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Playing The Villain - Northern Desert

There are many ways one can be evil. One of the ways in Equestria is to be a complete idiot. Well, I'm going to break that wheel of stupidity and burn it in a decent campfire.....

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Chapter 4 - Reviewing some History

Author's Note:

Hello everyone,

Here is the next chapter for you guys! I had a lot of help from Charon The Chronicler who pre-read chapter 3 and 4 and then helped me edit them! Give his stories a look!

I also want to thank everyone else who has been giving interest in this story. Teridax is by far my most favorite villain and I love every second typing about him!

A New Wheel will be updated soon, in case any of you read that story. I plan on doing some crossovers with it.

I shifted back to my normal form as I returned to my lair. I have no idea how ponies can stand walking on four legs. It felt unnatural and inconvenient.

But, it was a fun little chat. That and I got a shiny new coffee table. I placed it in the center of the room where it would fit best.

I had recently refurbished the center of the volcano. The center which was empty was now taken by the Harmony Table. Four couches circled the table, the ground was completely glass. I had a bookshelf near one of the couches that contained my favorite books, among them books of dark magic.

I walked over shelves on the wall that was adorned with all kinds of trinkets I had...acquired from other universes.

Travel in the void had become accessible with some practice, guidance from my mask, and another one of my friends aiding me. I had to be careful, however, since I can’t go long distances, and if I were to hit a snag, I’d be done for.

One was a lightsaber, something I swiped from Darth Folteren’s world. An interesting man with an interesting weapon, I worry for his mental health though. Ironic coming from me. But I wasn’t some crazed monster, otherwise I would have gone on a pointless killing spree. The lightsaber is fast and effective in the hands of the right wielder. I even tested it against protosteel to see if the saber could actually cut through the metal. When I had tested it, I had made a great discovery. With my enhanced vision I was able to see the lightsaber cut the protosteel it touches on a molecular level!

Another one of my trinkets was a vial of blood. Not simple blood, mind you, but blood from a Cthulhu displaced. Nice guy. He also had a girlfriend, they both seemed happy with each other. I got the blood during one of his recent scuffles…I’ll make a note to keep an eye on them.

Unlike most beings, I felt a close bond to my displaced brethren and I had made it my mission to make sure they were safe. It sounded sappy for me to think this, but what was the point of ruling if anything you cared about was gone?

I also had a Shank, that one drone from the Destiny game, that I snagged from a Skolas displaced. He had become some hot shot ruler of his universe’s Crystal Empire. His hobbies included: Messing with Vex Gates, killing tyrants, and humiliating his version of Celestia. My Celestia would never had made such stupid mistakes, I feel bad the poor guy to have to deal with that kind of crap.

Yes, there were many items I had collected. I would have gone through more of them, but any concentration I had was cut off when my mask chose to speak to me.

“Oh, those last words are really going to fuck with them,” The Kraahkan giggled at my memories of my performance in Twilight’s castle. He had been away all day, calculating some ideas we had. “It seems like we got everything we wanted, wanna test it out?”

“Let’s,” I answered, giving a telepathic command to my children to come to me.

Soon my Rahkshi arrived, with Ember and Turahk in tow. They all gave a curious look as they examined the table. Its light glowed inside the volcano, illuminating the lava flowing from the walls lighting the room.

“What’s that?” She asked, sitting down on the comfy couch. The Rahkshi took seats as well, all of them surrounding my new centerpiece.

“The Table of Harmony, taken straight from Princess Twilight Sparkle!” I answered. Her jaw dropped. “But, that is not why I called you all here. No, I have a greater purpose than bragging about my victory over royalty.”

“Gee, no need to be so modest about it,” Ember Root muttered sarcastically. Some of the Rahkshi laughed at her comment. I chose to ignore the dragoness and continue with my presentation.

“By manipulating this map and its magic, I can use its power to not only see things all around the multiverse,” I said, using my shadow to make the map create a hologram of the Mane Six. “I can also use the map to see past events and even pull up specific information on a single person. I call it, Equus Search!”

You heard me. I had created my own multiverse version of Google Search.

Top that!

“What do we do with it?” Slacker, a maroon Rahkshi with the powers of sleep, yawned.

“Good question!” I said to the sleepy Rahkshi. “Well, let’s see what we have on Twilight Sparkle.”

I waved my hand and a picture of the purple alicorn projected from the map.

