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Inspire Valkyrie

As the world around you moves you stand there motionless. Unable to talk and watching as the world around you collapses. Such is the way of life.

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Well, I haven't seen you online here in forever

Edit: Dude, I can't reply to your pm, I think you may have blocked me by accident

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Vinyl X Octavia


Third person Ranting. With response (Ignore if you'd like) · 10:23am Jun 3rd, 2018

Why? I know you can write but yet you've lost the will... Go back. Look at you're story. That one shot right there was your best and you can still make the best of it. Yet you choose to leave it all behind. For what? Cause you don't want to? Cause you've lost the will to write? It's sad you've let something so good go to waste. You're an artist for it. There's no denying that. You're heart is where that art lies but you let it dwindle there instead of writing you're heart away.

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