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Chrysalis has but one goal in life at the moment.

Destroy Starlight Glimmer. She stole her hive, destroyed her throne, and derailed her almost perfect plan to take over Equestria.

What's a queen to do, then?

Steal all magic and hobble her enemies so that Starlight is left alone, of course.

Continuity: Homecoming

Featured Sidebar 5-30-17

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This is really good so far I can't wait for the next chapter :pinkiehappy: it sounds really exciting

A. Oh poo
B. Can't wait for the next chapter

Chrysalis has never been more terrifying. :applejackconfused: :rainbowderp: :twilightoops: Nice work.

I'm just gonna save some time, and favorite this now.

Well. Chrysalis certainly means business, it seems.

Why isn't there a dark tag?

Presumably because this world isn't even close to needing it? Not every dark scene automatically requires a dark tag, I should think.



Also because what I consider dark has no place in my Homecoming verse. My dark makes the Wasteland of Starlight's nightmares a paradise to behold.

*voice goes selpuchral*
Shall I introduce you to despair? The wailing of the wounded as the Old Ones return and feast upon the madness they invoke?

*voice returns to normal*

Nay, I have passed thy test. I shall go I to the west and remain Galadriel.

I mean....erm...:twilightsheepish:

So Sorla is becoming repentant. That just makes me feel even worse about the torture Chrysalis is inflicting on her.

I'm a bit confused with the Sunset and Twilight scenes in this story so far. Was there a short time skip between the chapters because the first chapter makes it seem like they're home in the human world while in this one it is describe like they're on their honeymoon in Equestria or something like that?

Very minor time skip. And they had planned to spend some of their honeymoon on the human side and if it helps you to visualize it just think of it as them spending a night at home before heading through the mirror.

(blinks several times in surprise) :rainbowderp: :pinkiegasp: 😲 What. Is. HAPPENING?!

In other words, can't wait for more.

My oh my...I can't even begin to guess what's been done, so good work on that.

My head is rolling but no theories or guesses are coming up. I have this horrible feeling that can't be good.

Ooh, I wonder who's with Sorla now?


Are you ok, Pinkie?

Who else has Chrysalis captured?

Oh, Chrysalis. You just dig yourself deeper and make more enemies. :ajsmug:

Among them, everyone that had been affected by this spell.

You, uh, messed up on a tag there near the start of the Sorla section...


Shhh....*clicks the edit button*

Other than that, though?

Well, it's nice to have things moving along. Not much else to say, well-written as always.

Oooh, boy. Chrysalis in the human world...I can only imagine what she'll do.

Where can I read the Wasteland of Starlight?

*whistles* Whew, this is getting major. Looking forward to seeing what happens next, as always.


Forgiveness shows one of her nightmares, but wasteland was meant to refer to the future timeline in the season five finale where everything was dead.

Chrysalis found the mirror?! :applejackconfused: :derpyderp2:pinkiegasp:

The story gets more intense and heavy by the chapter. Wondering what the next one will hold.

Yay, tectonic troubles! :pinkiehappy:

wait no that's bad

Tectonic dangers and Chrysalis on the hunt?! . . . Okay, nobody panic, nobody move. What the hay am I talking about? EVERYBODY RUN!!!

Chrysalis found them?! But the Shadowbolts aren't ready! :pinkiegasp: Uh! Oh!

I seem to have missed a story where this Azure pony was introduced? She's not ringing any bells. Gonna have to go back and look again.


She's kind of a background OC for my verse. She had a brief appearance in Forgotten Legacy and mentions here and there but mostly stays in her own series, Bardic Lore which is a spinoff to my Homecoming continuity.


Alright. That would be the story I missed, then. :D

Well. This is probably going to be the least fun game of tag ever. Near-apocalyptic situations will do that I suppose.

It will hurt like mad, but a diagonal line branded across one of the runes on Sorla will break the power spell. It'll be a 3rd degree burn, but A) she's already got those from the other runes branded into her coat. And B) a burn, even a bad one beats being dead.


Runes are finicky things. They must be with certain tolerances, nearly precise, to function. Otherwise, they either don't work at all or end up working . . . differently than was intended. Usually, a very BAD differently. By branding a new line through a rune, you change it from a part of a runic spell to, at best, an interesting character/design that is meaningless, to, at worst, a different rune, which alters the spell, probably for the worst.

Of course, they're about to throw down with an insane changeling queen, so time is gonna be a big factor, in my humble opinion. Nopony may think of this til the fight's over.

'Course, all this is my speculation. I'm mostly patient enough to wait to see where you're going. :raritywink:

Very true, but runic spells work in Equestria.

We aren't in Equestria.


:twilightoops: I think I need a round of meditation.

:flutterrage: No time for that! The fight's starting!!!

😬 😩 😀 :twilightangry2: Okay. βš”

😲 You...you killed Azure and Gleam...

No "redemption" this time. Kill the bitch! :twilightangry2:

Gleam? ... Azure? .... GRRRRRRRRRAGH!!! No second chances, no letting the villain get away, no mercy!

Poor rain:fluttercry:, Gosh this is getting really intense:twilightoops:
can't wait for the next chapter

Commencing Operation Jaw Drop :pinkiegasp:

If he mentions playing chess, don't do it! :rainbowlaugh:

Well, that is another unexpected thing to have happened. But I like where it might be going.

Chess? There are far better games to play with Death :pinkiecrazy:

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