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Horrifically Fun


It's that time of year again. The time of year where one Dazzling fills the home of the girls full of so much Christmas mirth the other two can barely stand it.

Like... for realzies... They're both completely sick of it.

Cover art used with permission from FJ-C.

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This is gonna be a fun read! I can feel it for realzies!

Adagio stared at Aria, giving her a very serious look. “Did you… did you save any of the other pictures and videos?”
Aria rolled her eyes, smirked, and pulled out a small memory card from her pocket, handing it to Adagio. “Merry Christmas, you crazy narcissist.”


Someone needs to do fanart of Christmas tree Adagio...for realzies.

What do you get a siren for Christmas when it already owns a magic gem?

A sex toy, obviously. That's how fanfiction works. For realzies.

No, but srs bznss, not bad.

This story is delightful.

Delightful in that it's a great mix of funny, crazy, messed up, a little more crazy, and adorable, like any good villains' holiday. Very well done, and I wish you a merry Moustache. :moustache:

Also; really hoping the Adagio-as-a-Christmas-tree thing catches on!


Thanks for comental and linking the pic. It inspired the whole bit about Sonata wrapping Adagio's hair in Christmas lights and the antlers for Aria.

This was absolutely hilarious, and so true to character! I can see Sonata behaving in just this way, and you were spot on about the other two as well.

Well done!

I hope Aria's memory card content becomes available soon over the Internet.

The arm soon slowly emerged from the pillow, attached to a hand that was holding a wrapped taco.

I knew that I wasn't the only one to hide emergency tacos under my pillow!

Aria brushed a strand of her away from her face.

You accidentally a word.

as the sound of yet another Christmas special could be heard from the homes entertainment system.


“It wasn’t a compliment doofus…”

*t, d
Direct addresses are always separated by commas. This was a fairly common thing throughout the story.

Aria glanced towards the kitchen entrance as she heard Aria’s shriek.

One of those should be Adagio.

St’ Giver lives in the heart of every little boy and girl!”



I think 'endure' was the word you were looking for.

Aria turned faced forward

*turned and faced

You are just the worse person to shop for


It just for one day.


The above is just a portion of the mistakes throughout. While I definitely enjoyed reading this, I can't help but feel like I would have enjoyed it so much more if it didn't have so many mistakes.


Got these, thanks! :twilightsmile:

My editor will hopefully get to this tonight and clean out the rest.

Only you, Justice, could seamlessly mix your brand of sociopathic humor with Christmas and still make us feel warm and fuzzy inside. Merry Christmas! :twilightsmile:

And because I have to do this...
...O Christmas tree, o Christmas tree / How lovely are your follicles...

Ridiculous and sweet. Nicely done.

So Santa was a taco induced hallucination?

Makes sense to me.

This was super cute.

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Aww, so sweet. I really liked the portrayal of Santa St. Giver's here; the perfect combination of wise, caring, but at the same time unapologetically blunt on the naughty/nice judgements.

Wow. What can I say that everyone else hasn't said? Other than... one if the best Christmas fics I've read on this site! :twilightsmile: Merry Christmas, everyone!

Justice4243, I think you write the best inter-Siren interaction of anyone I know. This was a hilarious take on all 3 girls and their foables.

Now I wonder, in this world does Saint Giver have a cutie mark? Also, if Sonata has been celebrating Christmas for hundreds of years, did she used to do it the old school way back when Saint Giver was accompanied by Krampus, a huge diamond dog that stuffed naughty children into his sack and took them away to dig in his gem mines?

We gave her a gem last year!

Took me longer than I intended to get around to reading this :raritydespair:

Adagio looked down and was surprised to find Sonata had somehow easily escaped her grasp. She barely had time to stand up before Sonata had grabbed a dangling green plug from her hair, and inserted it into a nearby socket.

A strand of Christmas lights wrapped up in Adagio’s hair immediately lit up, filling the room with even more multi-colored light.

*DIES* :rainbowlaugh:

Adagio’s angry expression suddenly changed to a devilish smile. “Well some things, like the contents of a colostomy bag or STDS are better kept to yourself.”

And Adagio just went from bitch to nasty bitch. :twilightoops:

Aged to perfection. She thought. Not that there was anything wrong with fresh tacos, but somehow the tacos that she had hidden away in her room always gave her a happy feeling she couldn’t quite explain.

That would be the various fungal and bacterial organisms growing on the taco. Also, Sonata must love dysentery...or botulism...or both...

Sonata frowned. “Okay… if that’s true, how come you never bring me presents and it was Adagio and Aria who got me gifts all those years?”

“Well Sonata… While you have true Christmas spirit, you spend the rest of the year getting people to fight, manipulating people’s emotions for personal gain, and fantasizing about either ruling the planet, or killing everyone on it.”

“Oh… and that’s… naughty?”

St. Giver nodded solemnly. “Unspeakably so.”

Poor Sonata... :pinkiesad2:

St. Giver shook his head. “Well, you can’t help who you are. You are a monster who feeds on other’s negative emotions after all.”

Ouch. Blunt.

Adagio narrowed her eyes. “I liked the dog…”

Such dog, very backflip, wow?

Sobbing soon turned into full-on bawling.


Evidently, Sonata makes the same sound as Button Mash when she's crying.

I choose to believe that St. Giver wasn't a taco induced illumination. Because it is in my opinion even more funny and because his half of that conversation really didn't seem like something Sonata would have come up with.

