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I appreciate your fav on The Private Scrapbook. I can't wait to hear what you think of it!

I'm glad you enjoyed my story Rocky Road Trip. :twilightsmile:

Well, first off, good luck and good skill on your exams!

Again, I hope that I'm not coming across as mean or anything, as I just want to help, but your grammar seems to need a bit of work. Of course, I only have your casual comments for a basis of my evaluation, but I use what I've got. For reference, here are a few useful links I've compiled, and I would also highly recommend the writing guide here on the site.

As a final bit of advice, do not use the text editor provided by the site; it has no auto-save feature, which can result in hours of work lost. Further, its apostrophes and quotation marks are of the "dumb" or 'dumb' variety. You can see the difference of using the “smart” or ‘smart’ sort here. I'll admit, the difference in this font is small, but in the default font of the stories, which is Serif (pretty much identical to Times New Roman), it's much more visible.

Instead, use Microsoft Word or Google Docs and eventually paste (for Word) or import (for Google Docs) the text. In the case of Word, you might want to manually input the BBCode while writing so that you don't need to search through it later. (Ideally, though, the only BBCode you'll need in a story is italics, as that is pretty much the only widely accepted text effect in literature.)

1217249 Thanks ! I'll definitely take a look at them :twilightsmile: ! I haven't published any since I am working on getting my writing good enough to publish one, and complete it, so if someone likes it, they will be able to finish reading it :3 ! in a few days I'll finish my exams, so I'll find more time to writing, and again, thanks :heart: !

Well, I'm glad you liked what you found!

In addition to my own stories (shameless plug is shameless), I highly recommend these authors: Cold in Gardez, KitsuneRisu, AestheticB, CvBrony, and Feather Scratch. Seriously, they are good.

Also, I looked through your favourites, and I saw a lot of Daring Do, so maybe joining this group would be something worth considering. Further, this group seem like a good fit for you since you like Celestia.

Lastly, I see that your personal description box says this:

I mostly write fanfiction with an oc of mine

… yet you have no published stories. I assume this means that you're currently working on it and/or it's published on your friend's account. As a member of The Royal Guard, I try to be helpful to authors, so please only take this as a bit of friendly advice when I give you a link to our omnibus. There are a lot of good resources in there regardless of one's writing level. I would, however, recommend that you look at this blog. Again, I'm not trying to say that you would do something iffy from a storytelling standpoint, but you do appear to be new to it, so I figured that as giving much help as possible would be the correct direction to err.

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