“Twilight Sparkle is a princess of Equestria. She, along with her friends, command the power of the Tree of Harmony. They have defeated Tirek, Nightmare Moon, Discord and have aided in the defeat of Chrysalis, Sombra, Ahuizotl, and more threats that plagued Equestria.”

I waved my hand again to reveal notes I had made on all six of them.

Rainbow Dash is a braggart pegasus who will run into any fight, ignoring the dangers. While I hate to admit it, I find myself respecting her loyalty. If I need to do away with her, I will set a trap involving one of her friends. She’ll screw the consequences and go straight for them, this will cost her dearly.” I said as I read what I had compiled on the pegasus. I then waved my hand to show them the next pony.

“Rarity is a dramatic unicorn who makes clothes, she is pompous, and I would only need a bucket of mud to ward her off. However, she is generous and I find that admirable. Someone remind me to order our minion’s outfits from her, she seems like the mare for the job.” I would need to talk to the mare to brainstorm some ideas…I had the next mare’s analysis appear to my henchmen and I.

“Fluttershy is a cowardly pegasus and the only use she could serve is her influence on Discord.”I laughed at this one, she was really pathetic. “She takes kindness to a whole other level. I could send one of my Rahkshi to her house and beg for love and she would let them in.”

I moved onto the next slide, showing all of them the pink demon.

“Pinkie Pie is a serious threat, there is no way to really predicate what she will do and when she will do it,” I felt uneasy about the earth pony and her freaky shenanigans. “If you see her anywhere near the island, kill her! Kill her and throw her body in the lava to make sure she never comes back!”

All of the Rahkshi nodded at my commanded. If that pink pony ever showed her face around here, she would be swarmed by my children. As for the lava thing….necromancy’s a bitch.

Okay, onto the next one. The slide shifted to Applejack.

“This one will be easy,” I said confidently. “Under that stern mask is a broken shell. All I have to do is show her greatest fear and she will crumple like a bag or threaten her family and she will do my bidding. Hell, I could ask her a question and she would give it to me!”

Finally, I reached the last of the Mane Six. Twilight Sparkle. The Princess of Friendship and the warrior of Harmony.

“Twilight Sparkle is one of the strongest alicorns to ever exist,” I commented. I stared deep into the projection’s eyes, marveling at her wisdom “She is well versed in magic, history, and military strategy. She single handedly took on Tirek when he had almost all of the magic in Equestria. She is a leader, a true leader.”

I let out a sad sigh. Maybe in another life we could have been allies, but I was her enemy.

“I will personally take care of her. While she is skilled in her magic, if I were to cancel it out she would be helpless,” My thoughts went back to her reaction in the castle. So much fire… “I will personally absorb her, no one else is worthy of that.”

My thoughts went to her inevitable defeat. Her reaction as I toppled her and her mentor from their thrones. It felt sickening, to destroy such beauty…

I shook my head, clearing those pointless thoughts. No love, no friendship.

“Now, onto the world leaders,” I said, the map now projecting Princess Celestia.

“Princess Celestia is the de facto leader of Equestria. No matter what anyone else says, it is fact that she outranks Luna.” I then shifted it to my notes of the sun goddess. “While I have no idea of alicorn durability, I will soon test it. On that note, she has proven to not be invincible--”

I played a clip of her defeat at the hands--hooves of Chrysalis. “--Her powers increase when the sun is out, decrease when the moon is out, and she is practically a walking sun herself. She can melt objects with heat more intense than this volcano, is fireproof, and can use a large number of spells she collected within her four thousand years.”

Ember Root gave me a worrisome look, but I was quick to reassure her. “Again, she is not all powerful. I can easily disorientate her and she is vulnerable to mental attacks, it is one of the reasons Sombra survived as long as he did.”

I then had the map bring up the next princess, Luna.

“Princess Luna, her failure to conquer Equestria which was only fueled by her neglect only proves her incompetence,” I snorted. Her entire corruption story was idiotic. “She grows in power when her moon is out, and is weakened when the sun is out, and she has the power to walk into others’ dreams.”

“While strong in mental magic, she is hot-headed and can easily be corrupted again. She has less magic power then her sister, but she makes up for it with her dreamwalking and shapeshifting. Breaking her will be simple…”

My next slide was on the residents closest to us, the Dragons.

"Dragons themselves are greedy and prideful, constantly underestimating any possible threat."

“Hey!” Ember Root shouted, taking offense.

“You know it’s true,” I deadpanned, giving her my best ‘o rly’ look.

“Yeah...I guess you’re right about that…” She mumbled in defeat.

