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Hey there. *hides like Fluttershy* The pony in my profile pic (Fang (yeah, unoriginal name, but no, I didn't steal her, nor was she an adopt, etc)) is my OC



Where hath I been when AFK for weeks and weeks? · 10:59pm Jul 3rd, 2015

1. On and off internet in general to apeas my parents.
2. Debating on writing a fic about Care bears actually living in the same universe as ponies.
3. Writing a TMNT reboot concept fic.
4. Spending time with my boyfriend and running fic ideas by him so we work together. Teamwork!
5. Playing Five nights at Freddy's.
6. Being unsure how to do the next chapter of What if. I've grown acustom to seriousness now.
7. Working up the courage to come back after being gone for so long.


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1547872 That akward moment when you don't know how to respond... *blushes*

[batpone intensifies]

1417704 You're welcome and thank you.:pinkiehappy:

Thanks for the follow! I have returned the favor. :twilightsmile:

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Hi there! So, I am probably like the weirdest person you'll ever meet. Other accounts:
MonsterHighDolls.com: Spectra A. Yelps needs ice cream Gotta get a one due to technical difficulties.
DeviantART: SpectraPinkie
Draxion's game den: TereziTheRPDragon
Dolly fandom: MH-EAH-MLP-TMNT-GEEK

My little sister got me into MLP. Kinda. I just wanted to see what Equestria girls was about, then a week later she's into regular MLP and just drags me into the whole fandom.

See that pony in my profile pic? She's my OC, Fang. :)

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