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Hey guys. Favourite pony is Derpy, I have mixed feelings about clop and my favourite food is chicken nuggets. Also, I'm one of those Commie freaks.

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Nonsense, anyone can write, My early stories are atrocious. Just keep writing and do your best and I'm sure you will be alright, I'm no one special with my writing given I just write crap I come up with in the early hours of the morning. :twilightsmile:

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1067828 I've just read your stories on other accounts and always tried to write stories as well as what you do. I don't possess that kind of skill, so instead of ruining every account I make, I decided to not do that on this account.
But you're awesome! Keep it up!

Thank you for the watch! :twilightsmile: What drove you to such madness?

Haha! Sure! I love Pinkie's aditude towards life... she's just so... enlightening.

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