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There was an instance in a school where a 9 year old boy was teased and even told to kill himself because of his Rainbow Dash backpack. The school banned him from bringing the backpack to school.

From the Support for Grayson facebook page:

9 year old Grayson loves My Little Pony! So much so, that he requested a MLP lunchbox for school. Just a few days into carrying it, he began being bullied by classmates- calling him names, telling him to kill himself, and more. When Grayson's parents approached the school for help they blamed the parents for letting him have the lunch box. The school has done nothing to curtail the bullying. One school official made it a point to tell him to hide it in his backpack. Superintendent's office is supporting the school and is not taking any action calling the lunch box a trigger for the bullying.

As of March 20 Grayson is allowed to bring whatever bag he wants to to school! He just started a new school and is looking forward to a fresh start.

And as our member Vanilla Mocha says:

They should let Grayson do whatever he wants. He most likely goes to a public school, and he should be given the freedom to like and choose what he wants. And the school should be ashamed of themselves! They are also bullying him by not putting an end to the harassment; if they aren't ending it, they are taking up for it. Taking up for the wrong side in this case, too. Even if I wasn't a pegasister I'd still take up for Grayson. He's his own person, and nobody has the right to choose how and what he likes and lives. If he wants to be a brony, let him be a brony. Just my thoughts on this whole dilemma.

Another good quote from Plum Rose:

It takes guts to walk into school with mlp stuff. I should know. This kid has immense courage to do what he does. He deserves so much more than being bullied and chastised for just HAVING A STINKING OPINION!!!!!!!! I hate that people oppress and suppress those who aren't "cool" enough or don't have the "right" opinions. I ask you, who really knows what cool and right mean? Everyone has their own opinion, and everyone thinks THEIR opinion is right.

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We shall support all bronies and pegasisters:rainbowdetermined2:!!! Who's with me:pinkiehappy:???!!!

3 years ago, i was the long haired freak in town who was called gay and a faggot. I was failing badly at school. I was accused of being in a relationship with the girl who was obese and weird at school, who became a good friend of mine later on. I left school to be home schooled.

And all this time, i was blamed for doing everything. The lunch monitors didn't care until i got punched.

Now however, I'm the swag of the town. I have two cars, one with a killer audio system. I have the most money, and i had a paying job before any of them did. I'm taller than any of them, so none of them bully me. When one tried to be all big to me, thinking i was still a wuss. I held him against the wall with one arm, that was a turning point for me.

So that goes to show, he may get bullied now, but i hope to see him rise up to bullying like i did. Even though that's how i got out of it, the schools should still do something to stop it from happening.

Hehehehe....are you fucking kidding me?

To stop a bully just go to his house and tell his mom that u r his friend and u want to do a report on him then use the principles radio phone thing and tell the whole school all the private or embarrassing stuff his mom told u (be sure to change your voice and and don't tell them your name or else they WILL beat u up (it happend to me once cuz it was me vs 5 guys from the 9 grade and I was in the 7 grade). ) it worked for me 6 times!!!!!!


Because u mite

Happy #29 · Jan 7th, 2015 · · 2 ·

This group is nice and fuzzy and all, but it's a year late.

i was bullied once, i punched the fucker and he never bothered me again

386593 isn't everybody too lazy sometimes?

386372 Same in my country... my first school said it had zero tolerance... well guess what, I was fuckin' bullied to the point I had to move schools. Zero tolerance my fucking ass, they did fuck all to stop it... just like most schools ever, anywhere and I doubt Australia is an exception to that.

386591 then why wait for one? Make one! :twilightsmile:

386372 Here in America, our idiot government spends its tax dollars on having a "healthy" lunch at school because of the President's insane wife. They say that bullying is wrong, but they don't do much about it. Instead they put an emphasis on putting "healthy" food (which is barely any type of food at all #thanksmichelleobama) in the cafeteria. They also go crazy about toy guns. Sadly, American schools care more about if children bring toy guns to school than if children bully others.

386350 keep in mind that he still can be getting bullied. I've been teased for years, both for being a brony and my real name.

386350 So? This is a pretty serious case of bullying, not to mention to a 9-year-old whose a brony like us! This kid deserves all the support he'll get!

In the USA, bullying in school areas is one of the biggest problems in our country. But guess what. There is an organization that is defending victims and encouraging upstanding. And you know what? Bullying is starting to decrease. Why this one school (I believe it's in North Carolina) did not do anything about it, and BLAME THE BUCKING VICTIM, is beyond me. And the thing is, the real problem, although the school is still to blame for some of it, is the school district. I don't even know if they have done anything to the principal yet, but I know they did nothing for the first few months since the start. Somehow, this is a problem and honestly I don't know why because it should have been resolved, snap quick :ajsleepy:

I'm all for supporting bullied kids, but isn't this a fairly old issue? I'm pretty sure I saw this on EQD a few months ago.

Grayson fight on man fight on

Yeah, poor dude. Brony through and through.

Hey Grayson, you have a lot of courage. More than any man I know. With your courage, Napoleon, Julius Caesar, and Winston Churchill couldn't defeat you in battle. I have faced a little teasing because I'm a brony, but never that bad. If I knew the username of some of my friends, they would probably join as well.

ah I remember hearing about this on the news, I shall support. :scootangel:
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