“Getting back on track…Blackfang is a massive dragon whose scales are harder than steel. He can create massive air currents and is basically a mini volcano. He can cause earthquakes and unleash torrents of fire so great that the smoke once blocked out the sun for five days.”

Blackfang was a tricky one and was probably one of the strongest foes I would face on this world. But like David slayed Goliath with but a sling and stone, I shall topple the God Dragon with my own power.

“Blackfang is huge and can destroy armies in a blink of an eye, but what he has in brute power he lacks in mobility. He can be outmaneuvered and from what images I have gathered, he has a hole near the third spine on his back.”

I had the next projection show the Griffoness of War, the Avian God.

“Alexentric is the queen of the griffons,” I pointed out, having my slide transition to many pictures of the hostile griffon. “She can be goaded into fights easily. Unfortunately, she can manipulate lighting to her will and even turn into a bolt. She is far too fast for the normal eye and it will take considerable effort to keep her down.”

I had the slide go to the next world leader, a monstrous bipedal wolf.

“What King Mudrowler lacks in intellect, he makes up for in sheer instinct,” I praised. The Diamond Dog was not that smart, but I respected what he has been able to do with what he was given with. “He can find a scent from miles away, his eyesight rivals the most perceptive falcons, and he is fast and powerful when fighting.”

I smiled at the thought of the Diamond Dogs challenging me. They were an amusing bunch.

“He can manipulate the natural elements around him. What the Diamond Dogs lack in intellect they make up with their knowledge of the natural world. Shamans work with the natural elements of the world. Troublesome, something I will have to read into…”

The next world leader was more difficult to learn about. Even with what I have, I still lack much knowledge on him and his race…

The Changelings…

“Emperor Carapace,” I sniffed at the lack of originality of the name. Remind me to get a can of Raid to use on bugsy. “He is the leader of the most secretive race in all of Equus. His empire is connected through the many hives that are governed by his daughters.”

I had the slide switch the the Carapace and his seven daughters. Each one giving off a appearance of sexual superiority and pride. The Changeling queens were no laughing matter, each one a deceptive as their father.

“While not much is known about them or their race, we do know that Carapace has been traveling around Equestria in hopes of reassuring the ponies of any fear they may have due to one of his daughters’ actions.”

I had plans for the emperor and his race, big plans. He was wandering the countryside, thus making him vulnerable to attack…

This continued for a while, not many of the other world leaders mattered much. The Minotaurs were fractured and barbaric, the Buffalo were incompetent and too small for any serious military action, and the Zebrican alliance consisted of minor gods who dwelled on the plains of the savannah.

The last world leader was the most important and the most...beautiful.

“I’m sorry, what was that lover boy?” The Kraakhan taunted at my description of the last world leader. “What happened to, ‘No love and friendship!’ you were spouting?”

“She’s different…” I replied telepathically to the mask, annoyed at his comments.

So what if I felt certain...affections to her? It wasn’t like those affections would stop me from doing what needed to be done…

“Eris,” I said in a hushed tone, the map revealing the stunning Draconequus. Ember Root gave me a curious look, but said nothing to me about my behavior as I placed a claw under the projections chin.

I quickly realized what I was doing and stopped what I was doing immediately. “Right,” I coughed.

“Eris is the goddess of chaos, the leader of the Draconequueses---”

“Draconequui is how you say it,” Ember Root interjected. I gave her a quick nod of thanks and continued my lecture.

“---Draconequui, and she is the 2nd strongest being in this universe next to Faust,” I continued, still staring at the amazing creature. Her mane was a beautiful messy black and her fur was a reddish-brown. She had a skinny arm with an owl’s talon that could cut stone, her other arm boasted a tiger’s foreleg with rippled with muscles. Her tail was sleek and gray, a dolphin’s magnificent tail. She had thin legs, one being a frog’s while the other was a rabbits. She had a raven and changeling wings on her long back.

She was truly a sight to behold…..

“Teridax?” Ember Root asked, snapping me out of my daydreaming.

“R--right,” I mumbled. It was strange to still have these emotions, especially since I was in the body of Makuta Teridax. I made me rethink on how heartless the original truly was. “Eris can warp reality to her will and she has the ability to summon chaos portals. Chaos Portals are strange rifts that allow Draconequui to replenish their magic.”

My shadow hesitantly changed the projection to Eris and a couple of her Draconequui.

“The Draconequui are made up of other beings snatched from other universes, this means that Eris is capable of Void travel. She usually rescues her followers when they are in dire need or are alone in their world, offering them the chance to be happy on her little island of mystery.”

