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Rose Quill

Author of the Homecoming series, occasional contributor to Bodyguard!AU, and food aficionado.


Everyone has something precious to them. Soon, Applejack and Rainbow Dash will discover just what is important to them.

My entry in the AppleDash contest #5

Continuity: Homecoming

Popular stories: 8-28-17

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Y'know, it's rare that a short story like this catches my attention, but I seriously loved what it has to offer!

I'm not sure how long you've been writing, but there are certainly some very heartwarming moments in the story!

For the emotions you display and writing style, I dropped a like and added it to my bookshelf of absolute best reads! Congrats!

Hope to see more!

Long live AppleDash!

D'awww. That was beautiful. Thanks AllyKitty.

Sweet and fluffy, just how I like it. But how did Rainbow get so beat up on her trip?

Big Mac is talking with words...


Okay, I actually cried at the end of this chapter. Well done. :pinkiesad2:

D'awww! So adorable. I want more well-written fluffy AppleDash fics, please! The only ones I seem to find are ones where they're still fighting and arguing and it ends up with angry kissing and love confessions. Those are still nice, but I want fluffy sometimes! Lots of fluffy Fluttercord fics, but I need some AppleDash cuteness too.

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