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Hey there. *hides like Fluttershy* The pony in my profile pic (Fang (yeah, unoriginal name, but no, I didn't steal her, nor was she an adopt, etc)) is my OC


Where hath I been when AFK for weeks and weeks? · 10:59pm Jul 3rd, 2015

1. On and off internet in general to apeas my parents.
2. Debating on writing a fic about Care bears actually living in the same universe as ponies.
3. Writing a TMNT reboot concept fic.
4. Spending time with my boyfriend and running fic ideas by him so we work together. Teamwork!
5. Playing Five nights at Freddy's.
6. Being unsure how to do the next chapter of What if. I've grown acustom to seriousness now.
7. Working up the courage to come back after being gone for so long.


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Brrr · 2:51am Mar 1st, 2015

It's like, 36 degrees in here, and the heater has been on for hour.

I swear, we're all gonna freeze to death.:P
Anyway, does anyone have any good drawing ideas? I'm bored and need to make a new avatar that doesn't suck (my ponies have improved sooo much).

Oh and, sorry if it seems weird when I post these, since I'm inactive most of the time, so y'all don't really know me.


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*sighs* · 10:25pm Dec 4th, 2014

My sister is being a butt. She's teasing me for not having any friends, and the reason that I'm upset is because it's true. Sure, I have internet friends, but other than that I don't have anyone to talk to or truly interact with. I just...ugh... I hate being homeschooled and I'm pretty sure that my only real life "friend" had forgotten about me like a year ago. Anyone know any good bands so I can drown my sorrow in music? Or drawing ideas? I just need to take my mind off of this.

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Yo · 4:13am Dec 3rd, 2014

Hey, sorry that I haven't been on much. I just kinda got... kidnapped by life (and may or may not have watched two whole seasons of the 2003 TMNT series). I'll try to update "What if..." soon, but keep in mind that 1. It's near Christmas so I'm busy Rainbow looming decorations, and 2. I have younger siblings to look after when my parents are busy. So yeah, buh bye until I'm done writing tomorrow/in a few hours (I already have some of the next chapter done).

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H-h-hello · 7:21pm Sep 17th, 2014

Hi. I'm new here. So um, where to start. I already finished a chapter of my new story. Or stories I should say. It's about random stuff, so each one is a new story. The first one is about cellphones. LOL. Sorry about any bad grammar, misspelling names, etc. I'm on a Kindle Fire and the auto correct (or "auto-incorrect" as my friends on other sites call it) can get a little wonky if you go fast enough. I hope to have fun and improve my writing. So, yeah. That's all.


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