My shadow once again hesitated, the next slide would not contain Eris’s image. Once it did change the projection, it showed a small island shrouded in mist.

“The Isle of Strange are where the Draconequui live, hidden by a magic mist that even I cannot peer into. I must, at all costs, absorb Eris and if we were to do battle it would have to be just the two of us…I will have to use my ace to defeat her…”

Once I finished this world’s leaders and what I knew about them, I moved onto the villains. I really hated all of them, their sheer stupidity could force puppies to commit a self lobotomy.

Props to the Rahkshi and Ember Root sticking through this little lecture for me. It helps when I’m talking to people about what I’ve been doing and what my plans are.

And to rant…

“Okay, Nightmare Moon isn’t much different from Luna. Her plan was shit, she uses no tactics and relies on brute force, and she is easy to deceive” I ranted, my shadow creating the next projection of the dark alicorn. My description and tone in my voice earned an amused look from Ember Root. “Right now, she is dead. That can change. She has some kind of cult trying to resurrect her, and I know just the place to get the final piece to bring her back.”

“Which is why I’m going to help them,”I said offhandedly. Ember Root lost her shit.

“Wha--what the hell man?!” She yelled. “Why would you want to revive that crazy--”

I held my hand to stop her. “I’m going to help them because I can use Nightmare Moon. With her under my control, I could use her nightmares to battle my foes in their sleep!”

She looked ready to argue, but stopped once I sent her a mental image of me riding a sleigh of horrors with Nightmare the red nosed Alicorn taking the led.

Ho ho motherfuckers…..

I made Nightmare Moon’s projection vanish, replacing it with Discord’s. Yeah, I was going in order.

“Discord is a genius with the powers of a god, but he is no more than a child,” I sighed. Such wasted potential, he could warp reality itself yet all he wanted to do was make cotton candy clouds. “He has great power, but underestimates everything because of it.”

“While he can bend reality to his will, he can’t defend himself from stronger magics taking ahold of him, such as Tirek’s, and if I were to out-maneuver him I could take him with my Shadow Hand.”

Absorbing him was easy, repressing his mind would be hard. I could be in for a mental battle, one I would win, and it could leave me vulnerable to those six mares…

I quickly created the next image. Queen Chrysalis, the worst spy to have ever existed.

“Chrysalis is a poor excuse for her kind,” I laughed bitterly. “Her entire plan was flawed from the beginning. She either alerted the Equestrians on purpose so that they would throw up a shield, or she screwed up.”

I started to pace around in anger. My aura of fear seeping out of my sanctum, informing the guards outside that I was in a state of rage.

“Oh, but it gets worse, so much worse,” I chuckled, my mind thinking of the sheer stupidity of the Changeling Queen. “She chooses to impersonate Princess Cadence, of course she fails on getting the whole ‘benevolent princess of love’ routine going.”

My shadow gives an apologetic shrug to the Rahkshi and Ember Root before playing a clip of ‘Cadence’. It shows the mare being generally unpleasant to the common folk.

“So, everyone miraculously falls for the stupid ploy and Chrysalis gets into Canterlot. Where she then trips an alarm of some kind.”

My shadow showed a clip of how the changelings and how they kidnapped Cadence. It was almost as bad as when a different Twilight Sparkle kidnapped the Chicken of Death from his own city.

Poor sod. He has no idea for what he’s in for……..

“The magic bubble comes up and now Chrysalis is trapped in the city,” I sneered. This was unbecoming of me, but I need to let off some steam. “Why she never had some of her changelings sneak into the city is beyond me, but what I do know is that she pulls off this act for five weeks.”

Another clip played Twilight and her friends in Canterlot, the purple mare being onto Chrysalis’ pathetic act.

“Twily figures out Chrysalis is not Cadence, one point for ponies, and then proceeds to shout that she is evil…minus two points for ponies…” I said bitterly. Why did Twilight not just talk with Celestia alone, maybe then she would have been believed. “We have a sad song after everyone abandons her and then Fake Cadence comes back. Twilight asks for Fake Cadence’s forgiveness, and Chrysalis in response sends her to the catacombs of Canterlot….”

The clip of Chrysalis sending the purple mare into the Crystal Caverns. I myself was trembling at this point. Never before in my life, even as a pathetic human, have I seen such an idiotic being. How can people say they enjoyed this episode? Were humans back at home really this easy to satisfy that they would truly appreciate such rushed material?

Thank Me I’m now a robot.

