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It’s flu season and everypony in town has to get a flu shot. Unfortunately for Nurse Redheart, sometimes the most macho ponies are the most afraid of needles. How on Equestria is she going to trick Dash into getting her shot?

Story prompt/Requested by: Abcron
Edited by: Selbi
Part of my one-shot week.

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And awesome!

~Skeeter The Lurker


Comment posted by TrigaByte deleted Mar 19th, 2020

OMIGOSHOMIGOShOMIGOSH *POMF* My fetish! Oh shit, Kaidan I fucking love you!

... I'm gonna go back to bed and cry. This is not what I thought it would be. But that's my fault for looking at the picture only, instead of reading the story. It's still brilliant stuff! Love Redheart!

The picture is probably my favorite part of the entire thing. It looks like the lovely Nurse Redheart is about to strap me down, administer many shots of differing natures, punish me like the bad colt I really am, and use my body to pleasure herself at my expense. I just squee'd so hard.

When she's done, let her know I need my shot too.

And to think, your prompt was "Has Nurse Redheart in it." Somehow, you were genius enough to be the catalyst of this story. :rainbowlaugh:

And yeah, I channeled a lot of my nursing experience. We're all snarky. Some just hide it better than others.

Haha, didn't even know I made that pun. I love it.

Would. . . you like a medical play clop with Nurse Redheart? Because I think we can arrange something. :pinkiecrazy:


Funny story; but how do you give a dragon a shot?

2901417 A medical clop... with the Redheart... I think my red heart just gave out. This stuff is to me what cider is to Rainbow Dash, as seen below.

2901431 Well, if this isn't too gruesome, it seems like most authors describe the process of piecing a dragon's scales to be a painful experience of taking a knife and levering away the scales. I would then leave a exposed area where the scale used to be.

Or a super sharp needle.

RH: Rainbow Dash! If you don't calm down, next time it will be a suppository!
RD: *pomf*
RH: Oh, <censored>.

Why didn't Twilight just use her magic to immobilize RD?

Dash looked at her arm and gasped.

She gasped because she realized she has arms. :derpytongue2:

Otherwise, I can almost picture this as a canon episode. All you'd need to do is go more in-depth about Rainbow Dash's phobias and maybe tack on a letter to the Princess. I'm not sure if that's what you were going for here, but if it was, you came pretty close. If it wasn't, well, the story is still fine on its own as a cute little one-shot. Nice work. :moustache:

Technically, ponies do have arms, forearms, shoulders, knees, and elbows... and that's just in their front 'legs'.

But, you are correct, most bronies won't accept arms so I'll go change it to legs.... and also, I meant to say leg anyway, lol.

You're right though, if I think of a clever letter I could add it in. I was aiming for being believable as an everyday event.

It was more fun to have a blanket party.

I was NOT thinking about cider while watching that. Just look at her bobbing in mid-air with her mouth wide open and tongue hanging out...

:rainbowderp: Oopsie, I dropped the flu-mist, now you have to give me a suppository.

Yeah that's how most describe it. I like to imagine them being more like a real reptile, and not some indestructible, painful if you move it, scales. Even if they were, he'd still have his belly and stuff that was lightly and thinly armored.

I. Hate. Shots. So I can understand where Rainbow is coming from. What I DON'T understand is why she's being such a wuss about it.

more more do snowflake! do thunderlane do PINKIE PIE do rarity

1 shot isn't so bad. I once had to get 5 down each arm. As well as 3 down each leg... so one... isn't so bad as compared to what I had to go through...:eeyup::moustache:

2902595 I was thinking of that as well... couldn't she have just held her down with her magic? Apparently not.

Being the son of a bio-statistician, I can't help but think of my dad when reading the parts about Twilight's fascination with flu shots and whatnot.

Oh so cute! I love RD being vulnerable she's so cute in those moments. :rainbowderp: I saw in a comment reply you have nursing experience, please more Redheart/Ponyville Medical material there is so much good potential to be mined in that. Rarity needing a 'flush' due to stress induced 'blockage' :duck:, Pinkie Pie getting her 'sugar system' checked for 'low blood levels' :pinkiehappy: Not to mention the regular parade of what-not that goes through a clinic or urgent care center over the course of a day. I'm sure there are many views of Ponyville's residents that Nurse Redheart's POV could provide. That and your characterization of her is just gold.:twilightsmile:

This was a good morning starter of a chuckle, thank you. Have a couple of pegasi: :rainbowlaugh::scootangel:

Question: are dragons cold or warm blooded?

They should have used the 'air' guns and combined the shots. It basically turns the shot into a shotgun of tiny droplets that pierce your skin without a needle... or something like that. All I do is pull the trigger.

I am planning to do something else with Redheart. It's nice to finally use my medical experience for something aside from sounding like I'm a smart guy.

Well they're reptiles, and reptiles are all cold blooded.... but I vote for warm blooded. Makes more sense that they're able to regulate their own body temperature, especially since they breath fire, and that means warm-blooded.

2911567 They should have, but they didn't...

They give band-aids to everyone at _my_ hospital. Admittedly not cartoon character ones... :derpytongue2:

Ok, my question: do they have diamond tipped needles for Spike, or does he have to get injected in his tongue or something?

That's what they said when they tricked me into getting that Hippopatamus B shot!

Also, ready for an awful pun?

This is taking"one-shots" to a whole new level!

Get it? It's a one-shot story about getting a shot!
That might either be the best joke I ever heard, or the worst. IDK.

Hepatitis B shots make your arm ache like bawls.

Not at bad as the peanut butter shot (bicillin)

Never had a bicillin shot.

Consider yourself lucky, and always practice safe sex (or don't get strep throat). It's a rather thick, refridgerated shot. It's been awhile since I gave one but it's 2cc I believe, anyway, it's too big to go anywhere but the gluteus maximus (butt).

It's quite uncomfortable, but not that bad, really, if you know the following: You have to walk around, despite the discomfort, to help absorb the medicine, or you'll get the mother of all cramps the next day.

I'll remember that. Most painful shot I've ever had is the resufin(think that's how you spell it) antibiotic when I had pneumonia. Right in the hip.

Im lucky, because the only shots I ever shots was those flu shots you get to prevent youself from getting flu. Thank god im as lucky as I am. :trollestia: Trollestia get out of my comment!

:trollestia: : no.

:twilightangry2: Trollestia stahp

I cried when I got my flu shot... (I had a good reason too, I was 4... Even though RedHeads like me have a higher pain tolerance that stuff HURT.)

But I haven't had a shot since, so I am okay. :pinkiesmile:

Fun story. I was a little concerned for Nurse Redheart when she had some of Twilight's tea, given your other stories involving Twilight and tea, but I'm glad it turned out ok for her. :rainbowderp:

And I love Twilight's dialog in the opening scene.


This was pretty good.

1,000 reader! BOOM! :heart::pinkiehappy:

When I got my first flu shots at 2 yrs,all other children were crying and screaming. My bro and I got ours and we just sat there. Out of pure luck, we picked fake sunglasses from the bravery box, and went home. Fuck yea.

wasn't expecting that ending

I've never gotten a flu shot. I haven't had any shot besides tetanus and chickenpox, maybe one other. But no flu shot. And I never get sick, it's all just 24hour bugs. I love my immune system

Funny, but next time,
Don't Explain the Joke
I like the bit about pinkie's "Sugar system"

nice. a one-shot... one-shot

Spike, "HA! You're needles can never penetrate my dragon hide!"

I like this story! I'm afraid of needles myself, so I sympathize with Rainbow and Spike, but at the same time, it's really funny! Well done!

Awww my sweet dashie my poor little filly

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