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Rainbow Dash's dream has come true, and she's been accepted for training at Wonderbolt Academy. All she needs to do is fill out a few forms, get fitted for a uniform, and get vaccinated for Feather Flu.

That last one might be a bit of a problem.

Marston241 showed me the picture, and I pretty much had to write a fic based on it.

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I had one Nurse so skilled I never felt the shot. But that only happened once...
Mostly it feels to me like a knuckle punch to the deltoid.
Cute story, good clinic description. And I enjoyed RD's nervous antics.

You captured the feeling of going to the doctors quite well, when viewed from a perspective of someone who doesn't like being there. :rainbowderp:

A couple of glitches:

Nurse Readheart


and I everypony

and everypony

Otherwise, just a fun, cute little bit of fluff. :pinkiehappy:

What am I, your mom?

Of course she is!

Needle-phobic Dash is best Dash. A fine oneshot!


Needles. Can't stand 'em, what with the pricking and the stabbing and the sliding into the blood vessels... Eurgh.

Oh, the story? 'Twas good. Muchly enjoyable and amusing. Could even be part of the show, even. Have a like and a fav.

Nicely done.

brrr. I am currently going through the time period where for months at a time, you need a shot for sexually transmitted diseases.(not that I do it.) It hurts :fluttershyouch: Damn you needles!:trollestia:

Why does the picture look like it needs a Brazers logo

Let's be honest, no one likes getting shots. They're a necessary evil, and we hate them for it. :trollestia:

4556586 That's because I don't like being there. I can do okay with vaccinations, but when I have to have a blood test... eugh. Jabbing me quickly and pulling the needle out, I can deal with. Leaving the needle in there? :fluttershbad:
4557015 This is exactly why I hate needles. The only thing that should be in my blood vessels is blood.

4557305 Oh dammit, I knew somebody would bring that up. :facehoof: Oh well, at least you aren't one of the anti-vaccination people accusing me of spreading propaganda or whatever. I just wanted to write a story.

I don't think anypony likes needles. :raritywink: Anyway, I really love this. Rainbow Dash is really in character! :pinkiehappy: Anything negative? *thinks* nothing off the top of my head! :twilightsheepish: Good job! :pinkiesmile:

At least it didn't end up like when I got my Hepatitis vaccine. Telling me to 'relax and not be tense', while holding the needle right in front of me(and I'm in like, grade 7 I think) is not going to help me relax. It did the opposite and I think I tensed my arm up and it was sore for days. :ajbemused: That's the only time I've ever had a bad experience with a vaccine though, the rest were pretty painless, I've had cat bites worse that hurt worse than them. I still don't like them though.

I was wondering if they were going to use the 'distraction while we give it to you so you don't notice' thing.

Back in middle school, I was getting tested for Tuberculosis. I was the only girl among ten kids. While standing in line eight boys went behind me. I can't believe I was the bravest among nine boys.

“A poke in my what?!”


But nice story.

Lol, this story made me laugh soo much, poor RD though. :rainbowlaugh: :twilightblush:
And to be honest, I'm afraid of doctor's offices and shots, just thinking about them make me shudder ....:twilightoops:

My problem with needles isn't the stabbing, it's the squick factor, I'm one of the few people who feel the injection.:pinkiesick:

How about one where one of the mane 6 has to go to the dentist to have her teeth floated.
Real procedure that equines have to have done at times.

4557305 Ahem.

> "Not to politicize anything"
> Goes and politicises it.

I think you need to try that one again, champ. This is a place for horse words, not political discourse.

4557317 Truth. You know what hell is? Hell is having to get vaccinations for eternity.

:rainbowderp: For some reason, I want to pinch Rainbow's flank.

Needles aren't anything pain wise, but blood needles can be much worse.

Very nice. And Rainbow got one of the *good* lollipops.

man, I hate it when the nurse spends like five whole minutes telling me how the shot isn't going to hurt.
Just get it over with, dangit!

By the way, funny story! Like!


Yeah... Too many needles in one life for me too. /)

Well written story. You kept it funny, but not entirely outrageous and stupid.
Also, the story was pretty original, and since it's related to a widespread fear, the slight bit of comic relief helps.

I never had a problem with vaccinations or shots. They're quick, and the only problem is your arm feels stiff and aches for a couple hours. No, my problem as a kid, all the way up until I was in high school, was when they DRAW BLOOD.
Oh my god, it was always the absolute WORST! :raritydespair: It's not quick, it's not painless. It's a freaking needle sticking in you, burning your skin, RUBBING against the inside of your arm, and you wait :fluttercry: and you WAIT :raritycry: but they just won't TAKE IT OUT ALREADY AND...!
Guess I'm not as over it as I had originally thought. Nice one shot, though. Loved it!

The last time they had to draw blood with me, they needed about 7 doctors just to keep me down.

4557897 I don't know about floating, but there is a story called "Clean Up on Smile Five", featuring Pinkie and the always story-worthy fear of dentists. :pinkiehappy:

You should make a story when twilight gets scared on a test or something:twilightoops:

4558452 :rainbowwild: ha ha! One 'shot', that's funny:twilightsmile:

A cute and amusing story.

I can't say that I particularly relate to the fear of needles, though. The last time I donated blood, it took three tries to find a vein - the blood tech was apologising profusely while I sat there cracking jokes. :pinkiecrazy:

Never was a particular fan of needles, myself. When I had my last operation ay back when I was 14, they took a blood sample from my thumb, which felt like they sliced it open with a razor and squeezed it, even though it probably wasn't.

Big advantage of being a Lich is no injections are necessary...

(I always have a huge moment of disconcertion every time somewhen mentions paying for medical treatment in Equestria. Maybe it's just my Britishness, but I have difficulty wrapping my head around the idea that Celestia wouldn't have ensured free medical care readily available at some point in her long reign. I don't think they mention paying in Read it and Weep, but I suppose it's technically a political issue that they'd have to side-step.)

