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I thought maybe I could make a group for people's OCs. OC means Original Character or Own Character (however you want to define it). For me, Own Character is a definition that I can easily remember etc. but thats just me tho. Anyways, here we will talk about our own OCs from pics to animation series made by you.


1) NO cyberbullying

2) Be nice to each other

3) OC only not characters from the show

If you break any rules, you'll either be warned or banned depending on the situation. If you have any rule ideas, let me know.

Most important: Have fun!

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Horror, Drama, Adventure, Romance, Sex/Clop, Anthro, Human, Sad, Comedy, Random, and Mystery.

What do you think the folders for the stories should be called?

368821 ok so we decided that just ocs not from the show and ocs that can be daughters/sons of the mane 6 only. No mary sues nor anything else.

368811 well yeah theres already Oc only but this isnt just for stories. Let me discuss it with my friemd see what she says or let me think about this ok? Ok.

There can't be ANY canon characters in our stories?
What about if the main character is an OC, and there are a bunch of other OCs, but there are also canon characters that are very important?
Because if there are little to no canon characters, there's already a group for that called All OC Stories.

Comment posted by Three-Patch-Problem deleted Jul 23rd, 2014

368782 only characters made by you not from the show. So the one is allowed is ones made by you. And the ones not allowed is from the show. Hope i helped.

368781 I mean, what OC's are allowed and which ones are not

368777 what you mean?

368771 all oc, not character from the show

Will the stories have to be all OC, or will they be permitted if they star an OC along with show characters as costars.

368766 yes im just figuring what to name the folders still.

Will there be any stories about OCs in this group?

Welcome peeps!

Hello every pony and welcome!

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