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I'm from the Netherlands (Europa), I spend most of my time here and on school.

The quotes that describe me best?, here they are:
If life would be a game my score, would be zero.
Mayhem! Mash every button!

For some reason the steam link is not working, so use this one here

Stuff that i watch: Roosterteeth Yogscast RWBY
Stuff that i listen to: Area 11
Stuff that i do: Writing Fan Fics


[no title] · 3:39pm Mar 10th, 2014

Yes i'm still here. just been busy a lot so that is why there have been no updates or new stories (The Flitter and Cloudchaser one). I'm also planning a crossover story with Halo, but still don't get all worked up might take some time.

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1161792 yeah one sec with that, currently not near my xbox:rainbowlaugh:

1161704 it has been done:twilightsmile:

1159984 Any luck in the groep(s)?

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