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There's only one thing you can rely on when the chips are down, not your cutting edge intel, not your state of the art equipment, not your top of the line weapon, just yourself. Always remember that.

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Thanks for the fave! :eeyup:

1269230 No problem!:pinkiehappy: It was a pretty funny story.

Majin Syeekoh
Story Approver

Thank you for favoriting Twilight Sparkle Rides A Shark!

1234486 That does sound like a good deal, but sometimes having to get pellets, batteries, and etc. can be kind of a bitch. Just be sure to not blow off all the ammo quickly, otherwise the price of it will stack up, and up, and up.

Also, if you can't get away with guns, you might want to get into knives. There cheaper,(most of the time) more reliable, and sometimes even more fun to use and collect.

1234472 Trust me, I tried. Nerf blasters are one thing. And they'll know or find out.
My title, 'Sneaky Bastard', is not just for hiding, I get things or info without being found. And guess where I got it from.
But Ill stick to my friends' guns. We have a deal: they pay for pellets, mags, batteries, and I pay for repairs (I got the better deal though)

1234458 If you really want a gun you should probably do some convincing, or out of your own free will. I took me a good bit of convincing for my weapons but it was definitely worth it.

1234445 yep.
(One small problem: I dont have a gun. though Im 18, and live in New Jersey and can legally get a permit for one, my parents dont like guns. I somewhat get away with it with Nerf Basters.
I normally borrow from friends.)

1234437 Haha, finally a fellow airsofter, and never loose the Thrill Of The Hunt.

1234433 Im still stalking you. My friends call me 'Sneaky Bastard' for a reason; manhunt and airsoft

1234419 Not anymore.:pinkiecrazy:

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