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This story is a sequel to Canterlot Holiday

Twilight and Sunset are living together for the last weeks of High School and aiming for college and planning their wedding. But they are both getting the feeling of being watched, and Princess Twilight has been strangely silent while the magic pouring from the portal has reached even higher levels. It seems someone - or something - is feeding off the magic.

And they have turned their gaze on the CHS Seven.

Continuity: Homecoming

Art by BlackWater

Countless thanks to BlackWater and Wolfkin for proofing and suggestions throughout.

Hit popular Story sidebar on 2-26-17, Feature Front Page 3-9-17

Revisions began 1-1-19

Chapters (17)
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Okay, into Chaos Theory we go, and we start with some delightful SunLight.

I may have decided to remain in this world, but that didn’t mean that parts of me missed Equestria.

Did you mean " didn’t mean that parts of me didn't miss Equestria".

The other way said she didn't miss home at all.

Okay, it's been on my mind for a bit since you wrote that Pinkie and Sonata were opening a catering business together. Are you planning to pair them romantically?

Aside from that little moment there at the end, it's good to see the bridal shower going perfectly.


I'll never tell.

But probably not. I don't see it as a good match. Great, fun loving friends, but not romantic partners.

As usual, you are great with writing superb SunLight moments.

"Twilight, you tricked me"

Loved that! A perfect punchline to the fun of the earlier scene.

Wait. Harpies!!! GULP!

Yeah, Harpies would fit the bill (lol) of avians in the dream. Not sure i'd trust the Sirens though. I do wonder if the Sirens and Harpies are natural enemies and all that though.

I feel like I've just been on a roller coaster, because this chapter thrilled me to the bone.

Wasn't the portal blocked in a previous story?


And open in There's More That's Out There, with an explanation as to possibly why.

Many reasons, and most shall be explained later. Books are still down. And you've got a being that so far can invade and control others dreams, so what else can it do?

An interesting turn of events. I'm curious about that reoccurring itch Sunset gets on her back.

'Just an itch' my butt.

Also, interesting means of formally giving Sunset her Element. And I wonder what secrets that book will hold...

8002097 She is getting her wings. Harmony has willed it.


Oh, I'm going to have to warn you that your heart may get broken when i finish chapter six later tonight.

Aww, poor Sunset. Hopefully they can get this guy.

Is Fluttershy in the hospital now, or will the Sirens just heal her up? Or dose the Siren's songs only work on Siren's themselves?

I see you found that period. :rainbowlaugh:

Ohhhh my... :pinkiesad2: Can't say I expected that, so kudos. And...well, hopefully them having the proper Elements might mean something now.

In regards to the warning you gave me earlier, I'm afraid I can't say what condition my heart is in right now, because I am in pure, basic, unadulterated shock.

I predict Sunset's magic will come flying back to her, as it will BURN Acerak if he tries to hold it for too long.

Noooo sunset:raritydespair: good chapter though and also Acerak is so dead

That bitch is dead.:twilightangry2::flutterrage::twilightangry2::flutterrage:
(Sorry about the cursing. I'm just mad. Really mad.)

Honestly, the hints at Sunset being close to ascending (the mentions of her itchy back) and the new elements made Sunset losing her magic here not all that impactful for me, especially when mister magic crush here seemingly pulled that power out of nowhere. That's just a nitpick though, still a great chapter.


I agree it's out of nowhere at the moment, but it will be explained later. Also, we never found out why SciTwi's tracker stole magic either when it was just supposed to detect it.

Right now we're still in the smoke and mirrors stage of the story. :trollestia:

I saw your story on the featured Front page area, congrats!

Here's hoping the girls can get the answers they need at camp, and that the doctors let Flutters out of the hospital without too much fuss, haha!

That was a great chapter it had so many feels, can't wait for more

(brushing away some tears) It hurts to see Sunset in so much pain. I liked it when Fluttershy got assertive and loved the moments where Twilight gave Sunset support.

I love it when fluttershy is assertive, she takes a gentle approach to some very difficult stuff but all the while making the person she's talking to pay attention and stuff it's a good trait , and one that I feel must be hard to write , so props for that.

"Becuase of me, you've been put into the ..."
Pulled a dyslexic moment, becAUse :-)

Harpies? What will our heroes do? Theo might have to...
(Wait for it...) :pinkiesmile:
...wing it?



That was pretty bad. I've seen you do better and I'd mention examples, but I don't want to harp on it.

I'll show myself out.

Yeah, it was pretty bad. I am sorry if I ruffled any feathers. Since wordplay's not my special talon, I needed an escape claws. This story has beak-ome a favorite of mine, though. So I hope the bad jokes don't make any pony feel down.


Sunset, it means that the stolen magic is THATAWAY! GO GET IT!

Ooooooh!! Exciting things!:pinkiehappy:

*Metrioid Item Get music plays*

You got: Alicorn Sunset

Well. That all happened.
Acerak better watch out.

Let the rainbow remind you...

8008800 Damnit, now I wanna go play Zero Mission again, as I got this whole image of the Samus flashback when she gets the Gravity suit only it being Sunset

awesome job on the chapter hollow. i really liked the part with the elements glowing i did not see that coming. can't wait for more. i also wasn't expecting you to have sunset grow wings and basically become an alicorn. i really liked it. very well done.

Let's just hope this new development is enough to put an end to that monster.

Comment posted by CaptainPipsqueak deleted Mar 10th, 2017

Wow things just got really intense :pinkiegasp:

And the plot thickens, great chapter

No. You are NOT doing that. You pull that, and there WILL be a mob outside your door.

It's nice that Sunset and Twilight got their connection back. I liked how Sunset showed Rainbow what she recently went through to stress how important it was not to tackle Acerak head-on; it really shows how much of a natural leader she has become.

If that last bit means what I think it does, then you are going to destroy me.

You know, I should've said this a few chapters earlier, but I guess can say it now as well: that damn Starswirl geezer causes more trouble than good.

I'm really starting to hate starswirl also another great chapter

This story has really upped the stakes!

Cadence smiled sadly. “I know you care for her,” she said softly. “Believe me, no one knows better, and if Shining Armour or Flurry Heart where in the same situation I'd be just as worried. But you don’t have any sort of plan or idea of how to proceed.”
“I know,” I said. “But there isn’t any more of the notes about the Gates, and he didn’t have any sort of mention of how to reseal Acerak.”
"But Sunburst and Starlight are still working on the translation!" Twilight said. "They might find something!"
"Might, not will," I spat. "I can't sit around while my friends are in danger!"
“Twilight,” Cadence said gently. “Move aside for her. We can’t stop her from returning, and I’d rather you two not fight it out.”

I feel like Cadence made too quick a change in her stance on this, or at least we didn't see the process that led to it. Sunset didn't change what she was doing or saying at all, so I don't see why Cadence did. This bit felt a little rushed.

Damm you Acerak :flutterrage:, damp you midnight :twilightangry2:
Great chapter

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