5495013 THIS...WAS...GLORIES!!!

Aria heard the sound of someone sprinting down the stairs. Her eyes went wide as she caught site of Adagio with a look of bloody murder on her face. She charged towards the kitchen with her open, purple bathrobe billowing behind her, the lilac lingerie she wore barely blocking the view of any of the more private areas of her body.

oh s**t

Adagio took the item and quickly tore through the wrapping paper. She found herself staring at herself, except the other her was lounging on her bed, wearing purple lingerie, and smiling seductively back at her.

“… This is a photo of me… looking sexy… blown up and framed…”

oh god i can't take it:rainbowlaugh: please someone get me pics of Adagio looking sexy please:fluttercry:

That was absolutely hilarious. :trollestia:

Heh. Finally getting around to reading this.

'dat Flipsy.

I've seen so many Aria+Antlers here and there, and can't help but wonder if I just unknowingly hopped on a wagon with that Christmas vector I did, or whether that picture influenced some of the sightings. But with the pigtails, it just fits her so well, regardless.

Sonata usually had the stealth capabilities of a hippo that somehow found itself covered in rainbow glitter and squeak toys, but somehow come December she transformed into some horrible Christmas ninja capable of decorating even the toughest to reach spaces and appear out of seemingly nowhere with some ridiculous sweater or accessory Aria and Adagio often found themselves wearing.

Don't you get it? That's the point of the decorations! She turned your house into a Sonata-invisibility machine.

"Tell Fiona that she can have my IPad. The password is @&$;." Reads story and dies

Author Interviewer

It's like having Christmas all over again! :D I found you a few oopses.

steaming blacking


That's sounds as

the truth of about St. Giver

Aged to perfection

Oh gross, Sonata D:

Like in a Christmas Carol!

You should really capitalize the 'a'.

Adagio is just so full of herself. If she returns to Equestria and finds a spell to duplicate herself, she would marry that duplicate and bang it every night without remorse

Nice story. I'm writing a similar one myself about Christmas and the Dazzlings.

Adagio looked down and was surprised to find Sonata had somehow easily escaped her grasp. She barely had time to stand up before Sonata had grabbed a dangling green plug from her hair, and inserted it into a nearby socket. A strand of Christmas lights wrapped up in Adagio’s hair immediately lit up, filling the room with even more multi-colored light.

I shouldn't laugh. I really shouldn't.

Adagio’s angry expression suddenly changed to a devilish smile. “Well some things, like the contents of a colostomy bag or STDs, are better kept to yourself.”

What the f*ck Adagio?!

St. Giver shook his head. “Well, you can’t help who you are. You are a monster who feeds on other’s negative emotions after all.”

He has a point.

Speaking of coffee, last Christmas she got you that stupid ‘antidote’ mug you now use all the time… You actually smiled like an idiot the first time you saw it!”

I can see why.

Aria looked down at the two girls and smirked. “Oh shut up, your hair cushioned the fall.”

Well, she certainly has enough of it.

Adagio chuckled. “I’m saving the scorpion monster that breathes fire for your birthday.”


“Of course not!” Aria said. “I was going to use all pictures and videos Sonata took to blackmail you until I came to my senses and remembered you’re shameless and would probably encourage me to spread all of it onto the internet.”

She's narcisexual.

Sick story man!!!!




“St. Giver! You’re real!” Sonata exclaimed. She stood to her feet and stepped up to the globe. She grinned excitedly as she brought her face a few inches from the glass.

Well that taco was past it's use by date.

All smiling and waving, but looking at them with eyes the felt oddly judgmental this time around.


she said as she put the painting aside. Sonata turned and grinned widely at the two girls.

I thought it was a picture?:rainbowhuh:

As soon as Adagio sleeping in was mentioned, I knew, I KNEW it had to do with her hair and I was PRAYING it was what I thought it was. I DIED for five minutes trying to control my hysterical laughter when it was confirmed. Thank you so much for this wonderful fic on such a bad day.

This was the freaking best. Also, the bit with Adagio posing in front of the mirror was just freaking awesome. Poor Sonata... but I'm never getting that image out of my brain now.

6789105 'Narcisexual' is the best thing I've ever read.

D’awww! Hallucinatory Tacos teach the best lessons. And I find it cute that Sonata goes homicidal when peeps diss X-Mas. It’s too bad that they never got into the Hearth’s Warming spirit in Equestria. Or Sonata would be wanting to celebrate Second Christmas with Humanized Santa Hooves (with his jet pack and sports wear).

Why St. Giver if you don't mind me asking?

Sonata’s eyes went wide as the tiny figure in the globe below bellowed out a “ Merry Christmas! ”

Oh God, Sonata's suffering from some sort of psychotic break from reality!

“ Ho! Ho! Ho! Sonata, even you know that plan is far too convoluted and complex for you to pull off. Much of what you mentioned doesn’t even exist yet!”

Oh God, her psychosis is smarter than she is!

Oml can the dazzlings get better or funnier? Nope

They actually will surprise you. I used to ask myself that question, but every Dazzling fic I read in this AU somehow either tops the previous one, or adds onto it to make both even better than they were separately.

Yay for Taco-induced Hallucinations! And yep, her hallucinations are even smarter than she is, and that's real talent.

“Yay!” Sonata cried. “Your wonderful Christmas hair has flooded Aria with the joy of the Christmas spirit.”

Sonata you're going to make me die from adorableness.

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