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"Gunpla is FREEDOM!"
- Meijin Kawaguchi III

Gunpla: Noun, a portmanteau of "Gundam plastic model", miniature models of massive Mobile Suits from the franchise Mobile Suit Gundam. For some Gunpla is a hobby, for others, it's practically a way of life and there is no better way to show this than by the sport of Gunpla Battle, customizing and controlling animated Gunpla and pitting them against one another in no hold barred matches.

To Sunset and her friends, however, Gunpla is a foreign world they are only just learning about and their journey into this world will be met with surprise, laughter, hardship and, most importantly of all, friendship.

[Battle Start!]

Chapters (12)
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it's a great first chapter it shows how the gunplay work and the girls reaction to their existence. The moment sunset went to search for her own kit I went like " it's gonna be unicorn isn't it" yes it was and I'm happy for her the unicorn gundam is a masterpiece even though I personally prefer the astray line.

I'm excited to see where this is going :) have a nice evening/day

This is really well written. I can wait to see what Gunpla the rest of the girls are going to use. Also, Sunset getting the Unicorn Gundam, I see what you did there.

Now this is a concept i can roll with. My inner gundam fanboy is losing his damn mind. Gp base set, Rider Deathscythe gundam, let’s go!

Man, Applejacks going with a no frills all beatdown ibo suit just fits so well.

Rainbow Dash might run with any transforming 00 suit , are we talking arios family type as the base here?

Rarity wants something plain, nothing a good ol grunt suit cant accomplish, and the custom possibilities are endless

Edit: nvm, astrays are cool too

Fluttershy with an sd, cute

Pinkie Pie heavyarms kai when?

Figures twilight would go for a dragoon using suit

Sunset with yhe unicorn practically writes itself

Hope to see more!

"Sunset Shimmer, Alicorn Gundam Celestial, HASSHIN!"

The Alicorn Gundam Celes(tial) is a combination of the Unicorn Gundam, one of the Wing Gundams, and some 'hair' from the Nobel Gundam. All made up in either Sunset's or Celestia's colors. The Destroy Mode could be Demon Shimmer or Daybreaker, and Unchained could be Daydream Shimmer or...actually I can only think of Daydream Shimmer.

Would it be too presumptious to pitch OCs with custom gunpla?

Seen some fan art of MLP gundams on deviantart might wanna look them up. Big guns for Pinkie... We talking Heavy Arms or something over weaponed like Double Zeta? Course really all the girls should end up with customs. I also always wondered would Gunpla ever include mecha from other franchises? Like the Gundam Styled mecha from Super Robot Wars.

Not at all! It would actually make my job a little bit easier. Just send me a PM with the description and I'll see what I can do, though do keep in mind that these will be non-speaking appearances and only one per person.

Will the Try Characters and the original Build Fighters characters be appearing in the story?

Nils RE crated the particles, so a correction there.

THis is how I thought the girls would go.

Sunset: Wing Zero, only the best for her not that Unicorn crap.
Rarity: Deathscythe Hell, Epyon. I really don't see her with just a generic model but one with style and grace.
Applejack: Heavy Arms, or either Shining or Burning Gundam.
Pinkie: Berserk Gundam from Gundam Fighters. Maybe a Quibley.
Fluttershy: Dark gundam (XD), but yeah saw her goign SD.

so, Rarity has requested a blank canvas...her options r wide open for custom options if she gets the right unit...

I may not like the remark about Unicorn, but I do like the idea of them using those Gunpla. Maybe they combine them with the ones they're going to receive, if they're different from the ones you suggested. Like Sunset making an Alicorn Gundam from a Unicorn and one of the Wing kits.

I can't wait to see how this goes. It's going to be fun!

The fun really can, and only, go up from here. :raritywink:

I wonder if Fluttershy would eventually get a Super Deformed Dark (Devil) Gundam and paint it in Discord's colors. I hope they all end up making customized units. Like a Heavyarms/Calamity mix for Pinkie.

Well, let's recap.

