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While Sunny and her friend's are cleaning up the lighthouse, they come across several pages of fiction Sunny wrote as a filly. As they bond over the stories, Pipp realizes that Sunny might be onto something that could make her a star.

Contains some spoilers to the movie.

Special Thanks to Perfectly Insane for the idea of Sunny writing mane six fan fiction, and all the other people chatting about Gen 5 on discord.

Audio reading by StraightToThePointStudio

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That's pretty cute, and a very clever idea!

Sunny nodded, “yeah, dad wouldn’t let him over to play for a month after he wrote that story about Pinkie baking cupcakes with Dash…”

“Hmm,” Sunny rubbed her chin. “That has a nice ring to it, Pony Life.”

Also a fun reference. :pinkiehappy:

Another short, but cute G5 fanfic. I really love stories that go meta like this, especially since the premise makes perfect sense. I can totally see Sunny getting into fanfic writing when she hit adolescence, and while I don't approve of changeling abuse, Hitch's contribution was a cute addition.

“We’re reading your fan fiction, Sunny!” Pipp held up a page. “I’m really liking this one about Potion Nova sneaking in to refill potions.”

Pony life reference…
*heart attack*

Needs a sequel where they find her spicy fan fiction.

“Hmm,” Sunny rubbed her chin. “That has a nice ring to it, Pony Life.”

Uhh pony life

Sunny nodded, “yeah, dad wouldn’t let him over to play for a month after he wrote that story about Pinkie baking cupcakes with Dash…”

Oh Celestia please don't remind me of that I hated my friend for doing that to me watching that dang video

This is a pretty cute story seeing how sunny really wanted to write her own stories about of the Mane 6 keep up the good work

You mean the ones she wrote when she was older?

"Applejack Eats Habanero Peppers with Rainbow Dash"? :trixieshiftright:



Oh no, I wasn't prepared for this.

But like, for real Izzy is literally serotonin in its purest form. Glad to see more and more fans.

Cute story, Kaiden. Thumbs up.

Unifier of Equestria, contender for princess, and fanfic writer turned TV producer. Quite the resume there.

There was a tingling on my head and I shifted my eyes to look up, noticing a unicorn horn. “What? I’m Twilight Sparkle! Today’s gonna be my day!”

You sure that's not a journal entry?

“I was just a colt, you know… I don’t even know what a changeling was but she wouldn’t let me hurt a unicorn.”

I wonder what Hitch would have wrote if he knew about the siege of Canterlot. That would probably be worth a couple shows there.

“Books?” Pipp chuckled. “I know some producers in Zephyr Heights. Girl, I’ll get you your very own TV show about pony life back then.”

Heck, you might go big enough to get your own musical.

“The Princess summoned her to the castle for an important assignment, to learn about friendship. She was sent to Ponyville to make new friends, Earth ponies, pegasuses, and unicorns. Together they would teach everypony how to live together in friendship and harmony...”

What has happened may happen again. May your future be a long and prosperous one.

I approve of this literal-mindedness.

Actually, it'd be a funny and cute twist if Sunny turned out to be innocent and takes the term literally.

I like Hitch 's story the most out of those excerpt. ^^

This was adorable, and a really clever idea. Nice work

Dan #19 · Sep 28th, 2021 · · ·

Pony Life was all fanfiction. Headcanon accepted.

Wow, its amazing story!

“That has a nice ring to it, Pony Life.”

I'll accept this as canon.

Perfectly Insane

Not only did I half-expect you not to go through with it, I wasn't expecting one of my ideas to be done this well. Fantastically done.

There have been a lot of fun meta/conspiracy discussions about gen 5. Just the fact Sunny was playing make believe with the dolls means she could have had all kinds of other adventures or fics. I couldn't let Sunny have all the fun, so I figured Hitch would be into Westerns... And Zipp probably is into Sheriff's. Sprout probably wrote some kinda slasher, but then I realized it wouldnt be Sunny's Fanfics if I tried to fit all the pony's ideas in. That'll have to be a story for another time.

Thanks. I'll have to get some more insane ideas from you sometime. :twilightsmile:

it's a sweet life, still a little messy...

Thanks! And don't worry, no pegasi were harmed baking cupcakes with Pinkie. Rarity may have melted a few brains though...

Hmmm.... you might be onto something.

