorious mess. I’ve gone on short bits of fluff, created some … unique ships, twisted the fabric of canon EqG, and even touched on some dark topics.

I’ve had stories that have strayed far from their initial plan (Trials in particular) and some that probably should have been rewritten for clarity (Insurgence springs to mind, as does Forgotten Legacy)

But through it all, I’ve met a lot of wonderful people and honed my skills in a world of pastel colored ponies.

In short, I’m closing it out. I have two stories left to tell, the girl’s birth and the actual ending of the series. I’ve said for years that I knew how I wanted it to end, down to the words and events.

Some of you here have been here for the long haul, and some have just discovered this massive AU. Please feel free to share your thoughts and memories of the series as I work on finishing off things and making sure ends are tied off.

How do you think it will end?

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Comments ( 8 )

some that probably should have been rewritten for clarity

Always could go back and do that.

Author Interviewer

fascinating timing, as I've finally gotten back into reading the stories <_< guess I won't be reviewing the whole series at once if you haven't finished writing it, but hey!

And I'm happy to have read it, because it's fun.

That's the nice thing about getting something completed. You can go back and touch up loose ends and tighten things up. Gaia knows I've got plans to do the same once I'm finished with my own works.

It's a great series to read and I have done so a few times. The stories within this series are worth the read and it does give to a lot head cannon that one can easily get behind.

"Still broadcasting honey."

One of the best lines in the entire series and a major plot point for the rest of the stories. If there are two left I can't wait to see them

I wouldn’t mind a review either way. This has been a significant part of my writing life since 2016.

And it shall be called All Good Things… because, well. You know the rest.

Author Interviewer

getting there! :V

I actually thought it was already over but hearing there's 2 more stories to end off a great fanfic series I'll take and will be reading them right away. :twilightsmile:

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