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The main character (we will call him Rylan) of Dragon Quest 9: Sentinels of the Starry Skies crash-lands the Starflight express in the Everfree forest when a strange beam of energy strikes him down once again. He and Stella need to rollect the benevolessence they need to power it up again, but will they end up staying longer than they'd bargained for?

(Rylan is the Armamentalist class, for the record.)

I'm not sure where this came from- just popped up in my brain. Favorite game + favorite show = Good? We'll see.

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I always name the hero weird things in DQ 9 I named mine Chuoob

Pretty good, got Stella pretty good, will have to see how this goes.

Any chance the mane six will have vocations assigned to them, or at least have Rylan/Stella make comparisons of there talents to their classes? Cause Rylan may want a sage with him if he wants to switch vocations on the fly.

Wonder how Rylan will react to hearing Celestia's name

Should do the old Stella joke of her calling Sterling Ol Fatguts

3432004 I'm quite glad someone brought this up. You reading my notes...? :trixieshiftright:
Yes, they will, and I have given thought on Celestia/Celestria name similarity.
As for the sage factor, I prefer he stayed one vocation, personally. If anyone would be a sage, however- that yet remains to be seen.

I'm wondering what Vocation is Rolan anyway? :duck:

3440585 *Rylan (Sorry, just had to.)
If you read the description, I wrote he's an Armamentalist. A personal favorite of mine.

3476161 Heh. I've imagined similar scenarios with people like Chell from Portal.

Oh so good! Though if he already battled Corvus. He can have the Erdrick sword. Just a thought and yes the Erdrick Sword is more powerful being the second best sword in the game only beaten by Hypernova.(Erdricks sword is found on the 8th floor of the relam of the mighty as the rusty sword and can be turned back to full power with one Orichalcum and nine Glass Frit)😅 is my nerd showing sorry...(yes Dragon Quest is my favorite Rpg series of all time. and the main character of 9 is an desisted of Erdrick (him/her)self.) sorry there i go again.

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