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We are Knights of Avalon, we fight for what's right!
Protect, fight, live.

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>>TurboGamer thx. When I edit andand submit it, I'll be sure to put it in a folder. It's gonna be a while. I didn't remember to double space.

386477 Welcome to the ranks of the knights

I'm ststill waiting for my submission of my first story, The Rebellion, to get through and post, and their is a king Arthur reference.
"But alas, with all the powers of princess celestlia and princess Luna could not save me. They could only put me to sleep, like King Arthur of the human world..."
"I pulled out my trusty sword, which I had dubbed Excalibur..."
I seriously wish I found this group earlier.

368464 I'm going to have to edit it, thanks for pointing that out

we fight for what's right

And who decides what is right? :unsuresweetie:

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