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The new parents of Sunset and Twilight offer advice to Dash and AJ.

Continuity: Homecoming

A gift for AJTheRaven

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The Homecoming timeline is one of my favorites, and little heartwarming stories are just as important as the longer stories. Love seeing these couples facing the challenges of just good old real life.

very nice story looking forward to more in the timeline

Squeeeeeeeeee. Love this.

D’aww, going halfies. Love it. Thanks Rose!

Considering this is set after Trails of a Princess. It kind of spoils that Sunset and Twilight survives.

“I remember you trying to keep working when you broke your leg after that one ski trip after college,” Sunset remarked. “Despite doctors telling you to stay in bed for a week.”

Dang. 😦

Twilight sighed. “Trust me, no matter which of you carries, you’ll be glad for the rest,” she said. “Because between the water retention, the extra weight, and the general mess that the raging hormones make you, not to mention your mind going over-reactive and worrying about every little thing and the weird cravings and the constant need to use the rest room, and the…”

I think your going a bit too far there twilight. 😬

“Worried about how you’d be as a parent?” the author asked me, shifting her daughter further up into her lap as the child started nodding off.

Did we just have a fourth wall break just now? :rainbowderp:

We all nodded. Just trying to remember all the names of Apple family relations for gatherings or from the wedding made my head spin. Seemed like every time the Apple family got together there were twenty new faces.

Sometimes I wonder how many people are on applejack's family, even the time when it happened in mlp fim. Just thinking about it is making my head feel weird. :applejackconfused:

“Getting old, lady,” I snickered. It never ended being amusing at Sunset’s real age. Even though she physically matched us at twenty-five, the fact that she had been five years older than us all through school had been a great joke when we found out.

Wow. Didn't see that one coming. :pinkiegasp:


Did we just have a fourth wall break just now? :rainbowderp

Nope. Sunset is a published author by this point.

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