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I have a story with multiple anime crossovers that I want people to look at, and I'm a big fan of anime so...count me in:scootangel:! I joined fimfiction over four months ago, and I'm still kind of working my way around here so...yeah. I hope you guys like my story:heart:!

I found the perfect picture for our icon

I've been gone a looong tinme sorry for the inconvenience. I'm sorry but I will update as soon as possible:pinkiehappy:

I KNOW ROLEPLAY :raritystarry:

Sorry I have not been here but I have new ideas for the anime group. Also questions will be posted on the forums.

so what do we do here

I'm sorry I'm not in the group lately:unsuresweetie: But if you need Me Here some links to Contact Me :twilightsmile:

:duck: I got an idea!!!!!

Woah new group:yay:

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