Technically, if a patient resists or refuses, the Dr/Nurse has to stop and await permission. Only psychiatric medicine can be forced on a patient. But I have had to take vaccines as a condition of work, too, and no big deal.

Not like when you are a kid everyone assumes you will flip out so they act so apprehensive that by the time you go in you think a shot is supposed to be something horrible from all the negative vibes.

But your cover pic is terrible. Looks like she's getting raped because the nurse isn't holding her back legs. Besides, horses get injections in the thigh, not the rump.

I once had to go to the hospital...only to figure out I had to be flown to ANOTHER hospital in a different state. They hooked me up with an IV, only for it to get irritated in an hour. They didn't have time to replace it before my mom and I were to board the plane.

Luckily, the drug was kicking in. So when we got on the plane, instead of being like :twilightangry2:, I was all :ajsleepy:.

So, yeah! :pinkiehappy:

I stand by my previous opinions--there's not enough Comedy to justify the Comedy tag, and the ending isn't very good.

Still, grats on getting featured :twilightsmile:

I kinda like going to hospitals and taking shots, that is when i got friends or my sis with me though.
i find it funny seeing them being all nervous and stuff.

And teasing is funn too.

"Hey, can you imagine what whould happen if you move while they give you the shot? You could have a broken needle under your skin, i wonder how will that look like, you know with all the blood spraying and stuff. :pinkiecrazy: "

i am mean.

I liked and the number changed from 115 to 123:derpytongue2:

4558452 This is exactly why I don't like blood tests. :pinkiesad2:
4559034 Twilight's too well-prepared to be afraid of a test.
4559567 I'll admit I kinda phoned in the ending. :twilightsheepish: I might have been able to fix it, but it would've taken too much time, and I have other stuff to work on.
4558145 Blue raspberry is my favorite flavor.

4558793 I never needed anyone to hold me down. Mainly because I fainted. :rainbowderp:

This reminded me a bit of a TwiDash tumblr I follow...

I wish my doctors did that! When I was little, they had to get five nurses to hold me down! :raritycry:


It liked you.

You see what I did there? Anyone? No? Fine, I'll go hang my head in shame and sit in the Corner of Shame and wear the Hat of Shame...

Heh. Saw through that little trick right away.

Well, everypony got something out of this: Rainbow has her shot, Twilight helped a friend, Nurse Redheart helped Rainbow along with her fear of needles, and doctor Stables got to pinch Ponyville's premiere flyer's delicious rump a few times!

When I read the title, I thought, This is gonna be a hoot.

Definitely reading this later. I have the same phobia of needles D: I never thought I'd emphasize with Dash, but poor thing.:rainbowderp:

I hate getting shots. When I was two, I got constipated and had to get a shot to... unclog my plumbing (only way I knew how to put it) and according to my dad, I screamed bloody murder and my mom had to hold me down.

ALso there was this one time my dad had to get a tetanus shot when he was a kid and the nurse slapped him and gave him the shot.

Oh dear god, I hate needles so much, worse than Rainbow Dash does in this story. Every time I get one, I cry, even though I know it won't kill me. Filling out the forum to get me the vaccination feels like filling out my warrant for an execution. I remember when I was really young, I had to get my flu vaccine, and I got so scared that I ran down the hallway of the pediatrician's office and held onto the door for dear life. It took like six doctors to tear me off the door frame and hold me down to get the needle. This story made my stomach churn and made memories flood back in. (Not saying that in a bad way, of course. You are an amazing author.) I still hate needles to this day. Last time I had to get one, I hid under a chair in the office and wouldn't come out. They gave me a year to wait for it, so I would have time to prepare. I still haven't got it, even though my time has long passed. I would rather DIE than get a needle. There, I said it.

One of the reasons I hate needles so much is because when I was really, really young, I remember getting my allergy test. They drew numbers in two rows, one to fifty on each arm in pen. It mostly tickled there, and I was laughing. But then, they came in with a big white box with a hundred pins in it. They stuck them next to each number, one by one. I swear, I was screaming so loud, that I'm sure people two floors below could hear me. They finished up both arms, and it hurt so much. But it wasn't over. They weren't finished. They left the room, my mom's soothing words not helping at all. They came back in with a similar box, in which they pulled up on it, and a large array of one hundred needles became visible. They moved around me and stuck the array right in my back. It hurt like hell, and I was crying my eyes out. My mom tells me that she told them to stop halfway through, because she couldn't see me like that any longer. I couldn't even sit back in the car on the way home. It was unbearable. I'm surprised that I didn't pass out from the pain. I'm pretty sure I scared the shit out of the little kids in the waiting room.

My fear of needles drives me so much, that when I was at the dentist one time to put a protective layer on my teeth to keep me from getting cavities, I felt I had to defend myself. (They were using syringes to 'paint' my teeth, but they weren't sticking the needle INTO me.) When they got the syringe close to my teeth, I grabbed the syringe pointed it at the two dentists, intending to squirt them with the 'paint' if they stuck any needles in me. They convinced me that they weren't going to do such a thing, and I sat back down and let them finish.

I now have a fear of hospitals, pediatricians, dentists and needles.

Dude...needles are just...meh, don't like them, but whatever man, gotta deal with it.

*Reads story*
*Reads gruesome comments*
Thanks for the reassurance :pinkiesick:

...note the sarcasm

Alternate title: Rainbow Dash Take A Long Hard One From Behind


I donate blood frequently.

Last time was a bit tricky as the vein clotted up so they had to wiggle the needle around and tug it back and forth to open up the blood flow enough to finish filling the bag.

The pain was delicious! :pinkiecrazy:

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