“She--” I stop myself, choking on my own anger as I tried to speak. Ember Root gave me a worried look, as if I were about to obliterate the surrounding area.

I had no idea Makuta Teridax could have an aneurysm…

“--She sends Twilight Sparkle to the Crystal Caverns where she has also imprisoned the Real Cadance…she then proceeds to taunt her until Twilight---OH JUST PLAY THE CLIP!” I shouted at my shadow. It flinched and did as I ordered.

Even the Rahkshi showed fear at my outburst.

The clip of Twilight being taunted and firing magic bolts lasted for only a couple of seconds before she found the Real Cadence…

Do I even have to explain my utter disappointment in the Queen? How, how in the name of all divine beings did such a being come into existence?

“They both sing in surprising cohesion, note that ponies love to sing and this will most likely be their weakness, and Twilight and the Real Cadence crash the wedding,” I droned, slumping down next to Ember Root. My rage was finally fading…good thing I am no longer human.

I use to have high blood pressure.

“Fake Cadence evolves into a wild Chrysalis and our favorite changeling starts monologuing to the ponies around her. My theory is that Celestia went to Donut Joe’s during this, it is the only way I can understand her not smiting the worrisome queen.”

My shadow at this point gave me a tired expression. I wave my hand to inform him that his job was almost done. He went to the next clip, the one where Chrysalis wins…


“Chrysalis defeats Celestia with the power of love and lets the Elements run off to get their trinkets of power. The six mares fail and are brought back to the throne room,” I sigh, we were getting to the point that urked me the most. “She now has an army bashing the shield around Canterlot, even though she already controls the guy who made the shield.”

“Chrysalis gloats, sings, and prances around the room while her enemies slowly escape her...goo, slime?”

Ember Root gave a look of concern. This was it, the moment that would drive me to do what I must do…

The table plays the last events, each one making me wish I could gouge out my eyes and rip off my ears. That I could die quickly and effectively…

Twilight frees Cadence and has her go to Shining Armor, Cadence frees her lover from the mind control spell and they nuzzle each other. At this point, Chrysalis seems to not care. The first rule I made during my planning to take over this universe was to never, never, underestimate anyone.

Anyways, the changelings are running amok and terrorizing the ponies. With this in mind, I have come to the conclusion that either the Changelings don’t really eat love, or they have acquired a taste for hatred and all kinds of nasty emotions.

“Cadence declares that she and Shining Armor will defeat the changelings through--,” I make a choking sound, not wanting to say the ridiculous sentence. One many villains have begrudgingly heard before they were defeated.

“Through what?” Ember questioned, giving me a look of confusion.

“--the power of love…” I answer, groaning as the words left my mouth. That sentence should never come out of Makuta Teridax’s mouth.

“Eh, it makes sense since that’s how Chrysalis beat Celestia,” Ember Root answered, giving an accepting shrug. “At least Chrysalis doesn’t let them use the same po--”

“Ahaha. What a lovely but absolutely ridiculous sentiment!” Chrysalis pronounces during the clip, cutting off the pink dragoness.

“...No…” Ember says in shock, giving me a look of horror. “She..she didn’t just say that...you’re pranking me, aren’t you?”

“No,” I seethe, if I had blood it would have evaporated from how much it would have boiled. “She uhhhh, she said that. She, the creature who feeds off love, said that the power of love is ridiculous. She who beat Celestia with said power just mocked it seconds later…”

“You seem rather calm about this…” Ember Root mentioned cautiously.

“Oh, I’m justing holding in the rage.” I replied cooly. I embrace her into a tight hug. “I must thank you for spending time and going through this brain numbing process!”

“You’re crushing me!” She gurgled.

“Right...sorry dear,” I apologized.

My shadow played the amazing clip of the changelings being blasted off into the sunset, gotta wonder how many of those buggers survived, and all of the ponies continuing with the wedding. My Rahkshi and Ember Root danced as Twilight sang that short, yet catchy, song.

Then Luna appeared.

My Rahkshi and Ember Root seemed not to pay any mind to her sudden appearance, but I did.

Ohohhoho, I did mind!

“Hello, everypony. Did I miss anything?”

My shadow stopped the recording, clearly showing fear as I got up. Ember Root and the Rahkshi fared no better, obviously worried that I had gotten up and that the recording had stopped once Luna asked that important question.

“Okay,” I said, walking over to the back entrance of my lair. “I’ll…I’ll be back in a minute or two, just…just enjoy yourselves until I get back.”

