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As the world around you moves you stand there motionless. Unable to talk and watching as the world around you collapses. Such is the way of life.


Third person Ranting. With response (Ignore if you'd like) · 10:23am Jun 3rd, 2018

Why? I know you can write but yet you've lost the will... Go back. Look at you're story. That one shot right there was your best and you can still make the best of it. Yet you choose to leave it all behind. For what? Cause you don't want to? Cause you've lost the will to write? It's sad you've let something so good go to waste. You're an artist for it. There's no denying that. You're heart is where that art lies but you let it dwindle there instead of writing you're heart away.

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I might be starting up a Twitch channel · 5:18pm Mar 26th, 2016

I've made two live streams from yesterday and today but I'm not sure if I actually want to keep it up. If I do it'd be mostly consisted of Fallout 4 and Battlefield 4 but again like I said I don't know if I want to keep it up.

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Morning everyone · 12:08pm Feb 2nd, 2016

How you all been?

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Well bad news on my part · 11:44pm Jan 9th, 2016

Though it happened the day after Christmas my grandfather passed away. So we've been going through a hard time right now honestly I think I was the only person that didn't cry not because I'm heartless or because I didn't like him. I did, but I hardly spent time with him and well I've come close to the point that I can no longer cry. Anyway I did see it coming when my Uncle made him sign a will while he was in the hospital for a infection in his foot so we wouldn't lose the house. I know it's a

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Morning guys. · 2:19pm Dec 24th, 2015

Long time no see

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Why am I all of a sudden receiving notifications? · 11:16am Oct 9th, 2015

I don't mean people blogging i mean pms it's strage and I'm not use to it here

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Well seems like no one remembers. · 3:16pm Sep 23rd, 2015

Good. And I don't mean everyone

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Knighty ya done fucked it up · 6:29am Jun 18th, 2015

No words can describe how funny it was

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I know what causes my depression now or part of it · 8:56pm Jun 4th, 2015

I suffer from bipolar depression

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I don't blog much but this is something I wrote yesterday · 5:15pm May 21st, 2015

I can't laugh, I can't smile, I can't think without the thought of suicide. I can't write down my thoughts cause I'd end up doing them. I've isolated myself here and home. No one sees me, no checks thinking I'm hurt. I just lay here letting my sorrow sink in. I sit in the rain to calm myself. The cool air, the sound of rain hitting the ground. It may sound weird or odd. But it's the most calming sound I know. I miss writing fanfics. It drove my mind away into a different state full of life. Yet

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