And then since pegasi are so vicious (and smell like fishes) Dash eats Applejack... Wait this is rated E. :trollestia:

It'd be fun to see the other character's takes on gen 4, but I realized only Sprout or Hitch would have any idea those characters ever existed. I guess first step is Sunny producing a TV show to teach everyone the magic of friendship. Then we can explore Zipp's Ship Fics.

Take two Izzy daily to combat sadness. Supplement with at least 15 minutes with Sunny for vitamin D.

10994127 10994231
Thanks, I think that was my favorite idea. That Pony Life is so silly and has tablets because it's future Sunny trying to guess what their lives were like back then.

It also explains why Ponyville is for some reason suddenly next to a (pink) ocean -- Sunny's from a seaside town, so she made Ponyville a one, too!

writes that down

I'm on season 2 of Pony Life and hadn't really registered that Ponyville had been moved oceanside.

This makes a terrifying amount of sense. As far as Pony Life origins go, it's right up there with "Pinkie accidentally created that universe while supercharged with chaos magic." Thank you for it.

All of this is super adorable, gah dayum it's so beautiful! Plus, with the way ya wrote this and some background knowledge, it really does seem like she'd have done this! Hope ya don't mind, but I couldn't resist making a lil' reading of this irresistible fic of yours!

Audio Linkyloo!: https://youtu.be/eUrafuBgndo

(I don't mean to offend anyone with this comment in any way!)

Thank you, it's awesome to have a reading done. Can't wait to listen to it. :twilightsmile:

Yay G5 tag :yay:
Now all we need is some G5 emotes

*Checks out new stories*

Holy heck, a legend has return!

*Sees Pony Life reference*

*Runs away screaming*


*Sees Pony Life reference*

*Runs away screaming*

Really? That seems a little harsh. :pinkiesmile:

*Remember the Powerpuff Girls 2016*

Fair point.

I really hope they burned Sprout's interpretation of Cupcakes. This is a fun story even though I don't know anything about Pony Life.

I thought of doing a continuation of the intro where Sprout's Rarity was attacking everyone, but that'd be better as it's own story. Went for the classic Cupcakes reference instead, which I'm sure Argyle shredded and burned.

It's good to be back. It's a very sweet, magic, fast, posh, fun, cute fandom... sorry couldn't resist. :rainbowlaugh:

Oh, this was a nice story! The fanfics seemed exactly like something Sunny would right as a young filly, and even Hitch's story seemed like something he would write. (And I can completely picture Sunny and Argyle keeping him from making a unicorn the villain. Surprised they allowed a changeling as the villain, but who knows how many records they even have of the Gen 4 time?) Also, that was a nice Cupcakes reference slid in there...of course Sprout would write something like that. :pinkiesick:

Final thoughts: I like the idea that Pony Life was created by less-than-perfect records of Gen 4 by ponies like Sunny. Also loved how everyone was finally listening to her story of how Twilight made friends with the others. :heart:

I appreciate the Cupcakes and Pony Life references

Bell #42 · Sep 30th, 2021 · · 1 ·

This story is tons of fun. And the implication that Pony Life is Sunny's fanfic is just *chef's kiss*

What would young Sunny do as Princess Twilight?

If the High noon bit isn’t a reference to Mcree’s ultimate deadeye then I’ll very disappointed. xD

“Books?” Pipp chuckled. “I know some producers in Zephyr Heights. Girl, I’ll get you your very own TV show about pony life back then.”

Then you get an angry mob demanding for blood due to a post you made a decade ago and the show gets canceled.

I'm honestly surprised I missed the tablet and beach references...
I dare somepony to see if there's a lighthouse at this beach-based ponyville in Pony Life!

This is the first g5 fanfic I've read, and ive gotta say, it was a great place to start! It all felt very in-character, and the references were fun (g5 being sunny's fanfic is just too great).

Also, im glad someone else acknowledges the chemistry zipp and hitch seem to have. Tho she seems a bit more foreward in this fic, lol

I can believe in colorful ponies who live in a fantasy world filled with magic where they can cast spells and build cellphones without opposable digits, but the idea that somepony could become famous writing fanfiction is too outlandish even for high fantasy. :trollestia:

Loved Sunny displacing herself.

“I like this one about the silly cube, what’s it do anyway? Think I could make one?” Izzy asked.

"We are the Herd. We will add your biological and magical distinctiveness to our own. Friendship is Magic."

Wait, wrong cube! Wrong cube! :twilightoops:

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