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The love between AppleJack and Rainbow Dash has already been on a slow burn, but what could make it blaze fully?

Sharing personal rituals can be a good start.

Continuity: Homecoming

Shipping: Applejack and Rainbow Dash

Featured Sidebar - 5-6-2017

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I like how this is going. :ajsmug:

I love this so much. I literally favorited without even reading it because I knew I was going to love it. I can't wait for more!

This, this right here. Romance doesnt' have to be the twang of bedsprings, but the comfort of bodyheat and the slow breathing of someone who is your entire world.


That was very beautifully put. Thank you for saying it.

This is very sweet and adorable. Hope to read more.

Naw.:rainbowkiss: You don't find to many ship fics where the pair are just an ordinary pair. No secrets, no awkwardness, and no sex.
Don't know if I'll be reading the rest of this, but your first chapter leaves me satisfied and fuzzy inside. :twilightsmile:



Yeah. That. (Mean ol' wolves don't "squeeee". :ajsmug: )

Yup, yup. That works nicely. :eeyup: :ajsmug: :rainbowlaugh:

Adorable. That bit with the hooked pinkies almost killed me;)

Because it was the cutest thing I've ever read:rainbowkiss: I almost died from cuteness overload;)

I am loving all of the gestures they make to compromise between their differing personalities. :heart:

Ooh! Interesting!!! I know Dash's dad will love AJ!!!

And I feel like crying when reading this chapter, it was cute!

:pinkiesad2: I think someone's going to be thanking Fluttershy later.

:fluttershysad: A little sad, but a great chapter.

Sweet but at the same time sad this chapter, but in spite of everything is a very nice chapter. Compliments

allykitty, I know kitties play with string. But do you have to keep pawing at heartstrings?

It's funny how often these types of stories have been used with AJ (Where EG's AJ's parents are alive) and now it's been used on Rainbow. Which just reminds that we are finally gonna see AJ's parents this season and there is no way for them to dance around the idea that they are actually dead.


Based on existing canon evidence, I fully expect them to only appear in flashbacks. Especially telling is when The CMC got their marks, the phrasing AJ used with Apple Bloom is very telling.

Squee. Loving this.

:twilightsmile: Every single moment was beautiful.

Okay, that was simply beautiful. Do you always write like this when you're sick? :raritywink:

(No, I don't want you sick any more than you have to be!)


That took three days to write...mostly cause I'd write a few sentences and just lose ambition. Trying to balance the allergies, work, keep the steam up to create...it's tough for this lil' mare.

Truth be told, I really write how I'd want to be treated in a similar situation. Fluttershy may be my pick for best pony and Sunset for best human, but I'm too much like Applejack at heart.

It's always the little moments that makes you see how far a pair in love have grown. :heart:

such a beautifull story *-*

I'm also like AJ at heart, and let me tell you, I would like nothing more than to be treated like this. Your descriptions of their behavior are perfect. Great work.

I liked this. A nice continuation, and POV change, from last chapter and the ending was really nice. They might be married within the year, they might just be together without the "piece of paper" for years. Either way, I think they'll be mostly happy. :yay:

Applejack and Rainbow contemplating just how much they have come to mean to each other was incredibly lovely, as was the final moment with Applejack in the pickup.

Twilight needs a new bookshelf. Why is that not so surprising? Loved the moment with Sunset.

Congratulations, really a great story! Not at all it's over among my favorites. But I'm wondering, do you have an interest in writing stories about the other pairs of your continuity like this? If the answer is I can not wait to read Pinkie and Aria. Because your idea of putting them together really surprised me, in a positive sense, I would not have thought of it. Still compliments!


I do, actually.

A Gem Richly Won - Fluttershy and Rarity

On The Inside - Pinkie and Aria

Peaceful - Adagio and Sandalwood

and I'll link as they are written and posted. Also, keep an eye on the timeline, in case I forget to update this.:twilightsheepish:

Another lovely and comfy story. Thanks!

I'm not much of an AppleDash shipper (Sunlight all the way, with a dash (no pun intended) of SunShy), but this was a beautiful story and actually brought a tear to my eye in a couple of places.

Good job. Very good job indeed.:ajsmug::rainbowkiss:


Pawing and teething and batting and rolling and yanking and flopping and tugging and snarling and bowing...

Wait, that last one is for Grandmaster Heartstrings, not heartstrings.

nice story
really complements the twilight (Eqg) x sunset shimmer shipping

AWWW... i lov this so much!


For what it's worth, coming from a stranger - you deserve to be treated that way. Your stories show a positively beautiful heart and a caring soul - anyone should consider themselves lucky to earn the affections of one such as yourself.

See, now ya got me blushing. :applecry:

Tis the truth. I hope life finds you well and truly happy, and that the gentle, passionate love you seek finds you. It was a shock to me when it happened... and, now, we are just a few short weeks away from welcoming our son into the world. I never imagined getting married, much less having a family... but, well, here we are heh

Said the Pegasus to the raven.

DAWW! How did I forget about this story?

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