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On the day of Shing Armor and Cadence’s wedding, Applejack was dressed to the nines with the help of Rarity. Rainbow seems to like it, but won’t admit to it.

Applejack wants to know how to get her to talk about it. Maybe if she asks in just the right way...

Continuity: Homecoming

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Good story. I'm wating for a sequel.

Not bad i always imagined Applejack and Rainbow Dash together but never found a fic featuring them together in this fashion, glad to have read the story and i can't wait for what you do with the Shadance wedding fic

Oh YESSSSSS. You did not lie when you said I was going to like what was coming out. Incredible!

awesome story

this is so gay, ur mom gay, ur dad lesbian, ur family tree wants the d, and ur whole genus want the penus

Just kidding, this was a great story. Liked and followed!

“Best not to keep her waiting any longer, I believe,” Rarity said as she finished packing her kit into the day bag she had brought up. She slid her shoes on and stood, handing my my bag and shooing me along. “I’ll see you at the hall.”

Handing me my bag*

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