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This group is for those who just want something, ANYTHING to write, but don't have the acorn to grow the tree.

Here, we give each other the most deep, ideal, random, or absurd ideas to help each other find one that clicks.

You can use the forums to help find the idea for a genre-specific premise, or even just as for a quote, passage, or title to write about.

Have phun!

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Erm, I have a question, would it be fine to ask if a story idea I have is in anyway, able to be good?

Well, feel more than free to offer what you can! :twilightsmile:

My problem is the opposite. I have ideas overflowing my mind, and mentally wright stories whenever I'm bored, but really dislike writing them out for whatever reason. I hope I can give some ideas to people who will actually do something with them.

Comment posted by Valtyra deleted Dec 30th, 2013

Why not, I might be able to get some ideas / give some help for once XD

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