Rainbow Dash is rocking the Kyrios (Edit: Arios, not Kyrios), Applejack the regular Gundam Astaroth (non origin or rinascimento), Rarity with a blue base model Astray, Fluttershy with Musha Victory Gundam, and Pinkie Pie with the Calamity Gundam. Point for point we have 1 00 model, 3 Seed suits, 1 IBO, and 2 UC suits, albeit one being a musha SD. Time will tell how these suits evolve into the image of their pilots.

Kyrios gundam flying with a rainbow trail when trans am, Astray Violet frame bedazzled to hell and back being able to reflect beams as a result, Astaroth with a demolition pitchfork, Musha Victory might acquire an animal companion that transforms with it into a real type like the Zeromaru in BD, Calamity cannon's firing lethal confetti shrapnel. Legend gundam backpack being able to turn into a autonomous mobile weapons platform that grants twilight a tactical edge over attrition. Unicorn NT-D system giving it wings of light. Possibilities are endless here


I personally just keep imagining sunset to make the unicorn but that red version
this one just as a headcannon as I have not yet read the second chapter <3

So, someone made a Unicron Gundam: Sinanju Custom? Cool!

IKR its BEAUTIFUL Im quite tempted to try to build one myself

Except Rainbow Dash is using an Arios, the successor to the Kyrios.

Sorry if it's a bit SEED heavy right now, I promise there'll be more varied Mobile Suits from here on out.
That Unicorn Sinaju looks AMAZING.

whoops, wrote that one wrong. Still nailed it on the first try tho

Does this require any knowledge of GBF to enjoy?

ikr! U just ordered all the stuff i need for it <3

Okay, I know very little about Gundam, only watched some of the first series, but you didn't say where Fluttershy's model came from in the Author's Note.

Is it wrong I want shy to have a sd zaku? Zaku cute zaku life.

Sd gundam is not vary show heavy line it's more chibi versions of other suits. I think there are maybe 3 or 4 actual sd shows and shy's model is probably from the mushra gundam show witch is vary old I was only able to find one clip of it on line.

Zeon fan here where are the Cyclops suits? My self I have a Gouf Flight type modified with parts from the shenlong from wing.

Not a huge fan of the Zeon suits myself, sadly, though I will be including them in the future, with plans to introduce the Zaku II, Jagd Doga, Bawoo, and Gouf, among others.

I have one response to that

Also side note if you need any suits for people I be happy to help gundams are fine and dandy but they are not always the best. Also for the record the fastest mobile suit is actually the F99 record breaker. Able to actually match a tranzam system speed on its own with out the time limit tranzam has.

Nah have it be white and named Angel

Okay Rarity is being really OOC with that Discorded Gunpla.

He DOES take OCs with original gunpla but it's one per person

and acording to the files on that particular Gundam, its actually supposed to look like that

For Deathscythe Nightmare, did you also take inspiration from the original G Gundam concept art?

As soon as I saw Luna showed up, I thought that she would have the Moon Gundam. But I still like the Deathscythe Nightmare. Also, if you use the color scheme as Luna's Deathscythe Nightmare to the Moon Gundam, you get the Nightmare Moon Gundam.

My boy deathscythe getting his due. This chapter was spectacular. Bravo good sir, bravo.

And here i thought there'd be no love for wing kits, thanks for the nice surprise.

Also, will build fighter exclusive kits be popping up?(ie: beginning gundam and build gundam lines)

I actually still have my deathscythe hell model and my Heavy Arms Custom (EW version) as well as Epyon

Derpy is going to build a muffin themed Zaku custom Gunpal that somehow kicks butt isn't she? I still expect Rarity is going to kitbash an very elegant and feminine looking model eventually. The whole story strikes me as a ideal opportunity to come up with creative custom designs.

Raritys Gundam is essentially a blank canvas, theres no limits to what she could create...

Yeah right, and I’m a magical princess.

Principal Celestia has no idea how right she is. :rainbowlaugh:

Slight clarification: is that 16 in total or on each team?

Sixteen total, eight from CH and eight from CP.

Cinch is definitely up to something. But didn't she get fired? Or does this take place before then?

either she was able to weasel her way out of it, or theres another factor at work here. regardless...those who climb highest, have further to fall...

Yeah I want turn my darkmoons weapons on principless bitch. Like say the gatling and flame throwers at the same time.

This would probably get her fired gambling with government funding and school equipment (even if it is for a club).

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