Ember Root and the other Rahkshi looked at me as I left, unsure whether they should be concerned about me…or whoever I run into.

(Meanwhile, the Everfree Forest)

“Sir, it will get late soon and we must return home!” One of the cloaked beings told their master.

Said master turned towards them and gave a wave of his hoof. “No need to be worried captain, we’ll make it back soon. The k--”

Whatever he was going to say stopped as they heard the crunching of the forest’s undergrowth. The five guards and their leader turned to the source of the noise. Said source towered over them with glowing red eyes.

His mechanical form creaked as he drew closer, putting the party on their guard. He was a mere five feet away from the hulking monstrosity, he seemed to be holding a staff of some kind with twin blades attached to it.

“Move along, golem,” The captain ordered, not wanting to fight the strange figure. “We have no quarrel wi--” Whatever he was going to say next never came.

A orangish-yellow ball of lava connected with the captain’s head, melting it clean off. The other four guards suffered similar fates. Lightning danced from the monster’s finger tips, electrocuting two more guards. He followed up by impaling one more with his staff.

The last guard made a dash to his leader, but was caught by the creature’s shadow. It slowly dragged the poor guard away into the darkness.

With no more of his guards around him, the party leader stepped back in both fear and confusion.

“Who are you, what do you want!?” He roared in anger, seeing his close friends die in front of him.

“Accept. Your. Doom!” It answered, a shadowy hand shooting from its chest and grabbing the screaming traveler, taking him to the monster…

(Back at Teridax’s Lair)

I began to worry about Teridax. He had been gone for half an hour, most likely to blow off some steam…

I could tell how enraged he was about our world. How so many powerful people squandered what they had. It angered him…maybe this was a sign that he wanted to change this?

My thoughts were interrupted when Teridax waltzed back into the room, looking rather proud of himself.

“Do you know why I’m showing this, Ember Root?” He questioned, putting his staff down on one of his tables.

I shuddered when I saw blood on his weapon. I felt bad for whoever ran into him.

“Because...you want me to learn about our enemies and what we need to do to not mess up?” I said, worried I might have given him the wrong answer.

“Correct!” He said, nodding his head. Clearly he was pleased with my answer. “But, I have another motive…do you see now why I must do what I am to do?”He asked.

While I did not have a clear image of what his plan was and what he truly wanted, I had a hunch on what his endgame was.

“You wish to...rule Equus?” I asked. He gave me a curious, tilting his head in amusement. Now that I thought about it, he seemed to want something bigger. “the universe?” I asked in hesitation.

He strolled over and slumped down on the couch. He looked at me and patted down a seat on the couch next to him. I sat down, unsure of what to expect.

“I just don’t see any other way around it,” he sighed, looking over at me with a dull expression. “The universe is screwed up. Too many variables playing out, luck rides in the wind, destiny trying to exert power onto the world…”

His shadow danced on the wall, giving me a cheery salute. It shot towards the table. Even now I had no clue on how he controlled them, the shadows. It seemed to amuse him, to control something as elusive as a shadow.

“Only I can fix it, restore balance to the universe,” He continued. I looked up to him in a way. Like a father figure, I suppose. He surely had more patience than my biological father, he left me without a single drop of hesitation.

“Sombra is a brute whose search for power will be his downfall,” Teridax sighed, giving me a happy look. I could tell some facial expressions due to his eyes changing color. “While he still lives, I have no doubt I will find the foolish shadow and end him. Tirek is the same, I have plans that will break the centaur to his core. Sunset Shimmer and her friends will get a friendly visit from me soon...very soon. And Starlight Glimmer is on the kill list, even now my Rahkshi hunt her down….”

“Will it make you happy?” I asked him. He gave me a look of shock before he started to laugh.

“I will build happiness and preserve it…I want to fix things around here, and only I have the intellect and power to do it.”

He then got up and walked over to the table. Images sprang to life as four strange beings projected from the table, each one having the scenery of Equus.

“Who are they?” I asked, looking at Teridax in confusion. They were like nothing I had ever seen, and the way they looked around...they seemed to be…displaced from where they were suppose to be.

“I don’t have much to care for in this multiverse….” He sighed, looking at the images with joy. He then ruffled one of the projections furry head, the avian seemed kind of cute….”But these are the people I knew once, the ones I care for to this day….”

I pondered over his words, the Rahkshi leaving us to perform some unknown task. We both started at the images before us, me trying to figure out who these important creatures were to have such an impact in Teridax’s life…

One name was listed, above the bird’s head…


Who is he?