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The Derp

Just a girl who's writing stories for you when she's bored (Also I'm a freak for Hetalia so if you like Hetalia I'm your girl)


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Really Cute Video I found



Anyone Else In The Halloween Spirit Already? · 12:22am Sep 24th, 2014

Holy crap I'm already pumped up for Halloween if you haven't noticed I changed my avatar to a Halloween Derpy I'll have to say Halloween is one of my favorite holidays and I know I'm to old for Trick or Treating but still handing out candy in cute costumes is awesome. I love the scary feel of Halloween, and you probably stopped reading this haven't you. I just want to know if you guys are ready for Halloween like I am!

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my stories aren't all that good either

1467639 I'm not looking for fame I'm just setting goals for myself. I know I won't be the most famous because my stories aren't that good. :derpytongue2:

Wonder when you're gonna hit those fifty followers. It's everybody's goal to get so many followers. I for one am not looking for any fame. I just write, people read my stuff, some like, others don't, but I don't care. It makes me happy to write!

Anyways, see ya on the flipside!

-cR Gamer_Luna

I'm gonna stalk you because Derpy is brilliant, and you is brilliants too.

Also, you follow my friend wizard32363, and I had to check your page out.

Now, I will be leaving for now.

To the Derp Mobile!
Derp Girl Away!
Derp derpa derpa derpa Derp derpa derpa derpa Doo Doo! Doo Doo!


Comment posted by The Derp deleted Oct 14th, 2014
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