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Horrifically Fun


Starlight Glimmer assembles the townponies of... the town to finally pick a name for the village they all dwell in. However, finding a name that does not promote any form of inequality proves to be harder than she imagines.

Inspired by a brief chat with Tired Old Man

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And here I never thought I'd see Starlight be the reasonable one... With your trademark sociopathy, of course! Well done. :pinkiesmile:

that's one way to have everything blow up in her face.

A gray earth pony mare with a straight purple mane in simple, grayish-blue dressed raised her forehoof. “Second,” she said simply.

*SPITTAKE* WTF is MAUD doing there?! :pinkiegasp:

...she just wandered into a town meeting, just...just like that? :twilightoops:

Nice one as usual. :pinkiehappy:

Well played Commissar Glimmer. Time for a nap.

Makes me wonder what Starlight will be like in Pinkie's Dan-verse... or is it Dan's Pinkie-verse? Either way, I would love to see her Make Everything Equal there!



For most, that would be the first thing on their mind. :twilightoops:

...Also being the only one with a burning mane promotes inequality. :trollestia:


Maud should have destroyed the town completely for that prejudiced comment. And she'd be perfectly in the right to.

I have one thing to say.

The show is now forever known as:

My Little Marxites: Socialism is Communitic Magic!

The pony nodded. “Yes! Everyone from the foals to the elderly to the terminally ill have been brought into City Hall for this important decision!”

“A society that puts equality before freedom will get neither. A society that puts freedom before equality will get a high degree of both.”

― Milton Friedman

Add in security and survival to the first part please.

... Starlight Glimmer right this way please.




"Get her out of here."


"I've already analyzed her as a Marx devoter except she's actually Stalin reincarnated. Get her to the Elements of Harmony with the boosted Rainbow Power for treatment."

"... Aren't you going to add ASAP?"

"She needs to take her time. And also, the Elements of Harmony have to treat the town she brainwashed first."


Everyman(pony)[[SENTIENT BEING]{************* ANYONE}\ *********************************** ANYTHING OR |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||

is born equal. It is what we do with ourselves that makes us great.

That first buildup was so bloody difficult!

I think that ended well,what do you think pinkie?:pinkiecrazy:

5846203 You know, you COULD put all of your thoughts on a story into a single comment...

5845733 She's Maud. She can do whatever she wants.

5846545 Pinkie i her sister, I'm pretty sure Pinks isn't the only Pie mare to have the 'reality warping' traits get passed down to her. Maud is just less obvious with it.

I couldn't help but laugh harder and harder as this story progressed. Using logic though, every single statement said about each suggestion is true and if one uses the logic that nothing is better than another, then the only option would be for the town's residents to move elsewhere. After all, leaving it nameless would be putting things without names ahead of things with names. Great story, I love it! An upvote and a fave!

Justice, you magnificent bastard. Seriously, though, I love comedy that relies on following bad logic to absurd extremes, and this delivered in spades.


:pinkiehappy: Glad you enjoyed it!

Was booze involved in this idea? I feel it was.

This is straight up hilarious! How this is not featured yet I will never know! Excellent work Justice!


The problem lies in agreeing on a definition of "freedom" that everyone can accept. Some want the freedom to abuse others who can't defend themselves, while others see opportunity-equalizing programs supported by income tax as being in the same vein as public policing and public libraries.

5848331 Yeah. Some things have to be moderated. Actually make that everything. Problem is having everyone(pony) agree on a moderator.

5846541 It's ADHD. I don't have to explain crap to you.

Your meme.

All ideas are equal, but some are more equal than others



5846710 Well yeah. Didn't she punch through a literal mountain of rubble to save her sister?

5849882 And she can hear the voices of rocks so yeah.


5849895 On a whim, I google searched "Maud riding Tom". I was expecting some epic picture of her riding him into the sunset, but this is all I found:

In regards to the story, well done. I can actually see this happening in the show, minus the flaming ponies.

On another note, what are your thoughts, author? Will Starlight Glimmer show up again in the show, or is she consigned to villain purgatory for the rest of the show's days?

Way to take their philosophy and crank it up to 12. It's a wonder how they get anything done.

That was funny! OOC, but still funny. XD

But... the word "Furst" promotes favoritism against other numbers, and a butchering of the number "first"!

Sorry, Starlight, you brought this one on yourself. Really, I'm amazed she didn't abandon her own philosophy long before the Mane Six showed up.

Hmm. I wonder if something like this was Twilight's Plan B...

In any case, most amusing. Thank you for it.

I'd like to put this story in my favorites, but that would suggest favoritism.

Oh God, it's like listening to a conversation on tumblr.

Anyway, I call the town Harrison Berg. +1 internets to those who get the reference*

*This statement is in no way intended to imply that those who understand the reference are in any way better than those who do not. People who understood this reference and now own more than the standard number of internets should report to the handicapper general for de-internetification.


I think there's enough hinted back-story that we haven't seen the last of her, though it might be a while until we see her again. With the possible exception of Discord (who's a special case at this point), the show doesn't tend to do repeat villains too often.

...why not "The City of Townsville?" It promotes equality between cities, towns, AND villages!

5853499 Agreed (setting aside the fact that the powerpuff girls have that name for their city)


That was rude as hell, and you REALLY need to start making one post. You keep spamming up threads you're just going to wind up getting them all deleted and that doesn't do any favors for the author who you're inconveniencing. If you can't do it right don't friggin' do it at all.

And for the like fifth time, this has nothing to do with ADHD, you are just being lazy. Stop being lazy.


Hamlets are inferior now thanks to you. That's not equal at all.

5856220 I'm sorry. I did add in that part with the "Your meme" to explain that I was making a pardoy of his/her/other profile picture which was taht of Twilight Sparkle saying it's Magic I don't have to explain crap.

Also, it's just that I want more people to comment on the comments and it's hard or time consuming to go through every thing Copy and paste it and then comment on the fractional comment of a comment.


GoP, it takes literally less than five seconds per post you need to move into one. Or just... make them all at once. I promise you, it's not hard. It's not time-consuming. I do it every day. I am ADHD. I'm a high-functioning autistic. I'm bipolar. I've suffered from MPD and PTSD. I have severe memory recall degradation issues and minor cerebral damage from a lifetime of fighting. Over ten years independent research, study, and experimentation in psychology, psychotherapy, and sociology.

When I tell you that you are just being lazy, my credentials speak for themselves. I have experience.

5856984 I've never assumed credentials were credible.

Or, you can, you know, open Notepad.

5850861 I would read this story, but that would imply bias and discrimination in choosing which to read.

(I kid, of course)

Also, bye Maud! :)

Its should be default on every single Windows computer. Search for it. Its literally a text box/bare bones word processor. If the chapter is long, and there's a lot of stuff I want to point out, I pull that out and type in it. Later, I copy it over to fimfic's text box.

wouldn't any name distinguish the town from the otherwise empty landscape, thus promoting a inequality between town and the surrounding land?

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