Sunny invites Hitch out to go see Poniator 2: Judgement Neigh, and Hitch begins to wonder if this longtime friendship is beginning to turn into something more.

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Childhood friends into sweet hearts, looks like Hitch might get the mare next door after all...

When Sunny and Hitch came out of the front doors of the Cineplex two and a half hours later, their hearts were racing, and the duck sky from when they had gone in was now a clear, starry night.

Must've been hearing a lot of quacking from the line on the way in. :trollestia:

Very cute. :twilightsmile:

But, it's the lighthouse.

That's not next door to anything.

So I'm guessing in this case... OP is a duck.

Fix'd. :twilightsmile:

Where's the CMC hiding in the bushes to scream "Oh, just kiss already!" when you need them?

That was an easy, well written read and very sweet. Great work.

Thanks for reading! Glad you enjoyed.

Um... Long dead? :applecry::scootangel::unsuresweetie:

Nicely done, loved the Terminator ponification.

Frankly, after seeing the hoofshake of the 2 and how sunny nudged him (as focused in your Cover) i find the 2 suit well together

Saved. Favorited. Liked. It's just too cute! I like every aspect of this story, and I like Hitch x Sunny too. Very amazing job :twilightsmile:

Pretty sweet fic.

Why aren't there more of these already ? I like the fluffy feeling it gives :applecry:

"How is 'very good' only three stars? Ugh, critics..." He said, rolling his eyes.

To be fair, it's possible that movie producers were quote mining the reviews for positive-sounding statements devoid of overall context. It's like taking the quote "This would be the best thing since sliced bread, if there was nothing else since sliced bread" and cutting it to "the best thing since sliced bread". :D

Wonderful story!


"I'd say leave it as it is. How many movies about robots traveling back in time to change the future by killing John Trotter do you think they can make?" Sunny asked. Hitch laughed.

Four more. At least. Plus a spin-off TV show.

I wish there were more stories with these two specifically.

"Yep, I've actually heard nothing but good things. Even Zipp and Izzy liked it. They popped in to see it the day after everyone's magic had been restored," Sunny answered. Nothing official had been decided, but a lot of ponies around town had come to call it Reunification Day.

Boy that will be an interesting fanfiction of a crossover with My Little Pony and Terminator lol

"I'd say leave it as it is. How many movies about robots traveling back in time to change the future by killing John Trotter do you think they can make?" Sunny asked. Hitch laughed.

Sigh you have no idea sunny

Aww this was adorable story and it's really nice seeing these two hanging out even watching the movie and they both really have a pretty special moment with each other after a few hours hitch take her home and they said their goodbyes and did their little handshake or hoof Shake but then she gave him kiss on the cheek which that is so cute this is a very nice short story keep up the good work

We can always write more ourselves. :raritywink:

This is an absolutely glorious and lovely little romance story ya wrote! From the main line all the way to the small little background details, it's such a blessed read! Hope ya didn't mind, but I just needed to make a reading of this cute fic of yours!

Audio Linkyloo!:

(I don't mean to offend anyone with this comment in any way!)

I've also been listening to your performance of Forgotten as well.

Thank you so much!

Hint: Currently working on a sequel.

"I'd say leave it as it is. How many movies about robots traveling back in time to change the future by killing John Trotter do you think they can make?" Sunny asked. Hitch laughed.

well seeing we have 6 Terminator Movies ourself and they only have 2....

So you're saying they are the superior timeline then?

When has Equestria not been the superior timeline?

Generation 3 and 3.5

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I didn't think their world/nation was named Equestria until G4 and 5.

Probably not, but I've seen some kick butt fan stuff which connects all the Gs of ponies...and also Transformers and GIJoe because fans are awesome like that.

I mean, it's a hike, but you have to reach another door eventually right?

Sweet, though I'm not necessarily sure about Hitch and Sunny as a couple - this sort of thing is how I can see them getting there though.

What a sweet, awesome story.
Like Kaidan said
[Childhood friends becoming sweet hearts, with Hitch getting the mare next door]...
Very cute.

This was good sweet slice-of-life charm. :pinkiesmile:

I very much enjoyed it, and I really got a kick out of the movie title puns in this. (Also, yeah, "Blazing Saddles"... really don't have to change a word for that title, do ya? XD)

This is so cute and sweet I almost cried. Great work!

Well this is a pretty cute story and those two really have history together nice man

Hey, this was really nice.

Good job, man.

"Those special effects were really something. A pegasus robot made of liquid! And those shots in CanterLogic, wow! You'd really think they have a section of that place filled with molten steel," Hitch commented as they cleared Maretime Bay's main square and headed to the outskirts, the streets turning to dirt paths and grassy hills.

The steel mill reference!

T-1000! Made from Mimetic Pollyalloy liquid shape-changing metal.

Adorable, I look forward to putting a nice romantic soundtrack to this :).

The most common site by far for the past two weeks were orange construction pylons, as crews worked to remove all of CanterLogic's Unicorn Entrapment Devices from the street, and then resurface the affected areas. The biggest factory in town was also undergoing a major rebranding, cancelling all of its anti-unicorn and pegasus devices, and beginning to design products that were beneficial to all races and their settlements.

Good. :ajsmug:

Regardless of citywide street repairs, Maretime Bay's nightlife was as lively as ever, with venues all over seeing increased revenue from the new unicorn and pegasus visitors. The Maretime Bay Cineplex was near the center of town, and was currently showing four films; Horns, Harry Trotter, Dirty Prancing, and the main attraction for the past few weeks was Judgement Neigh, a highly anticipated sequel to a hit sci-fi film that had come out before Sunny's time.

Only one of them I know off/heard off while the others I don't. :unsuresweetie:

"And that," she began. "Was the answer to your second-to-last question. I'll let you think about that while you plan our second date."

I ship it. :twilightsmile:

Hello! Have a review. Fluffy, cute and smile-inducing. Adorable final scene, too. Have a like!

I'm flattered! Thank you for reading!

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