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From the ashes of the Sith...We shall rise. Worshipers of Vader, allies to the First Order, our ways our mysterious and yet, powerful. Become a Knight of Ren, and under the wisdom of the Supreme Leader, we shall bring order and peace to the galaxies as our dark brethren once did so many years ago.

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One thing I'm in between dark and light as I am a gray Jedi. Look at my blog to find my code.


Yeah! All hail Vader! Even if his master, in a realistic sense anyway, pretty much broke the Galactic bank, as depicted here.

Now, this is why I'm a fan of the Dark Side/The Empire/The First Order. Not only do you get better superpowers, but you can build superweapons that can force the whole damn galaxy into poverty. Also, they make great cookies. :twilightsmile:

406437 Hmm...Not sure, I'm not even sure what Ren is or how they come up with names...Most likely to be found out in Episode VIII

406436 Wonder what my Knight of Ren name should be?

406435 All hail Vader! lol...I should put under Knights of Ren (The official Vader fan club)


406434 Hail our true Master. Not the Supreme Leader.... but Lord Vader!

406433 WOO HOO! My first member! All hail Vader

All hail Vader! We are but maggots compared to him!

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