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Repairing the series!

As we all know, Standing Stones has failed horribly, but I decided it is time to start it all from scratch. All stories will eventually be deleted and there will VERY significant changes.

These changes will range from minor to game changing.
Examples: Pez will not be Dragonborn, but will a known protector against all kinds of threats (Including dragons)

Stories will be scrapped, some will be remastered while others might be done away with completely.

No more "Epilogue Journals" They are too similar to the "Dear Princess Celestia" thing. (Even though that wasn't the intention.)

Stories will actually have detail and imagery.

Nothing Mary Sue or Gary Stu. (Although there may be certain characters with a multiverse level in power, they are by no means invincible and CAN be defeated in some way, shape, or form.)

We will be keeping certain things like:

The Original Characters (Minor changes though)

The Stones (Although they seem similar to the elements, they are actually based on comics I wrote when I wasn't a brony and was a Sonic Fan.)

Things I will add:

New Characters

Better Imagery