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Rarity has moved to Manehattan to persue her dream of becoming a fashion designer and was accepted at the Manehatten Conservatory of Art.

But Manehatten is more than two hours away from Canterlot. Not far, but not near. Can Fluttershy and Rarity survive the separation?

Continuity: Homecoming

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Can't wait for more!

pretty good, cant wait for more chapters :raritywink:

And now a new adventure begin! Nice start. I can not wait to read the next chapters

:fluttershysad: Sad going through that last bit, but here's hoping.

Nice one, Aria. 👌

Good thinking, RD. :rainbowdetermined2:

As for the Rarity scene, 😭. Go to her, please.

what a heart breaking but yet such a beautiful story ! so have a follow and a like,well done to you on this beautiful story!

The odd thing is I was listening to the instrumental version of the Mob Song from Beauty and the Beast, and it went perfectly with the part where Rainbow was talking about Fluttershy being bullied.


Pure coincidence, I assure you.

It is never easy bridging a gap of long-distance separation.

Curse you Auto-correct!
Will fix tonight.

love this story so many emotions so many feels but most of all so much love and caring! outstanding!!

Awwwwww. Perfect ending.

beautifully written ,beautifully done! hope there will be more!

Awww! That was absolutely beautiful! :heart::raritystarry: I'm sorry it took me so long to read it. Straight to my favorites it goes with the rest. I think I need to make a shelf dedicated to allykitty at this point. I cried at the lullaby scene last chapter. A real yank at the heartstrings there. So touching and loving. :heart:

It seems as though this chapter is less refined than your usual standard. A couple of grammar errors and misplaced words here and there. It doesn't take away from the story all that much (for me at least), but it's still noticeable. When you have time, take another look and give it an edit.

Great chapter other than that! :twilightsmile:

Yeah. :twilightsheepish: this was written when I had switched from my laptop to a tablet until a new power supply was installed. The on screen keyboard was kinda wonk at first. I'll have it fixed at some point in the near future.

Oh, hope they don't become long distance for long term. :fluttershyouch:

Oh dear. Hope it smoothes out. :fluttercry:

How do you make shelves on fimfiction.net?

Hi Kittamaru! The easiest way is to select "New Bookshelf" from your Library menu in the blue* menu bar. Give it a name, an optional description, choose a privacy setting and click "Save". You can also enable the "Quick Add" toggle to have the bookshelf appear in the "..." tab of a story you are reading.

*I haven't changed the default colors so the menu bar color is blue for me. Yours may be a different color.

Hi allykitty! Sorry I've been away for so long. I hope you've settled in and all is well with you my dear.



Ah, yes, thank you! I will have to do this once I'm back home and at my computer hehe!

Awww, it got better. :twilightsmile:

OH, that was most perfect indeed! Such a touching little story. :raritystarry: :pinkiehappy: :heart:

So cute with the kids at the end too. :yay:

What Flutters went through painfully mirrors some of my own troubles. I- as a guy -had at least some outlet growing up. So much harder for a sensitive, caring girl, especially when it's through no fault of her own.

I have to ask though; where in the fuck were the teachers during all of this?! Are they that fucking inept that an athletic girl gets herself put into detentions protecting an emotionally frail teen?! And why weren't those doing the bullying also disciplined?? I'm assuming the last one.

I despise bullies; Diamond Tiara basically getting a free pass for all of what she did is my major gripe about the CMC cutie mark episode, far and above beyond those Toyastic marks.

It is one noted facet of a bully is a level of cowardice. They pick on those that won’t stand up and tend to wait until they know for sure they won’t get caught. Someone sticking up for you tends to be rewarded with redoubled efforts when your knight in shining - soccer cleats, I guess in this case - is absent.

And generally speaking, both parties of a fight get the detention, at least where I attended. Burn it was RD relating the story, so mentioning the bullies detention seemed irrelevant to her.


As true as that is, I also believe that that's an oversimplification. I've met bullies that bullied just to bully; no other reason than that, other than that they were maybe bored or were having a bad day.

Sometimes it's worse; they themselves are or were victims of the same; a vicious cycle. And that's not always parental in nature either.

As to the last, that's how it was handled when I was in school. At least, whenever the assholes were ever caught. Often, I was the only one that ever got in trouble. Made the later half of my senior year a living hell; almost quit because of it.

Aww, that was pretty sweet.

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