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[Canceled. I know people will be upset, I just can't find the interest and passion to write this. However, if anyone wants to continue where I left off, please PM me.]
My memories are foggy on what happened to me.. I remember something about coming home from some event, then went skidding out of control off a bridge and into a lake. The next moment I woke up, I found myself as some sort of entity of water.. I cannot remember who I am ever since then, some call me Echo, most call me a monster and abomination, two of them have called me a God Of Destruction, and last later in life, I've been called a Displaced.

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Bud this is an interesting start, but I have to ask, is the water chaos from sonic because that's all I could think of?

I'm think the water elementals from world of warcraft hood story btw hope you find a editor I know I would be untrustworthy.

i just realized who the fuck is the water?

7887796 I'm not telling ya, I've given you a good number of hints in the description, I'd rather not spoil it for those who have not figured out who my Displaced became.

Wait if echo takes control of a ocean could he/she/it destroy all of equestria

7887829 alright i will have to use my horrible skills to figure it out

So if echo became bad or misunderstood how will the elements stone him?

I was literally like a newborn foa except more flexible. <----------- Found a mistake there bud

7891247 i would think ice Think about discord was stoned and doing nothing is boring as hell nightmare moon was banished to the thing she controls and chrysy probably will never see her children again so why not the thing that he hates the most? being ice

7894042 thus logical joker 2.0 was made

Lol, you guys, I can't tell if you're making fun of one of the characters, or it's the approach I went with.

7894555 ending makes me think of a smarter, more logical joker, so approach I think, also good job with the story so far! Hope you finish it!

7894655 I plan too, I can't let the story die after getting this many thunmbs up. ^^

7894664 and if you let it died it will be like watching steam quit

the more ways I can shape shift into many forms, shapes, sizes, however I have not been able to change the color of my body and my emerald eyes.

I feel stupid for not knowing it was him who she was displaced as earlier.

7897055 She? Crud, did I accidentally use the wrong gender somewhere in my story?

7897057 honestly I don't think you've even used a gender pronoun for your oc at all, I just felt like the character was a girl while typing and my mind went with it with typing.

7897082 OH, ha ha ha, it can work, the character Displaced never had a gender, so it can be either or depending on your preference, I don't mind.

7897088 why does this feel like this is going to turn out to be like discussing frisk's gender with people.

Great chapter. I love the twist with Discord turning out to be Starswirl. I look forward to seeing how Twilight reacts when she finds out.

7897140 Pfft ha ha ha ha, more or less, except it isn't much of a mystery since Echo's telepathic mental voice will be male, although now i'm tempted to make it to where it could be both depending on the listener or Listeners.

7897088 Why didn't you want to give the OC a gender?

7897263 He's does have a gender, it's just I failed to mentioned it, I was trying to get people guessing on who my Displaced is, afterall, he lost his memories.

I knew it was Chaos from Sonic the Hedgehog. I knew it since the beginning of the story. One question though, is this going to have cameos of other displaced?

7899393 Yes depending on whoever wants to do a cross-over with me, I am readdy if anyone is interested.

of others and br am able to see others a low point of view,

Honestly not sure what was supposed to be there and the entire sentence seems to be a little off.
I still can't figure out why his lines are sometimes blue and other times not.
good story so far though

7900047 Because when I was first starting out, I was making his text blue, but then laziness kicked in, so I stopped editing his text. Btw, thanks for pointing out that small typo for me.

7897159 I'm sure that the character he's displaced as has a vaguely male body in the x series and is referred to as male.

7900493 That's what I did though, although the first few chapters were my attempt as making his gender a mystery so that my readers will have to guess who it is, Ender guessed correctly, Crimson was second to guess it, the mystery is solved and any new readers will either know it alreaddy, or they can look the comment section.

Celsestia is gonna be the end of the pony race i swear

7901672 Uh.. yes? Did I do something wrong? a typo??

7901696 No you type it right. I wasn't sure what character this displace has become. But after reading this story I it's Chaos from Sonic.

7901708 And I think i'm the first person to write one.

7901712 Yes. Yes you did. And doing a good job at it. ^^

7901723 Thank you, I was honestly nervous when I first started making this story, the many thumbs up have been giving me alot of encouragement. :twilightsmile:

Good to find another good displaced story. They are few and far between.

Wait...... which version of chaos control are you using? Theirs one that can rewrite history and the world itself, and their others which just help teleport and stop time.

I give you the right to use Travis Smith from my first completed story, Cold Hearted, as a cameo character or any other role in your story. Just be sure to have a character that is a 4th dimensional reality warper in your story or you can't even compete with Travis. If you don't, make some sort of portal or something to send Travis back to his own timeline. Don't use Discord to fight him, he already killed Discord in his timeline. Warning: Travis can unleash Weirdmageddon!

Is he chaos form sonic?
And by chaos I mean the thing in the master Emerald.

Comment posted by DisplacedWriter deleted Jan 28th, 2017

7902340 I don't think that's how doing a displaced cross over works, I mean we need to talk together and make it a little realistically, like a form of roleplay, send me a mail message and let's see if we can work out something.

7902262 Freeze time, anyone seeing him use it wll make him look like he vanished in a burst of red energy, I don't plan make it time travel, it sounds a bit overpowered and cheap.

7902757 Yep! ^^

So if he turns into a rabbit will fluttershy Gus over him

*Beaks 4th wall*
"Ha, you were only called the God of Destruction because you destroyed random things Echo. I was called many things and I was also called the God of Destruction by bringing an end to every empire in my Equestria by using Weirdmageddon. I then ruled my Equestria and the rest of the world through tyranny. I also killed Celestia, Luna, Discord, the Elements of Harmony, Tirek, Chrysalis, Shining Armor, Cadence, Flurry Heart, and my brother Connor. Your greatest feat was destroying just a few cities while throwing a tantrum when you had too much chaos magic. What I'm saying is, if you were to fight me, you would be severely outmatched." said Travis

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